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NC Balance: 500NC

Total Neocash Items: 150
Estimated Total NC Cap Value: 417 CAPS
Notable NC Items on the Account:

Pink Mountain and Cloud Background
Corridor 317B Background
Spellseeker Fireworks
MME2-S1: Mystical Rain Shower
Lost Desert Treasure Room
MME3-S5: Flickering Flame Eyes
MiniMME4-S2: Rootbound Dress
MME8-B: Flower Petal Shower
Hubrid Nox Collectors Cape
Charming Snowglobe Background
Shining Princess Gloves
Haunted Graveyard Background
Floating Skull Bubble
Hannah and the Ice Caves Collectors Coat
MiniMME5-S2: Rainbow Contacts
Fyora Collectors Staff
MME2-S2: Misty Magic Lagoon
Princess Amira Collectors Arm Cuffs
MME2-S5: Glorious Golden Fish Sword
Extreme Herder Petpet String Lights
Kass Collectors Armour
Winter Snow Drift
MiniMME5-B: Rainbow Dress
Quaint Little Doll House
Gold Trimmed Valentines Wings
Autumn Leaves Background
Tycoon Vault Background
Feather Shoes
Prince Jazan Collectors Headdress
Colourful Fall Face Paint
Pirate Throne Room Background
Elegant Feather Dress
Cherry Blossom Face Paint
Cherry Blossom Face Paint
Ray of Light Background
MME2-S3: Puddle with Golden Fish Tail
MME2-S4: Golden Fish Sword in a Stone
Shining Princess Dress
Flower Heart Vine Tree
Snow Queen Dress
Sweetheart Gram Dressing Room
Pirate Dress & Jacket
MiniMME7-S2: Inside the Hive Background
Runaway Rocket Boots
Roaming Wind Up Slorg
Gypsy Camp Background
Giant Jelly Background
Mutant Bed
Mutant Rug
Pastel Argyle Socks
Purple Hoop Skirt
Yooyu Glasses
Magenta Striped Trousers
Daring Sea Captain Ship Background
Sun Burn
Holiday Ornament Wreath
Braided Metal Umbrella with Silk Flowers
Gypsy Camp Background
Hidden Tower Background
Mootix Hat
Easter Negg Glasses
Flower Petal Shirt
Blue Argyle Sweater Vest and Shirt
Flowery Crown
Cosy Cooking Clogs
Fancy Chef Dress
Smart School Girl Shirt
Smart School Girl Skirt
Black and Orange Sweater Vest
Paw Print Purse
Coffin Clutch
Big Fuzzy Boots with Leggings
Jaunty Plaid Hat
Suteks Tomb Music Track
Carnival Hat
Gross Pulsating Pimple
Negg Head Bonk
Flower Hair Bow
Shiny Horns
Lost Desert Altador Cup Jersey
Lost Desert Altador Cup Jersey
Rag Doll Yooyu Plushie
MME1-S3: Exotic Pyroplant with Firing Reeds
MME1-S2: Glowing Cocoon of Intrigue
MME1-S1: Tiny Striped Wonderworm
MME1-S4: Ominous Stalk and Bud
MME1-S5: Beautiful Bloom and Blazing Blue Butterfly
Ylana Collectors Helmet
Slorg Slippers
Angry Ferocious Negg
MME3-S1: Raging Jack-o-Lantern Helmet
MME3-S2: Wild Wig of Fire
MME3-S3: Flaming Magma Rock Shower
MME3-S4: Molten Rock Crown
Hot Springs
Roxton Colchester III Slippers
Sparkling Snowflake Wings
Festive Poinsettia and Holly Mask
Crazy Snowboarder Hat
Holiday Hat Wind Chimes
Festive Mini Holiday Tree
Winter Flower Hair Pin
Winter Breeze Face Paint
Sugar Plum Faerie Facepaint
Sugar Plum Thought Bubble
Snowflake Shower
MME4-S5: Starlit Scarf
Icy Blue Wax Lips
Vintage Gold Necklace
Spring Hair Flower
Flower Parasol
Scholarly Robe
Ribbon Faerie Head Wreath
Princess Hat
Volleyball Shower
Princess Vyssa Collectors Wig
Stormy Autumn Evening Background
Shenkuu Warrior Princess Shirt
Shenkuu Warrior Princess Skirt
Shenkuu Warrior Princess Wig
Shenkuu Warrior Princess Sword Staff
Shenkuu Warrior Princess Boots
Shenkuu Warrior Princess Bracers
Shenkuu Warrior Training Grounds
Stone Faerie Wings
MiniMME4-S1: The Trees Have Eyes Foreground
Candy Cane Glasses
Shining Princess Wig
Shining Princess Shoes
Shining Princess Magic Swirl
Shining Princess Clock Garland
Sparkling Ballroom Background
Mynci Defender Wind Chime
MME8-S5: Flower Bodysuit
MME8-S1:Shining Icy Dreamscape Background
MME8-S2:Shimmering Icicle Garland
MME8-S3: Growing Flower Vines
MME8-S4: Blooming Flower Necklace
Winter Rose Foreground
Valentine Sunset Beach Background
Snow Queen Wig and Crown
Snow Queen Cloak
Snow Queen Sceptre
Snow Queen Necklace
Snow Queen Shoes
Snow Queens Palace Background
Lighted Rose Foreground
Charming Rose Skirt
Illusen Curtains
Jeweled Tiara Shower
Inside a Clock Tower Background
Braided Metal Umbrella with Silk Flowers
Silk Stitched Metal Jacket
Spring Ribbon Hair Bow
Sparkling Vine Facepaint
MiniMME5-S1: Rainbow Ribbon Wand
Dancing Butterflies
Handheld Key to Spring
Lily Pad Flower Dress
Long Red Evening Gown
White Bright String Lights
Blue and Yellow Decorative Fence Foreground
Pink and Blue Negg Garland
Blue and Yellow Fountain Trinket
Flower Star Wand
Fire Umbrella
Fire Umbrella
Hearts on Fire Shower
Hearts on Fire Shower
Crazy Fire Wig
Sun Wings
Cloud Cardigan
Handheld Net of Pirate Petpets
Skull Staff
Marooned on an Island Background
Big Black Lace Pirate Hat
Crossbone Mask
Pirate Fence
Shell Wings
Jerdanas Collectors Skirt
MiniMME7-S1:Delightful Springabeehive
Satin Ribbon Wood Staff

Age: 9 years
Access to Secret Laboratory Map: Yes
Neopoints (OnHand+Bank+ShopTill+Stocks): 7,000,000 NP
Safety Deposit Box: Unique Items: 900 | Total Items: 1,800


Xxxxxxxxx the Pink Skeith
xxxxxxx the Purple Kiko

Total Avatars: 155
Notable Avatars:

Trophies: Site Event: 10 | Game: 3
Notable Trophies:

Notable Items on the Account (Estimated Total Value: 15,721,099NP):

Basic Fishing Rod – 4,500,000NP
Draik Negg Collector Plushie – 3,500,000NP
Draik Negg Collector Plushie – 3,500,000NP
Inside a Toy Claw Machine Background – 500,000NP
Black Square Glasses – 450,000NP
Dark Cave Background – 300,000NP
Underground Explorations – 250,000NP
Guide to Rare Mechanical Flowers – 250,000NP
Space Station Trick-or-Treat Bag – 250,000NP
Randomly Firing Freeze Ray – 250,000NP
Games Master Challenge Stamp – 200,000NP
Double Rainbow Background – 200,000NP
Rainbow Fuzzle – 150,000NP
Vernax – 125,000NP
Beautiful Desert Oasis Background – 120,000NP
Faerie Queen Wings – 99,999NP
Usul Liberty Statue – 93,000NP
Altador Cup Skirt – 75,000NP
Tarlas Underground Workshop Background – 67,000NP
Flower Petal Foreground – 65,000NP
Colourful Festival Negg Skirt – 53,000NP
Faerieland Cloud Background – 40,500NP
Charred Steam Wings – 40,000NP
Bloodshot Eye Contacts – 39,000NP
Tour of Mystery Magnifying Glass – 37,300NP
Dueling Decks Purple Head Bandana – 37,000NP
Spring Courtyard Background – 34,000NP
Colourful Cherry Blossom Necklace – 29,900NP
Brightly Striped Surfboard – 26,000NP
Pile of Baby Bottles – 25,000NP
Noxs Mansion Background – 23,000NP
Inside TNTs Breakroom Refrigerator Background – 22,700NP
Tarlas Scarf – 22,000NP
Summer Fun Water Bottle – 21,000NP
Doughnutfruit Explosion Background – 17,700NP
Sassy Fire Faerie Wig – 17,500NP
Sugar Cookie Wings – 17,000NP
Tyrannian Cliffs Background – 16,000NP
Faerie Bubbles Necklace – 15,900NP
Striped Dueling Shirt – 14,800NP
Spinacle Sphere Earrings – 12,800NP
Ice Garland – 11,500NP
Caged Skeleton – 11,500NP
Fancy Frock Coat – 11,400NP
Silver Glitter Background – 11,000NP
Dueling Decks Mynci Wrist Wrap – 10,000NP
Comfortable Muumuu – 9,700NP
Kreludan Treasure Chest – 8,950NP
Ugly Christmas Sweater – 8,000NP
Delicate Mushroom Foreground – 8,000NP
Arm Wrestling Table – 7,800NP
Berry Splattered Apron – 7,750NP
Yooyu Hat – 7,500NP
Hollowed Negg Tree Background – 7,500NP
Neopets 10th Birthday Celebration Cake – 7,450NP
Magical Wand of Magicalness – 7,300NP
Tour of Mystery Garland – 7,100NP
Snowflake Skirt – 6,950NP
Grappling Hook – 6,950NP
Dapper Yellow Shirt and Green Jacket – 6,900NP
Paint Splatter – 6,800NP
Snowflake Shirt – 6,350NP
Shop of Mystery Grab Bag – 6,000NP
Cybunny Ears with a Spring Bow – 5,500NP
Negg Hat – 5,500NP
Balthazar Ears – 5,300NP
Sparkling Icy Winterscape – 5,200NP
Molten Pile of Dung – 5,100NP
Dont Bother Me Earmuffs – 5,000NP