Magical Marbles of Mystery

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Not your average glass marbles. Magical Marbles of Mystery is a full freezer, and deals a measly three icons as well. It’s available to be bought from the Hidden Tower! Another commonly used name is the MMoM.


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    Power (4/4) 100% freeze + 3 icons

    Price (2/2) More expensive than H4000 Helmet and Freezing Potion, but also does another icon. That might not seem like much, but I can`t help noticing that tj was the previous rater, and I`ve lost to him and tied him in battles where just 1 more icon would have won it for me.

    Tactical (3/3) I can`t stress it enough, but freezing is essential in 2p. The physical icons do run a risk of getting blocked, but the trick here is to use these for a first round offense. Stack with a weapon which deals 5 or more physical, such as Pirate Captains Cutlass and you will overrun both Ghostkershield and Faerie Tabard if the opponent plays defense. If the opponent doesn`t play defense, you`ll be an icon ahead on damage, as they are most likely to use Freezing Potion

    Another Angle (1/1) So long as these are in the hidden tower they will be fairly valued and freezer prices will keep from skyrocketing further.

    Alternatives: H4000 Helmet, Freezing Potion, Sloth Approved Hair Gel or species freezers, such as Entangling Lenny Lasso, Icy Chia Goggles, and Golden Peophin Harp. Otherwise consider fragile freezers such as Terror Stone, Scroll of Freezing and Ancient Lupe Wand. If you are going to be focusing on 1p, then maybe Slumberberry Potion is worthwhile.

    Upgrades: Sleep Ray, Heavy Blue Tunic, Moehog Skull

    Defenses/Countermeasures: If you can`t counterfreeze, ask for no-freeze battles or cross your fingers and hope to get lucky with a percentage freezer and/or the faerie abilities: Diamond Dust or Fiery Gaze.

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    Freezing, in all of its wonderful forms, is simply invaluable nowadays. Before this was released, the economy of freezers was absolute proof: The H400 Helmet had been rising from 2 mil (some may even remember the earlier named Hypno Helmet as low as 20k) without pause. It reached 6 mil, and doubtlessly would have kept going up if not for this item, or more accurately, this item`s release location.

    For this reason, I am a fan of this item. That being said however, it`s important to look at how this compares to other freezers and items in general to properly rate it.

    If I were to rate it on its effect on economy and freezers, it`d be a clear 10 for providing a ceiling for all freezers. However, that`s not the point of ratings, now is it?

    My analysis is as follows: Freezing is necessary, and a 100% freezer is really a necessity for most battlers. That already puts this item pretty high up on the rating scale.

    Of course, this also provides the “kick“ of 3 physical. Added ofense is alawys good, but if we look at his item relative to the Freezing Potion, we realize we`re paynig a premium of ~800k for an added icon. Not only that, for a more easily blocked physical icon (relative to water).

    Now tactically, it`s unlikely that this will be blocked since in the first turn most people use freezers + one other item. However, many defensive battlers will use a defensiev item as their “one other item“ so in my opinion I would rather stick to my gut and water damage then transfer to phsyical. As I see it, not only is the 1 extra icon not worth the premium, but the fact that its physical icons counteracts the addition.

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    This Hidden Tower freezer, currently priced at 8 million nps, is not only a pretty good weapon, but also an anchor to steady the price for all once per battle freezers save the Moehog Skull.

    Power wise, it’s pretty good. More icons than the Freezing Potion but less than the Sleep Ray. However, the physical icons this weapon dishes out is quite common, making it more prone to being blocked.

    The price is reasonable, and solid due to its HT status. It is also a relatively new HT weapon, so the chance of it retiring is very slim. Plus, TNT needs this to hold down the price of the other freezers.

    If the extra icons are really what you’re looking for, get this weapon. Otherwise, just stick with a H4K/F-Pot

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    The release of this in the HT capped the price of freezing. To understand just how important this is, consider how the next upgrade for freezers in the Sleep Ray has now hit 30m. The cost of freezing had been rapidly rising prior to this weapon’s release which promptly brought it to a halt. For that alone, it deserves a perfect 10.

    In any case, freezing is invaluable in the BD, and this is the freezer which gives you the most bang for your buck. Yes, you’re paying a premium for that one added icon over Freezing Potion, but in 2P that one icon may prove crucial, and it’s not like that ~400k is going to be doing much elsewhere when your set is at HT-level. Unlike the Potion, this is not blocked by that 3rd freezer (Heavy Blue Tunic), and physical defence is easily overcome by stacking with a physical-dealing constant as rabid suggests below.

    This is the freezer that is most likely to put you in the lead from turn 1 at this level. HBT may outdo this under certain circumstances and thus can be a consideration for defensive battlers, but it is dependent on the opponent’s move, unlike this. In fact, by pairing this with a constant that is not blocked by HBT (e.g. Sword of Skardsen), you are more or less guaranteed to not lose out against an opponent using weapons of equivalent price.

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