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Games Master Challenge 2017 – Living vs Dead!

Games Master Challenge 2017 is now live! AAA has returned as the host, with the challengers being none other than Magax (Living) and Hubrid Nox (Dead)! Choose your team wisely, and may the odds be in your favor!

Games Master Challenge Living vs Dead

Join a GMC 2017 team and complete the game challenges listed. (Send a certain score, add a certain number of games to your favorites list, send scores in a certain number of qualifying games, etc.) Both teams get the same rewards for completing a day’s challenge, but each team has a different game to play. (i.e. Team A gets Game A, Team B gets Game B.) Usually there’s one big challenge at the end to have sent scores from ~50 different qualifying games (there’s a checklist to help you keep track), but they only need to be more than 0 to count. It’s just time consuming.

Team Joining Prizes

GMC 2017
Hubrid Nox Plushie

GMC Living vs Dead
Magax Plushie
Team Living – Day 1
Title Challenge Prize
These Are A Few of My Favourite Games! Add five qualifying games to your Favourites List. (If this does not work, empty your favourites list and try again.) Heart Stickers
What Does It Mean, Anyway? Send a minimum score of 550 or higher playing Imperial Exam. Tangram Book
Team Dead – Day 1
Title Challenge Prize
These Are A Few of My Favourite Games! Add five qualifying games to your Favourites List. (If this does not work, empty your favourites list and try again.) Heart Stickers
It’s a Bird.. It’s a Plane.. What Is It?! Send a minimum score of 1,300 or higher playing Shenkuu Tangram. Tangram Book
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Neopets Mystery Pic Guide

Enter the Neopets Mystery Pic for your chance to win Neopoints and an item. In Neopets Mystery Pic you need to figure out what the myster picture is of and submit your answer. Simple!

Mystery Picture Competition

Every Wednesday and Friday Neopets launches a new Neopets Mystery Pic game. The Neopets Mystery Pic is an image that has been uploaded from anywhere on the site, cropped and enlarged (150 x 150) for you to try and guess. Everyone that guesses the correct answer will share a part of the 2,000,000 prize pool and the first 250 people that correctly guess the answer will be awarded with an item.

Neopets Mystery Pic Answers

If you get the Neopets Mystery Pic Answer correctly, you will be rewarded:

1-10 you receive a Gold trophy

11-50 you receive a Silver trophy

51-250 you receive a Bronze trophy

If you know what the answer is all you need to do is type it into the box to submit.  For example; if you think it is the tail of a red Scorchio, then type in ‘red scorchio tail‘. The Neopets program will try to correctly match your words with theirs.

This is an example of round 1439. First you would see the blurred image. Shrinking the image down will give you a clear view. Then you need to look around Neopia and try to find where that image would show up.


As mentioned, the location of these images can be anywhere on Neopets.


  •  Crop the picture and make it 12 x 12 instead of 150 x 150 for a clearer image.
  •  You are not allowed to share the answer.
  • Use your Neofriends to narrow down the search by having specific sections allocated to each person.
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Neopets Petpetpet Guide

Neopets Petpetpet’s come in a range of shapes and sizes and Neopets Petpetpet’s attach themselves to your Petpet.

How To Get A Petpetpet

There are many different types of Petpetpets that could attached themselves to your pets. You can get them either via random events via the quest Aboard the Coincidence or by buying them through the Shop Wizard, Trades and Auctions. The cost of Petpetpets can vary from 26k to millions.

There use to be a random event with an image of a random Petpetpet with the description “Ohhh how cute. It seems PetpetName has got a Petpetpet type in its mouth. Have you been feeding it lately?” However, that was taken away in 2014.

Attaching A Petpetpet To Your Petpet

This can be annoying at times as it can take awhile. Your active Pet  must be the one that you want to attach the Petpet with the Petpetpet that is in your inventory. Two things could occur while you are trying to attach your Petpetpet.

  1. You are able to refresh countless times and check to see the Petpetpet attach to your active Pet’s petpet.
  2. A random event has taken your Petpetpet and it is not attached on your active Pet’s Petpet.

Make sure to have a fill inventory while trying to attach your Petpetpet and have a few Pant Devil Attractors to stop that pesky Pant Devil.

Benefits of Petpetpet’s

There are two avatars that you can get from Petpetpets:

  Have a Mootix attatched to one of your pet’s petpets, then view the Quick Ref  page.

 Visit a pet who has a Moach as a petpetpet, such as this one . (Note: The alert saying you have received the avatar may not show up, but you will still receive the avatar.)

Types of Petpetpets

Worth: 2mil+

Worth: 1.5mil+

Worth: 1.3mil+

Worth 600k+

Worth: 800k+

Worth: 5mil+

Dragonfly Nymph
Worth: 5mil+

Worth: 3mil+

Worth: 900k+

Worth: 900k+

Worth: 4mil+

Worth: 2mil+

Worth: 400k+

Worth: 400k+

Worth: 600k+

Worth: 300k+

Worth: 2mil+

Lady Blurg
Worth 500k+

Worth: 400k+

Worth: 3mil+

Worth: 2mil+

Worth: 600k+

Worth: 1.5mil+

Worth: 600k+

Worth: 700k+

Worth: 2.5mil+

Worth: 1.5mil+

Worth: 1.5mil+

Worth: 1.7mil+

Worth: 600k+

Worth: 300k+

Worth: 6mil+

Worth: 500k+

Worth: 170k+

Worth: 300k+

Worth: 4.9mil+

Unidentified Petpetpet
Worth: 7.5mil+



Worth: 300k+

Worth: 20k+

Worth: 400k+

Worth: 500k+

*Note: Once you have attached your Petpetpet, there is no way of detaching it and reselling it. So make sure you are certain you wish to attach it.  To get rid of it all you need to do is detach your Petpet from your Pet.

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Neopets Battleground of the Obelisk Guide

If you did not join Neopets Battleground of the Obelisk plot then do not worry! Neopets Battleground of the Obelisk has continued and gives you the opportunity to face some easy to tough opponents. Join one of the six fractions in Neopets Battleground of the Obelisk; to battle your way into victory and for your chance to win a boon, avatar or more.

How to Enter

Every Monday you are given the chance to pick out of 3 randomly selected fractions for your chance to win prizes. You are given 3 days to pick which fraction you wish to be in.

The fighting begins every Thursday and you must complete 10 fights in order to qualify for the boons. You can choose any of the opponents difficulties to qualify.

To enter click here and select which fraction you wish to participate in. It is always a good idea to go to the boards and see what others are joining, (especially if you are needing the avatars.)

Once the skirmish opens fight your 10 battles or more if you wish.

If your fraction did not win you will still walk away with an item.

The Opponents

Each fraction has 5 opponents that you can challenge. Each opponent’s is different in abilities and difficulty.

The Sway:

Charming Subversive Nefarious


Order of The Red Erisim:

Rasala the Bright

Minor Warlock
Licensed Conjurer

Master Wizard

Brute Squad

Commander Flint


Back Alley Bruiser

Brutal Mercenary

Unyielding Sentinel


Professor Lambert
Professor Lambert

Assistant Scientist

Smug Philosopher

Stalwart Explorer
Genius Inventor
Genius Inventor


Lanie and Lillie

Grumpy Mummy

Zombie Hooligan

Ghostly Knight

Unchained Monster

Boons and their Effects

Not every fraction will award you will each boon so you need to pick wisely in association with what boon you are after. The following key will help you with what fraction awards which boon.
(Thieves: T, Sway: S, Red Erisim: R, Brute: B, Seekers: Sk )

The Awakened have no boon that are specific to them as they are randomised.

Boon Effect

Bank Bribery
Your interest rate at the bank will be increased by 3% of its normal rate.

(S & Sk)

Black Market Goods
Shows and highlights r83+ items in shop restocks that are not shown to those without the boon. You can also get more items restocking using this boon.


Book Smarts
You will receive two or four points of intelligence instead of the standard one point when you read your pet a book.


 You will be guided to the treasure of the Faerie Caverns, you only need to follow the directions that it tells you to go.


Cheaper by the Dozen
Usually you can only buy stocks that are at 15np or higher but with this boon you can buy stocks from 10np. (T & S)

Doctor Who?
Using this boon will cure any disease your pet will get. ( Just use the healing spring instead)       (R & Sk)

 This boon increases the chance of you being allowed to use one-use items in the Battledome a second time.

(T, R & B)

Double Bubble
There is a chance that using this boon will allow your healing potion to be re-filled when you use it on a pet.


You are able to use 9 weapons in the battle dome instead of the usual 8 with this boon.


Five-Finger Discount
You are given a 10% discount at Neopian shops but not user shops.

When battling you are able to give another 10% of damage to your opponent. (can be effective especially with Punchbag Bob.)


 For only the duration of the boon, you are able to steal another avatar off someone else.

To do so: Click on a users active avatar on the Neoboards. A label “Pilfered” will appear on the stolen avatar and it can be swapped with other avatars as well. However, the person you stole the avatar from will still have it but you will only have it for a short amount of time.

It does not count towards your Neoboard avatar score.


Refreshed Quest Request
If you have a faerie quest you can swap it for another one.

This can be very useful if you are trying to stay away from a certain skill or want a specific one.

Note: You can get the crafting faerie by refreshing and she only wants NC items. She does not award skill points, only a NC item.

(S & R)

Right Round Round Round
Allows you to spin all the wheels twice before having to wait the usual time. The wheel are as follows;
(Excitement, Extravagance, Knowledge, Mediocrity, Misfortune and Monotony)(B & Sk)

Scratch Master
You do not have to wait the usual time between purchasing a second scratch card. You can buy two before having to wait with this boon.

(T & B)

Strength of Mind
You can use this ability “Mind Blast” one per battle to use your Intelligence points to calculate the damage done until the boon wears off.


That Millionaire Feeling
This is a useles boon. It is suggested to NOT use it as it only raises the TP limit to 2,000,000 np. It is useless because the trading post now automatically does that.


Full PocketsPremium only
If you have premium you can use this boon to get more Neopoints when you scratch the card.

Premium DreamiumPremium only
If you have premium you are able to send 4 scores each day until the boon runs out instead of the usual 3 per day.

The Avatars

Winning a round with your fraction allows you to choose a boon ( or two if you have premium) and you are awarded with an avatar and site theme. The following fractions give you avatars once they have won ( if you chose that fraction.)

Battleground: Awakened
Battleground: Awakened Participate in the Battleground of the Obelisk and be a member of the Awakened when they win.
Battleground: Brute Squad
Battleground: Brute Squad Participate in the Battleground of the Obelisk and be a member of the Brute Squad when they win.
Battleground: Seekers
Battleground: Seekers Participate in the Battleground of the Obelisk and be a member of the Seekers when they win.
Battleground: The Order
Battleground: The Order Participate in the Battleground of the Obelisk and be a member of the Order of the Red Erisim when they win.
Battleground: The Sway
Battleground: The Sway Participate in the Battleground of the Obelisk and be a member of the Sway when they win.
Battleground: Thieves Guild
Battleground: Thieves Guild Participate in the Battleground of the Obelisk and be a member of the Thieves Guild when they win.
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Neopets Magma Pool Guide

Take a dip into Neopets Magma Pool to turn your pet Magma. The Neopets Magma Pool, when accessed at a certain time can change your pet Magma at no cost! 

What is it?

The Magma Pool is a well-guarded Magma Pool in which you are able to turn ONE pet Magma per day. The only thing is that the time in which you are able to do this is entirely up to your account. You have to find the time that it is open for you, which is the challenging part!

Shhh… look! The guard is sleeping! Maybe you can sneak by him if you’re very, very careful…
Please select your Neopet to take a swim in the Magma Pool and be painted Magma.

You will see this every time you go to the Pool unless you find your time.

Where is it located?

So you wish to use this Magma Pool? It is located in Moltara. Go to the red box and then to the yellow.


Pets that are currently available:

These are the pets that are currently available for you to turn Magma, however for a more up-to-date guide always check the Rainbow Pool.

Neopets Magma Pool Time

You will have to refresh every 10 minutes to find your time until you see the guard has fallen asleep. For example if you start at 2:00pm NST then refresh again at 2:10pm NST and then again at 2:20pm NST until that guard falls asleep.
– Every time you refresh, write down what time you do so that next time you know what time you already have attempted.

Copy and Paste this text onto a petpage so you can keep an eye on your Magma Pool time attempts.

<text_area><table width=”500″ border=”0″><p></p>
<table width=”500″><tr><td> <center> <font size=”7″ color=”black”><b> Magma Trying Times</b> </font> </center>
<p>Magma refreshed times: Write what time you have refreshed here. The one that is the time you can <b>bold it</></p></td></tr></table></table></center> <br></text_area>

If you can’t be bothered trying to find your time then the only other way for you to have a Magma pet is by; asking someone else to turn yours ( if they know their time), Getting transferred one ( putting one in the pound will turn it red) or by being extremely lucky from the Lab Ray.

Good Luck!

*Note: This can be accessed from your sides.

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Neopets Brain Tree Quests Guide

At the center of the heart of the Haunted Woods is something that is impossible to miss: a giant tree with a peach-colored human brain. This creature is referred to as The Brain Tree and has a long history in Neopia’s lore. He may look frightening, but The Brain Tree simply has an undying and passionate thirst for knowledge; but as a tree, he cannot walk himself to the nearby library to begin satisfying this. For this reason, The Brain Tree relies on Neopians to retrieve pieces of knowledge for him by going on Brain Tree Quests.


How They Work

Brain Tree Quests are different than other types of quests — like Edna’s Quests, Kitchen Quests, or Snow Faerie Quests — because you do not have to simply retrieve items and bring them back. Instead, The Brain Tree will ask you a question and it’s up to you to find the answer before your time limit runs out!

A quest will look like this:


As you can see in the example above, every question posed to you is about when and where a certain Neopian character died. To get the answer, you must complete two quests for the Esophager. For each quest you complete, the Esophager will reward you with an item as well as one half of the answer to the Brain Tree’s question. The Esophager can be found at the opposite end of the Haunted Woods.

Simply accept two quests from the Esophager, bring him the spooky or gross foods he requests, and you will receive both answers you need to please The Brain Tree:



Because the answer to The Brain Tree’s questions are randomized, you must do the Esophager’s quests to find the correct answers to The Brain Tree’s question. Once you have the answers, submit them to The Brain Tree and collect your prize!

NOTE: It is very important that when you complete a quest for the Esophager and you receive part of your answer that you copy it down exactly as the Esophager said it to you. How the answer is spelled, spacing, and characters are all part of the specific answer and need to be submitted to The Brain Tree just right so that you will receive your due reward! Based on the example above, 24 BN and Maraqua are the correct answers to the quest — not 24BN (with no space) or Mara (an abbreviation of Maraqua). Don’t say we didn’t warn you!


If you correctly answer The Brain Tree’s question, you will receive both neopoints and an item reward. Your neopoint reward can be as high as 5,000 NP.

Below are the item prizes you can receive:

Attack Fork

Baby Fireball

Bat Pack


Brain Tree Branch

Brain Tree Knife

Brain Tree Mace

Brain Tree Root

Brain Tree Splinters

Brains a la Tree

Feather Tickler

Garlic Shield

Lil Frankie

Lucky Robots Foot

Magic Branch

Mummy Baby

Pumpkin Shield

Silver Fernypoo Battlecard

Slime Potion

Staff of Brain

Walking Carpet

Web Claw

An additional prize is The Brain Tree as a Battledome opponent. This is a random event and could take many quests to achieve, so keep at it if you don’t get him the first time.

Brain Tree Quest Cheats

  • In order to save some neopoints while completing your Brain Tree quest, accept one Esophager quest before beginning a Brain Tree quest. If the Esophager is asking for an “expensive” item or two — generally 5,000 NP or above — wait until the time to complete his quest runs out. Then, accept a new Esophager quest. Is the item he is asking for cheap, or at least reasonable? If so, this is the time to accept the Brain Tree quest. It’s okay to accept the Brain Tree quest after the first Esoapher quest; the reward for the Esopaher quest will still contain the first half of the answer you will need for The Brain Tree. This way, you will at least be able to guarantee one of your two Esophager quests will be on the cheap side.
  • It is possible to win a trophy as well. Trophies for Brain Tree quests are determined by the amount of neopoints that you are awarded upon completing a quest. The higher amount of neopoints you receive, the more likely you are to receive a trophy! If you are interested in a trophy for completing these quests, we recommend doing your daily quest when the trophy tables reset on the first of every month.


  • Brain Tree Quests are a daily activity and reset every day at 00:00:00 NST. You can only do one quest per day!
  • Because both The Brain Tree and the Esophager quests reward neopoints and items for completing quests, these quests are not allowed to be completed on side accounts.