Pirate Draik Egg

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Product Description

You don’t want to eat a Pirate Draik Egg! Inside is a baby Draik & if you hatch it, you can keep it at a pet. To hatch it, you have to take it to the Draik Nest. A Pirate egg will produce a Pirate Draik. These are very much sought after & hard to obtain so if you manage to get your hands on one, you ought to hold on to it! A Pirate Drake Egg can be purchased from the Trading Post for ~1,500,000 NPs. With a Pirate Draik Egg, you can have a special type of limited edition pet.

This neopets item is a Medieval Food item. The rarity of this neopets item is r97. This item was first introduced into the world of neopia on July 30, 2009. Do NOT eat this egg… inside is a baby Draik, and if you can work out how to hatch it, you can keep it as a pet!


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