Chia Flour

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Product Description

Throw this bag of magical Chia Flour at an opponent, and see what happens! Its one use however, so make sure you hit!


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    Power (1/4) Unlikely to matter in the battle you use it in, but you might negate a species healer. That will be rare, but huge when it does happen.

    Price (0/2) Crazy town for a single-use item.

    Tactical (3/3) Strategically, this can provide infinite re-morphing at no added cost. You need a neofriend to help, but you can exploit the fact that stolen items single use are not used up and a sticky hand to keep resetting your lab pet into a chia, which can be useful if you want to use Icy Chia Goggles.

    Another Angle (1/1) Also a very mean way to really cheese off people with rare species or colors (Hi Giro!). This has reached a new plateau of cruelty with the mania over trading UC pets.

    Alternatives: Kacheek Flour is similar

    Defenses: If you morph into a yellow chia before every fight, then this goes from being largely useless against you to totally useless against you.

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    Unlike Kacheek Flour, this has no practical application — the only useful Chia species weapon is Icy Chia Goggles, and you can just buy a H4000 Helmet for less than this and make your pet into a much nicer species. ;) This is a revenge weapon only!

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    Power: (2) See tactical. Only loses the 2 points because of one use only.

    Price: (1) You better really hate someone to make this worthwhile. Its alot of hours restocking for that one moment of joy.

    Tactical: (1) Hmm, you ruin someones species weapons, you may permanently ruin their native speces abilities even if they morph back (it takes a long time before some rach maximum effectiveness), you probably make them quit the battle vowing all sorts of bad things, and you turn them into an ugly pet… Good times!

    Non-Battle: (1) Weeee!

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