Ring of the Lost

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It takes you where you need to go.


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    No longer the bargain it used to be, but this is still incredible, and its price worthwhile as there is no real alternative. This is a godsend to players who neglect to train defence, since it cripples the Sword of Skardsen that is a staple of so many sets, 1-P and 2-P alike. Full dark blocking will serve you well in 1-P when opposing strength boosts get out of hand, and is a great psychological deterrent to 2-P opponents. It beats Jhudoras Bewitched Ring almost all the time, though unfortunately falls short of matching the almighty Wand of the Dark Faerie.

    The Ghostkershield may be the better option for pets that train defence, but this is not entirely useless for those that do, since it covers a key gap in the Faerie Tabard’s defence, should they choose to use that as their primary shield instead. This gets a fair bit through the G-Shield itself. A key point to note is how this eases prediction against an opponent looking to switch between SoS and Kelpbeards Trident in order to punch through shields, by ensuring that you do icons no matter what, as opposed to throwing up a futile G-Shield against an incoming KBT.

    Pirate Captains Hat shuts this down entirely, but if you see this coming then you’re far better off simply out-damaging it with non-dark-dealing weapons (i.e. the above-mentioned KBT).

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    One of the best dual duties for applicability if you ask me for the price. Alternatives include Illusens Staff, Rod of Dark Nova, Rod of Supernova, and Ghostkershield. Out of all of these weapons most individuals would be able to afford the last one only and of course it offers purely defensive icons only, making this weapon quite unique for the price. This does have usefulness in both 1p and 2p as well which. 1p a prime example is Giant Hungry Malevolent Chomby. Pair this with any earth blocker and as long as you can withstand the phys and light icons, you can go quite a while against him. Of course there are MANY other uses with this weapon, but far undervalued and the price will only continue to rise.

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    Props to TNT for giving out an incredible prize for a plot that most BDers ignored, and more props to them for getting every player on the site to actively participate in every plot since.

    One Player: 10 / 10
    It`s a full-Dark blocking dual-duty. It cripples Sword of Skardsen, and deals with other Dark annoyances. At equal Boosts against the Sword (assuming the opponent isn`t blocking part of the Ring), this fares better than Ultimate Dark Reflectorb (block 15 and deal 9.5 for a net of 24.5 versus reflecting 12 and taking 3 for a net of 21). Ghostkershield is situationally more useful, but is limited to Defense-trained Pets and dependent on the opponent`s moveset.

    Two Player: 9 / 10
    This is half of the of the reason why Sword of Skardsen`s only Two Player use is against frozen opponents. Ghostkershield is better in that it usually cripples your opponent. Amusingly, this trumps the Shield fairly well, and gets 4.5 Light through against the Faerie Tabard. This and the Tabard make a defense that only Light can fully pierce. For Pets without a proper Defense Boost, this is the only Dark-blocking option.

    Final Score: 10 / 10
    This is the cheapest of the Neo`s `best` weapons, and its price is only being kept in check by Ghostkershield. I eventually expect to see this inflate above the Shield, and if the Shield retires this will lose its bargain price.

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