Grapes of Wrath


Product Description

These grapes are VERY angry. The GoW is a smugglers cove weapon, and could only be and no longer obtained from the cove.


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    Power 4/4: Duh

    Price 1/2: At least fair for weapons with this many icons. Still more than I will ever have.

    Tactical: 2/3 Anyone at this level is gonna be prepared for big earth hits. Heck, I’ve seriously advocated Ixi morphing. However, blocking 9 fire on top of the big earth hit is hard, and outdamaging this means you have not just megabucks, but multi-megabucks.

    Another Angle 0/1 As an misanthrope with no sympathy for the dirty okies and their largely self-inflicted trageies of 80 years back. I’m holding out for TNT to release Tortilla Flats

    Alternatives: Faerie Slingshot, Attack Pea series,

    Defenses/Countermeasures: Pirate Captains Hat, Ultra Dual Shovel, Greater Staff of the Earth Faerie

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    Reality: Some of us couldn’t afford 2 million houses, even if it were to be sold for 200k, cos we don’t have 200k.

    I believe that if you have the income to purchase this, you would already have trained and owned enough fire-power to smoke about 75% of the battlers in Neopia. Time is money, or in this case, neopoints. If one really waited for half a decade for the next SuAP to come, surely by then, one would have earned enough to own 2-3 SETS of common but highly powerful weapons. Just sell one or or two off and you will get this off the market easy. I will consider you CRRRAAAAZZZYYYY not to do so!

    Unfortunately, for most of us, we have trouble owning even HALF of that set, cos we do not have the time, patience, nor energy to stalk the Smugglers Cove or play Neopets for 27 hours a day (yes, some people live on borrowed time), so yes, for the cost of this, we can, and most likely WILL, use that amount to have a decent full set. Selling off a dream set we acquired over our Neo-lifetime over a single dream weapon would mean that we have to spend another lifetime to get back what we had. In short: we CANNOT afford it.

    If you have a battling ‘career’, this is an uber-great investment and a godly weapon, without a shred and speck of doubt. Otherwise, be happy with the little achievements you made in your (Neo)life.

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    After the editorial on November 13, 2009, it’s basically confirmed that these will remain as is: a 24 icon, multi use weapon on par with the Attack Pea released so long ago. Is this easily blocked? Somewhat. Pirate Captains Hat, among others, will make short work of this. Problem is, accounting for this will leave you open to something else. Just having this is enough to put the fear of TNT in your opponent. Knowing a massive strike could come at any time will keep your opponent on their toes. Of course, the biggest factor of this item isn’t its battledome usefulness, but its value. As the Attack Pea family inflates out of reach for all but the top players, Grapes of Wrath offer, if temporarily, a new means to reach that upper tier. With TNT uninterested in fixing the economy, holding onto these will ensure your financial success indefinitely. Welcome to the top of the food chain.

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