Crisp Blue Tunic

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Product Description

If your Neopets is intelligent this cloak can actually steal health from your opponent.


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    Definitely a great mid-range two-player weapon, for all of the reasons my fellow raters have mentioned. I wouldn’t recommend it for one-player, though, as it’s even more difficult to hit the proper window where you’re down at least 100 HP and the opponent has at least 100 left — and this technique won’t be effective while maxing out, anyway, once your opponent starts getting much stronger and has much more HP than you. (The 100 HP heal won’t be enough, and a big attack will end the fight faster than a 100 HP drain.)

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    The crisp blue tunic is incredibly powerful given the right pet and the right circumstances. A 200 hp swing can quite easily turn a 2-P fight on its head. Ultimately it will be outgrown though, so take that into consideration when you look at the price of this along with the cost of the intelligence requirement.

    In 1-P, the use of the CBT is fairly limited. As a healer, it does what it`s supposed to do, out-doing species healers/Bag of Healing Dust if you have less than 200 hp and use this at the right moment, but the additional effect of the 100 hp drain is unlikely to prove very useful as opponents gradually increase in maximum hit points.

    In 2-P though, this is destructive. As stated, this usually outshines alternatives at less than 200 max hp, but the drain is where this really comes in handy. Given that you heal when your hit points are low (duh!), this can turn a losing battle around when you heal your way out of a desperate situation while nailing your opponent for 100. It also punishes higher-defense boost-abusing opponents by rendering their shields pointless against the drain, as well as being essentially anti-Sink and anti-Burrow.

    Given that pets are likely to spend a lot of time in this range, the difference in price between this and the Bag of Healing Dust can be overlooked if you battle 2-P often. I`ve been on the receiving end of this many times, so I can testify to its usefulness.

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