Valentine Petpet Paint Brush

Valentine Petpet Paint Brush


Product Description

Valentine Petpet Paint Brush, it’s not exactly a Paint Brush for our pets, but it’s the next best thing! Many of us were anticipating a Valentine Paint Brush, yet we only got a crummy Polka Paint Brush released yesterday! Well seems TNT got our message, and gave us the next best thing in the form of a Petpet Paint Brush!

Valentine Noil Valentine Circus Valentine GX-4 Oscillabot Neopets Valentine Rock

So far, four petpets can be painted valentine. I would assume four new valentine petpets get released every year around Valentines Day. Visit the Petpet Puddle today to get yourself a Valentine Noil, Valentine Circus, Valentine GX-4 Oscillabot and a Valentine Rock.

What do the users of Neopets have to say about this new Valentine Petpet Paint Brush?

I think it’s cute, but I would have preferred a new valentine brush for regular pets instead of that lame polka dot one. Like we really need more colors with spots TNT!

Valentines Petpet Paint Brush should have been for the pets, and the petpets could have had polka dot. Just my opinion!

the cirrus and rock are cute, the oscillabot and noil are . . . garish. and yes i agree the ‘pets should have gotten Valentines! that’s why i’m both GOOD SCREAMING and well as BAD SCREAMING

They might’ve thought of the Valentine color way too late and didn’t have time to make it for a neopet. But considering the time of the year, guess we’ll have to wait until the next one or it’ll be just weird.

I think the oscillabot is kinda nice. Does anyone know whether its available via the petpet lab ray?