Transparent Paint Brush


Product Description

Neopets painted with this Paint Brush will become see-through. Eerie!

Do you like seeing the bones, heart, skull, and the rest neopet’s inner components? Than the Transparent Paint Brush is for you, use it today on one of these neopets:

transparent techotransparent poogletransparent krawktransparent grarrltransparent skeithtransparent wockytransparent chombytransparent elephantetransparent blumarootransparent tuskaninnytransparent lennytransparent gelerttransparent unitransparent aishatransparent grundotransparent jubjubtransparent moehogtransparent hissitransparent flotsamtransparent myncitransparent pteritransparent korbat


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