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Your last line of defence in the world of the paranormal! Grab yourself a ghostkershield and be more prepared in the battledome against those nasty villains!


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    The current defensive staple for any pet that trains defense. This shield is so good that every 2P battle I enter, I expect my opponent to have one of these. With that thought in mind, everyone should build a set that has at least one weapon that can get past its defenses.

    Faerie Tabard is an alternative to Gshield for those that train defenses, although the types defended aren`t nearly as good. For those that don`t train defense, check out Ring of the Lost to handle dark.

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    Power (3/4) Fully blocks dark. Also covers 16 defensive icons.

    Price (2/2) There really is nothing equivalent.

    Tactical (2/3) So overwhelmingly strong on the defense that you can expect any battler to have offensive options to deal with it.

    Another Angle (0/1) One of these years my lab pet will have enough defense to make this worth using. Sigh

    Alternatives: Faerie Tabard has similar icon totals, but generally less effective types. Otherwise your defensive options are type blockers like Pirate Captains Hat and Greater Staff of the Earth Faerie
    Upgrades: The only upgrades are dream level combination weapons such as Rod of Dark Nova and Wand of the Dark Faerie

    Defenses/Countermeasures: The classic is the Portable Kiln, but many G-Shield users equip fire reflectors, so other battlers use Porcelain Hair Sticks, Pocket Cooking Pot, Ultra Bubble Gun, Glowing Cauldron, Mask of Coltzan or specific weapon combos such as 2x Bow of Destiny or Pirate Captains Cutlass + Amulet of Thilg to get through G-shield.

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    First and most important: Do not buy this if you have low defence. Now look at one of the most popular weapons in Neopia: the Sword of Skardsen. See all those wicked dark and physical icons? With the ghostkershield, you block a huge amount of icons. Plus, it comes with air, earth, and light defence. Fancy that!

    However, you must have a high defence for this weapon to be effective. Second, fire and water icons still go through, from weapons like Mask of Coltzan. Third, I never came around to buy this shield because of its price. Sadly, I never could afford its near 8 million price.

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