Basic Golden Nerkmid x5


Product Description

Nerkmids are the currency for the Alien Aisha Vending Machine. If you put them in the vending machine, you’ll get NPs (1 NP to 75k) and an item. If it’s your first time playing, you’ll also receive an avatar! Like the page says: Put a Nerkmid in the machine, and it will dispense rare and exotic foods for your pet. Press the buttons and push the levers for a chance to get a rarer treat. The better the Nerkmid, the better your prize! Some lucky Neopians have gotten Paint Brushes and trophies. Remember: there are different types of Nerkmids and the prices vary respectively.

This is a special token that can be used for the alien vending machine. The better the neopets nerkmid, the better your prize will be!

This purchase entitles you to Basic Golden Nerkmid x5!