Freezing Potion

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Product Description

Freeze your opponent in their tracks with this chilly freezing potion. Limited Use. You can only have one freeze item equipped to a pet! The fpot is one of the more preferred freezing weapons in its price range.


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    A 100% freezer is an invaluable part of any 2-player BD set, and will also save you a lot of time and annoyance in 1-player (what can I say, restarting a fight multiple times hoping for a first-round freeze is no fun for anyone). This is basically a H4000 Helmet with two added water icons, and as the two weapons come closer and closer in price, this becomes a better and better deal. The two water icons won’t make a big difference in battle, but they’re still attack icons, and every little bit helps. Plus, it’s just prettier than H4K. ;)

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    My freezer of choice. =3 It goes without saying that beyond a certain point, you`re toast in the 2-P BD if you lack a 100% freezer. And it`ll certainly save you a lot of time (and hair!) in the 1-P BD by not having to rely on constant withdrawing with a percentage freezer. The H4000 Helmet is the cheapest option for 100% freezing, but it has become so inflated that the price difference between that and this is virtually worth the additional 2 icons, which while appearing insignificant, can only gain in potential damage as you move up the strength boosts. And the difference just keeps decreasing.

    Upgrades to this would be the Magical Marbles of Mystery and the Sleep Ray. This looks the coolest out of the four though, in my opinion.;)

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