Pirate Captains Hat

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There is far more to this hat than fine fabrics and a swanky feather.


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    This is a useful weapon, though obviously not foolproof. A bit odd in that the better trained your pet is, the longer your fights go, the more likely it is to break and the less value it has to you. It’s a killer weapon in one-player where you know what you need to block, and the sink/burrow combo will always buy you another round against either of those attacks.
    It suffers from not having offense of course in that the best you can ever do, head-to-head is get a draw, no damage done to you, none done to the opponent. The fire defense is a nice bonus.
    In two player it can be wonderful, or avoided once one knows you have it. It’s particularly effective in two player against Kacheeks, who have an earth/light species attack.
    Overall, I think it’s better earth blocker than a light blocker as there are cheaper and more dependable dual-duties against light and you don’t run into a whole lot of pure light attack. There’s less out there in earth options for defense, and most of it is either not that great or ungodly expensive. Mask of Coltzan is probably the best other item in the price range.
    Overall, useful, particularly if your fights don’t go into double figures in rounds, but probably shouldn’t be one of the best seven weapons you equip.

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    This is an incredibly effective weapon for the price. Being semi-fragile, it`s better in 1P as you can withdraw if it breaks before a battle ends. In 2P though, it can be VERY frustrating when this breaks on the first or second turn and you are facing a Faerie Slingshot. It`s good enough to be in nearly any set, but it does have its faults :(

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    This would be a great defensive weapon but for two things: the breakability and the icon types. Unless you’re fighting people with peas, you won’t see much earth at Hidden Tower level battling. You won’t really encounter large enough amounts of light either. The weapon is useful in that it ironically fully blocks Ring of the Lost and fragments of weapons like PCC. It almost fully blocks FSS, and stands the best chance out of anything against Glittery Faerie Dust.

    Alternatives – Although it’s much more expensive, Alien Aisha Scrambler is a GREAT defensive weapon. It blocks air and light, but the air defense is the best part. It is also unbreakable. Jhudoras Wand is a reflector that has a different reflective effect against those same icons. If you’re afraid of the Peas, try Shield of Pion Troect, which has a small attack and blocks a little light.

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    The PCH has saved my neck countless times. It fully blocks all earth and light icons, along with an additional 5 fire icons. The obvious downside is it’s semi-fragile status.

    Although there are some weapons in low level – mid level battling that this weapon can block (Honey Potion for example), I see it in its full potential in high-level battling. It owns common weapons such as Faerie Slingshot and the \”peas\”, Attack Pea, and Seasonal Attack Pea.

    In 1-Player battling, you can withdraw however many times you want, so the \”fragility\” is less of a factor.

    Theres the constant risk of it breaking when you most need it, but you won’t find a cheaper blocker with this much potential.

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