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Total Neocash Items: 350
Estimated Total NC Cap Value: 489 CAPS
Notable NC Items on the Account:

Dyeworks Blue: Enchanting Hearts Front Porch Background
Zenco the Magnificent Contacts
Big Doll Eyes Contacts
Baby Summer Swimsuit
Golden Bangle Bracelets
Heart and Crossbones Handheld Plushie
Deadly Beauty Wig
Gothic Inspired Makeup
Deadly Beauty Face Paint
MME16-S2a: Menacing Tree Vine Garland
Premium Collectible: Holiday Boat Ride Background
Pretty Daisy Gift Box Mystery Capsule
Pretty Daisy Gift Box Mystery Capsule
Pretty Daisy Gift Box Mystery Capsule
Pretty Daisy Gift Box Mystery Capsule
Pretty Daisy Gift Box Mystery Capsule
Charming Corn Husk Dress
Petpet Cemetery Background
Mystery Island Holiday Background
Valentines Heart Garland
Valentine Baby Dummy
Holiday Front Porch Background
Sparkling Winter Town Background
Deathly Union Dress
Lair of the Beast Background
Rainbow Field of Daisies Background
Heart and Chain
Contacts of the Cosmos
Undead Princess Dress
Ombre Glitter Dress
Shopping in Neopia Central Background
Snowflake Contacts
Baby Cloud Wings
Gleaming Rainbow Parasol
Rainbow Field Background
Delicate Grey Dress
Grey Falling Petals
Faerie Quest Fortune Cookie
Faerie Quest Fortune Cookie
Faerie Quest Fortune Cookie
Faerie Quest Fortune Cookie
Money Tree Cupcake
Money Tree Cupcake
Money Tree Cupcake
NC Archives Fortune Cookie
8th Birthday Tied with a Bow Cupcake
Butterfly Gift Box Mystery Capsule
Butterfly Gift Box Mystery Capsule
Bubbling Cauldron
Snapping Clam
The Big Dance Background
Shiny Icicle String Lights
Big Fuzzy Boots with Leggings
Negg Head Bonk
Carousel Background
Butterfly Sun Glasses
Sparkler String Lights
Whimsical Gothic Dress
Whimsical Gothic Dress
Sun Screen Face Paint
Wonderland Croquet Set
Elegant Cobrall Dress
Batty Beauty Mark
Holiday Hat Wind Chimes
Winter Breeze Face Paint
Candy Cane String Lights
Sugar Plum Thought Bubble
Snowflake Shower
Squeezable Polarchuck Plushie
Valentine Baby Bonnet
Heart Bullseye
Mynci Beach Volleyball Background
Meep Shower
Lavender Faerietale Dress
Pig Tail Wig
Altador Cup Goalie Net Background
Altador Cup Garland
Beach Ball Garland
White Picket Fence Foreground
Sunflower Tattoo
Summer Lounge Chair
Silly Faces Pumpkin Foreground
Spyder Web Tights with Shoes
Spyders Web Covered Chandelier
Pumpkin Hanging Lantern
Shenkuu Warrior Princess Skirt
Shenkuu Warrior Princess Sword Staff
Shenkuu Warrior Princess Boots
Shenkuu Warrior Training Grounds
Hungry Hungry Meepit
A Rolling Fog
Candy Cane Snowflake Wand
Holiday Trousers with Suspenders
Baby Elf Hat
Miniature Winter Village
Brown Fleece Lined Boots
Winter Breeze Shower
Baby Valentine Blankie
Butterfly Arm Tattoo
Poppy Foreground
Cherry Shower
Dancing Butterflies
Little Babaa Shepherdess Dress
Flying Petpet Bath Trinket
Twirly Dancing Skirt
Tea Party Background
Outdoor Canopy Background
Spring Baby Dress
Pretty Plaid Shoes
Fancy Wrought Iron Lamp
Mad Tea Party Hat
Mad Tea Party Hat
Mad Tea Party Stacks of Cups and Pots
Cloud Umbrella
Beach Resort Background
Baby Summer Hat
Traditional Stone Lantern
Fantastic Petrological Discovery Foreground
Vibrant Summer Stripes Dress
Moltaran Lanterns Garland
Moltaran Lanterns Garland
Delightful Doglefox Purse
Baby Candy Corn Hat
Baby Candy Corn Hat
Neovian Sitting Room Background
Spooky Sugar Skull Garland
Ethereal Spirit Hat
Giant Suspended Spyder Webs
Inflatable Holiday Tree
Sparkling Peppermint Dust Shower
Sprig of Holly Wig
Snowy Pine Cone Foreground
Baby Winter Sweater
A Rainbow of Petpets Tree
Baby Valentine Wings
Curly Valentine Wig
Radiant Pink Wig with Gothic Headband
Travelling Wagon Foreground
Green Clover Wig
Baby Spring Wig
Blue Roll-Up Trousers
Colourful Dandelion Foreground
Rainbow Eye Facepaint
Lulus Adventure Satchel
Baby Spring Jumper
Nautical Souvenirs Garland
Lace Headband Wig
Operatic Star Gloves
Candlelit Opera Stage Foreground
Springabee Tutu
Hopso Handheld Plushie
Hopso Handheld Plushie
Baby Tuxedo
Shell Coif Wig
Beach Sandals
Red Polka Dot Shirt
Tyrannian Blouse
Tyrannian Bone Wig
Gothic School Girl Tights and Boots
Skulls and Lace Cuffs
Orrery Staff
Neovian Sewer Background
Neovian Sewer Background
Spyder Web Hat and Wig
Young Sophies Dress
Nurse Lucy Skeleton
Ethereal Chain Scarf
Dapper Deathly Union Shirt and Jacket
Caged Crokabek Staff
Miamouse Tight Rope Garland
Spiky Bracelet
Spiky Purse
Commemorative In the Spotlight Garland
Happy Holidays Wrought Iron Fence
Gothic Holiday Chandelier
Green Lace Up Boots
New Years in Neopia Central Background
Cheery Snowflake Mittens
Holiday Mohawk
Frozen Flowers Foreground
Premium Collectible: Taelia Handheld Plushie
Baby Overstuffed Warf Plushie
Baby Lady Blurg Umbrella
Golden Snowbunny Ears Headband
Marketing Maggie Wings
Premium Collectible: Ultimate Cloud Bow
Flower Camouflage Facepaint
Jagged Glass Archway Background
Elegant Ballerina Facepaint
Conductors Stand Foreground
Concert Hall Background
Fruity Fun Shirt
Trio of Stars Wand
Trio of Stars Wand
Flower Pinwheel Foreground
Watermelon Cloud Shower
Black and White Curtains
Checkered Floor
Birthday Ribbon Wreath Wig
Birthday Ribbon Wreath Wig
Birthday Ribbon Wreath Wig
Bright Sun Dress
MiniMME13-S1: Gothic Summer Waistcoat
Summer Masquerade Mask
Nightmare Doll Face Paint
Wanderers Coat
Sparkler Contacts
Autumn Windswept Wig
Premium Collectible: Pretty Chocolate Bodice
Neopia Peripheral Background
Neopia Peripheral Background
Autumnal Harvest Market Background
Autumnal Harvest Market Background
Deadly Beauty Dress
Deadly Beauty Rose
Spooky Old Foyer Background
Fabric Pumpkins Garland
Premium Collectible: Spiky Black Lace Cape
Unkempt Flower Wig
Baby Halloween Tutu and Tights
Premium Collectible: Sturdy Work Boots
Starry Wreath Wig
Holiday String Lights Face Paint
Plumpy Fan Room Background
Festive Peppermint Pillars
Minty Fresh Mohawk
Jinjah Hoodie
Holiday Bell Wreath Garland
Gothic Candy Cane Staff
Festive Holly Princess Facepaint
Premium Collectible: Knitted Shirt and Tie
Feathered Sterling Silver Wig
Silver Studded Blue Shoes
Journey Through Terror Mountain Panoramic Background 4 of 5
I Heart NC Skirt
Cheerful Day Background
Oversized Heart Handheld Plushie
Garden Wreath Wig
Heart Branch Vases
MiniMME16-S2a: Undercover Wig and Hat
MiniMME17-S2b: Whimsical Governess Wig and Hat
Assorted Potion Shelf
Mint Green Lace Shirt
Teacup Candle
Garden Patio Tea Party
Premium Collectible: Overgrown Clover Umbrella
Floral Pattern Leggings
Baby Pigtail Wig
Baby Flower Sunglasses
Baby Wooden Teether
Baby Floral Shirt
Decorative Lace Cuffs
Elegant Flower Parasol
Krawk Island Team Braided Wig
Altador Team Braided Wig
Rainbow Tears Facepaint
Rainbow Tears Facepaint
Haunted Woods Team Braided Wig
Mystery Island Team Braided Wig
Darigan Citadel Team Braided Wig
Kiko Lake Team Braided Wig
Premium Collectible: Oversized Flower Rug
Lost Desert Team Braided Wig
Shenkuu Team Braided Wig
Roo Island Team Braided Wig
Faerieland Team Braided Wig
Terror Mountain Team Braided Wig
Kreludor Team Braided Wig
Dainty Dark Pirate Skirt
Virtupets Team Braided Wig
Brightvale Team Braided Wig
Tyrannia Team Braided Wig
Maraqua Team Braided Wig
Meridell Team Braided Wig
Moltara Team Braided Wig
Shenkuu Rock Garden Background
MME18-S4c: Gothic Shadow Shower
Lighted Lace Jars
Dyeworks Brown: Butterfly Dress
Dyeworks Grey: Butterfly Dress
Dyeworks Purple: Dark Enchanted Cape
Nuranna Bite Bathing Suit
Lighted Sand Castle Background
Flowy Scaled Skirt
Adventurous Parasailor
Fuzzy Raglan Sleeve Shirt
Plaid Aqua Skirt
Blue Cuffed Shorts
Lighted Globe Garland
Sparkling Black Sunglasses
Premium Collectible: Glowing Contacts
Dazzling Rainbow Tent
Premium Collectible: Birthday Tent Background
Dyeworks Yellow: Baby Tuxedo
Colourful Birthday Shirt
Dyeworks Purple: Isca Wig
Dyeworks Orange: Isca Wig
Dyeworks Blue: Isca Wig- Blue
Dyeworks Yellow: Peaceful Tree Garland
Darkest Faerie Tights and Boots
Twin Autumn Trees
Premium Collectible: Flared Riding Jacket
Dyeworks Grey: Faerie Dust Shower
Dyeworks Blue: Magical Golden Markings
Stringy Dark Hair Wig
Ancient Tattered Shirt
Three Headed Skull Monster Costume
Bone Finger Necklace
Bone Finger Necklace
Bone Tights
Bone Tights
Embroidered Bone Shirt
Bone Cave Frame
Skeleton Moon Background
Gothic Bone Chest Piece
Skeletal Toe Shoes
Home Sweet Spyder Web
Floral Halloween Updo
Lavender Highlights Ponytail Wig
Fuzzy Autumn Hat and Wig
Premium Collectible: Whimsical Fall Hood and Wig
White Winter Wonderland Background
Dyeworks Blue: Games Master Challenge NC Challenge 2010 Lulu Wig
Christmas Porch Background
Shimmery Snowflake Wand
Rainbow Drape Dress
Gothic White Holly Wig
Poinsettias in Gold Vases Foreground
MME20-S2a: Winter Princess Gown
MME20-S3a: Blonde Side Braid Wig
MME20-S4a: Winter Princess Cape
White Dress with Ombre Lace
Winter Branch Dress
Hood with Ears
Premium Collectible: Heart in the Clouds Garland
Black and White Heart Shirt
Long Baby Girl Wig
Mysterious Dinner Party Background
Black Rose Dress
Pastel Rose Petal Shower
Gloomy Sky Tower Background
Premium Collectible: Valentine Glade Background
Spiked Crown and Wig
MiniMME22-S2c: Queen of Lost Desert Wig
Baby Sequined Peach Dress
Gothic Spring Picnic Background
Silver Metal Shirt
Metallic Arm Tattoos
Altador Festival Gown
Caylis Collectors Wig
Nautical Bathing Suit and Cover Up
Sparkling Ponytail Wig
Slouchy Glittering Sweater
Rustic Arbor with Flowers Frame
Bow Bun Wig
Basic Gift Box
Basic Gift Box

Username Format: xxxxxxxxxx
Age: 14.5 years
Site Themes: 10
Access to Secret Laboratory Map: Yes
Shop Size: 40
Gallery Size: 60
Neopoints (OnHand+Bank+ShopTill+Stocks): 1,000,000 NP

Xxxxxx the Biscuit Aisha
Xxxxxx the Transparent Aisha
Xxxxxx the Zombie Aisha
Xxxxxx the Pirate Aisha

Total Avatars: 280
Notable Avatars:

Trophies: Site Event: 20 | Game: 10
Notable Trophies:

Notable Items on the Account (Estimated Total Value: 41,750NP):

Undead Lawn Gnome – 9,800NP
Deep Dark Shrubbery – 9,500NP
Colourful Spring Petpet Garland – 9,250NP
Black Lace Gloves – 6,900NP
Baby Holiday Scarf – 6,300NP