Halloween Paint Brush


Product Description

This paint brush has an eerie feel about it, and that strange humming noise…I wonder what it will do to my pet?

If you want to give you neopet the spooky look, look no further! The Halloween Paint Brush can be used on the following neopets:

halloween lupehalloween borihalloween brucehalloween cybunnyhalloween nimmohalloween jetsamhalloween zafarahalloween quigglehalloween rukihalloween wockyhalloween acarahalloween koihalloween shoyruhalloween kauhalloween kougrahalloween chiahalloween peophinhalloween eyriehalloween draikhalloween gelerthalloween meercahalloween ixihalloween jubjubhalloween skeithhalloween krawkhalloween pooglehalloween buzzhalloween grarrlhalloween unihalloween hissihalloween lennyhalloween yurblehalloween tonuhalloween xweetokhalloween moehoghalloween tuskaninnyhalloween kacheekhalloween flotsamhalloween pterihalloween korbathalloween techohalloween gnorbuhalloween kyriihalloween myncihalloween scorchiohalloween chombyhalloween usulhalloween grundohalloween kikohalloween aishahalloween blumaroo


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