★NCPack- 200 Neocash Items (including Old Capsules)!


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Product Description

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NC Balance: 425NC

Total Neocash Items: 200
Estimated Total NC Cap Value: 1162 CAPS
Notable NC Items on the Account:

Holiday Snowglobe Mystery Capsule
Thespian Background
Phantom of the Background
New Year Mystery Capsule
Sewing Room Background
Nutcracker Toy Sword
Bird Nest Hat
Golden Nutcracker Gloves
Geraptiku Background
Smugglers Cove Background
Enchanted Valentines Mystery Capsule
Bogshot Background
Tasty Bakery Background
Gold Mine Background
Underwater Fishing Background
Chocolate Cybunny Thought Bubble
Wind Up Potgatkerchi
Garden Tea Shoes
Nutcracker Face Paint
Easter Negg Mystery Capsule
Weewoo Clock
Weewoo Bath
Wicker Purse
Usuki Thought Bubble
Purple Satin Purse
Sparkling Green Mystery Capsule
Sloth Clone Helmet
Wobbly Easter Negg
Flowery Ribbon Wand
Terror Mountain Winter Background
Snow Shower
Prissy Miss Snowflake Dress
Purple Grundo Flag
Trick-or-Treat Doorstep Background
The Gift of a Single Rose
Easter Negg Thought Bubble
Meridellian Spring Background
Greenhouse Background
Greenhouse Background
Greenhouse Background
Under the Tree Background
Under the Tree Background
Fyora Collectors Staff
Sweetheart Smiley Snack
Omelette Thought Bubble
Quaint Little Doll House
Subservient Sentient Stones
Valentines Day Mailbox
Sweetheart Background
Sweetheart Background
Field of Clovers Background
Evergreen and Holly Wings
Nutcracker Hat
Garden Tea Dress
Garden Tea Parasol
Garden Tea Gloves
Faerieland Mystery Capsule
Sweetheart Ball Gown
Heart String Lights
Heart String Lights
Heart String Lights
Tulip Background
Autumn Leaf Garland
Nutcracker Jacket
Nutcracker Slacks and Boots
Snowflake Face Paint
Queen of Hearts Dress
Festive Basket Background
Garden Tea Background
Big Top NC Fortune Cookie
Golden Genie Lamp
Ostentatious Masquerade Mask
Valentines Letter Thought Bubble
Summer Fireworks Background
Pumpkin String Lights
Delicate Heart Wings
Cherry Blossom Face Paint
Cherry Blossom Face Paint
Valentines Heart Garland
Heart Shower
Broken Heart Shower
Heart Face Paint
Luxurious Winter Coat
Shopping in Neopia Central Background
Potted Pink Orchid
Pink Ice Cream Bonbons
Ornament Necklace
Holiday Ornament Earrings
Valentines Goodie Box
Festive Negg Pillow
Pink Toy Negg
Candy Nest and Neggs
Festive Poinsettia and Holly Mask
Crazy Snowboarder Hat
Holiday Hat Wind Chimes
Festive Mini Holiday Tree
Winter Breeze Face Paint
Holiday Bell Garland
Candy Pop Staff
Icy Blue Wax Lips
Advent Calendar JubJub Power Bounce Token 1-pack
Secret Meepit Stache Plan 2-Pack
Table of Holiday Treats
Holiday Secret Meepit Stach Plan 1-Pack
Holiday Mohawk
Coal Contacts
Premium Collectible: Taelia Handheld Plushie
Premium Collectible: Opalescent Wig
Halloween Barbat Goodie Bag
Runaway Rocket Boots
Haunted Woods Autumn Background
Gypsy Camp Background
Evil Coconut Mask
Bubbling Cauldron
Floating Negg Faerie Doll
Hidden Tower Background
Head Bonk
Floating Tooth Faerie Doll
Mechanical Darkest Faerie Minion
Mechanical Darkest Faerie Minion
Punchbag Bob Punching Bag
Fierce Mechanical Darkest Faerie Minion
Magical Altadorian Hour Glass
Tiki Tack Torch
Floating Jhuidah Doll
Wizarding Apprentice Robe
Faerieland Library Background
Wings of Darkness
Fortune-Telling Crystal Ball
Gothic Tiara
Powdered Wig
Wind Up Ferocious Negg
Snowy Day Cloud
Igloo Garage Sale Background
Igloo Garage Sale Background
Leafy Headdress
Snowflake Wand
Snowflake Wand
Father Times Watch
New Years Celebration Background
Sunshine Thought Bubble
Snapping Clam
Surprisingly Malevolent Messenger Bag
Cupid Meerca Balloon
Cupid Meerca Balloon
Cupid Meerca Balloon
Cupid Meerca Balloon
Sweetheart Flower Bouquet
Sweetheart Flower Bouquet
Chocolates Thought Bubble
Chocolates Thought Bubble
Chocolates Thought Bubble
Chocolates Thought Bubble
Green Sparkle Trousers
Easter Negg String Lights
Easter Negg String Lights
Green Clover Glasses
Negg Background
Easter Negg Basket
Easter Negg Basket
Easter Negg Glasses
Sparkling Green Top Hat
Spring Bonnet
Spring Bonnet
Flower Petal Skirt
Tyrannian Fake Fur Toga
Springy Eye Glasses
Flower Petal Shirt
Flower Petal Shirt
Colourful Daisy String Lights
Colourful Daisy String Lights
Heart Head Bonk
Flowery Crown
Dark Princess Fan
Hair Bone
Rain and Flowers Thought Bubble
The Big Dance Background
Sporty Tennis Shirt
Fyora Wig
Pink Toy Hoop
Spinning Fireworks Wheel
Seersucker Trousers
Tiki Lamp
Feather Bouquet
Pretty Chef Bonnet
Cosy Cooking Clogs
Smart School Girl Shirt
Smart School Girl Shirt
Smart School Girl Skirt
Precious Kadoatie Purse
Frilly Neovian Shirt
Hovering Broom
Autumn Leaf Hair Bow
Nutcracker Music Track
Nutcracker Music Track
Snow Thought Bubble
Snowy White Fake Beard
Ice Crown
Festive Sparkler
Festive Sparkler
New Years Hat of Happiness
Snowflake Tattoo
Wilting Flower Bouquet
Playful Clover Shirt
Funky Ruffle Skirt with Striped Leggings
Shamrock Face Paint
Shamrock Face Paint
Shamrock Face Paint
Flowers and Ribbons Headband
Gaming Shorts
Gaming Shirt
Golden Sun Glasses
Games Shower
Negg Shower
Colourful Painted Negg Wings
Polka Dotted Magenta Bow Tie
Negg Earrings
Garden Tea Hat
Garden Tea Flowering Planter
Evergreen Holiday Scarf
Winter Flower Hair Pin
Deadly Poison Bottle
Delicate Chandelier Garland
Red Holiday Ornament Wings
Icy Igloo Wig
Ruffled Snowflake Skirt
Iridescent Bells Garland
Golden Snowflake Wings
Golden Snowflake Wings
Silver and Gold Balloon Confetti Shower
Silver and Gold Balloon Confetti Shower
Gold Sequin Top Hat
Cheery Snowflake Mittens
Basic Gift Box
Basic Gift Box
Basic Gift Box
Basic Gift Box
Basic Gift Box
Shining Purple Gift Box with Silver Bow
Red and Gold Shining Gift Box
Red and White Peppermint Gift Box

Username Format: xxxxxxxxxx
Age: 12 years
Site Themes: 10
Access to Secret Laboratory Map: Yes
Gallery Size: 60
Neopoints (OnHand+Bank+ShopTill+Stocks): 1,000,000 NP
Safety Deposit Box: Unique Items: 900 | Total Items: 1,000


Ice Wocky
White Cybunny
Royal Uni
Purple Flotsam

Total Avatars: 180
Notable Avatars:

Trophies: Site Event: 10 | Game: 4
Notable Trophies:

Notable Items on the Account (Estimated Total Value: 6,029,400NP):

Christmas Wocky Carols – 450,000NP
The Striped Xweetok – 400,000NP
Rusty Asylum Cell Door – 350,000NP
Deluxe Fyora Goodie Basket – 350,000NP
Snowbunny – 350,000NP
Pink Miamouse – 250,000NP
Pink Faellie – 250,000NP
Pink Delfin – 250,000NP
Dripping Toy Slime Gun – 250,000NP
Evil Garden Gnome Background – 250,000NP
Golden Cobrall Belt – 250,000NP
Imperial Exam Guards Helm – 250,000NP
Golden Dubloon Necklace – 250,000NP
Sparkling Ruby – 200,000NP
Lighted Faerie Bubble String Lights – 200,000NP
Shiny Ultimate Bullseye II Quiver – 200,000NP
Jewelled Geb Necklace – 200,000NP
Deluxe Polarchuck Costume Gloves – 200,000NP
The Faerie Aisha – 150,000NP
Purple Hasee Balloon Toy – 150,000NP
Resistance Headquarters Background – 98,000NP
Sparkling Green Head Amulet and Wig – 98,000NP
Wheelers Coconut Bike – 87,000NP
Beautiful Decorative Negg – 82,500NP
Purple Paint Blob Plushie – 65,500NP
Super Ice Cream Machine Background – 41,000NP
Crisis Courier Craze Background – 37,500NP
Dripping Cream Pie Hat – 37,300NP
Snow Roller Success Jumper – 32,000NP
Colourful Rock Mobile – 31,700NP
Stinky Haze – 30,000NP
Miniature Gorix Spaceship – 20,000NP
Wind-up Turmac – 18,000NP
Faerie Bubble String Lights – 17,900NP
Tangram Puzzle Piece Kite – 16,500NP
Deluxe Hot Dog Hat – 14,800NP
Vintage Darigan Altador Cup Jersey – 13,500NP
Shiny Caution Tape Garland – 13,000NP
Ice Garland – 11,500NP
Fancy Frock Coat – 11,400NP
Holiday Home Background – 11,000NP
Silver Glitter Background – 11,000NP
Bionic Cybunny Body Cover – 10,900NP
Seasonal Wings – 9,000NP
Simple Snowflake Cape – 5,400NP
Homemade Polarchuck Costume Head – 5,000NP