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Buy Neocash Items

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Neocash (NC) is the second virtual currency on Neopets. It is spent in the Neocash Mall and is bought with real life money, and can be used to buy clothes for your pets, and buy helpful items like Faerie Quest Cookies, which give you an advantage in the game. Users often trade these items for other NC items. It costs money to send items to other users, because each user has to have a gift box to send something. Obviously trading ends up being very expensive because of this. Not all neocash items have the same value though; some have a different cap value. This means that you might have to send multiple items just to get one, and you have to buy a gift box for each one. Or, you could buy Neocash Items from us!

They rephrased the Neocash Card, into the Nickelodeon Game Card now. The easiest/fastest/most-convenient way to purchase a Nick Card, would be online through

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It is so much easier, and way cheaper to just pay for NC items that you want! We even have items that have been retired from the NC mall and are no longer available! Or, if you still want to trade for your items, you can buy Neopets gift boxes from us via Gift Box Capsules (GBCs). NeopointsDeals is committed to helping you purchase Neocash Items, and making sure that our customers get the rarest, cheapest, and overall best NC items possible.

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Now, we here at NeopointsDeals do sell neocash items for USD. We don’t take requests for smaller cap-value items, as the process in getting the item and the time put it, isn’t worth the end profit for us. But any 40+ Cap item can requested.

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Buy Battledome Neopets

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Battledoming is a huge aspect of Neopets. It is basically a virtual arena in which your pet can battle vs. Challengers, or against other pets. You can win rewards, such as Nerkmids, Codestones, and Paint Brushes for winning fights. To get an awesome battledome pet, you will likely be looking at years of training and messing with your real life to make sure that you put pet in training courses multiple times a day. If you want to be able to earn all of those neopoints from battling, or if you want to have the strongest pet to beat up your friends pets, then you should purchase battledome Neopets!

You should buy battledome Neopets from us for many reasons. Some of these being that it saves you tens of millions of neopoints, lots of hard work, and more importantly; time.

Some aspects to consider when buying Battledome neopets, or neopets battle pets, is as follows: Age, Fishing Skill, Jobs Completed, Hit Points, Strength, Defence, Movement, Intelligence, etc.

battledome challenger spider grundo web neoquest ranged attack right

HSD on neopets, means the addition of three stats. HSD=HP + STR + DEF.

And of course you need to equip weapons to your pet to be able to fight, however this is not a problem because we have tons of high-end battledome weapons in stock for you to choose from! If you have any questions about anything, or this is your first time you are paying for a battledome pet, then please contact us and we will try to help you out!

We may not have battledome pets listed on the site, but we do sell them. Feel free to contact us with what sort of a battledome pet you are looking for, and we’ll be glad to accommodate.

Check out the Main Accounts section by the way, most of them have pretty good BD pets.

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Buy Neopets Paint Brushes

Paint brushes are items that can be used to paint your Neopets different colors at the rainbow pool in Neopia. They are sometimes given out by Random Events while you are browsing Neopets, won from the Fruit Machine, or you can buy them from someone else. Depending on the color that you would like to make your pet, these paint brushes can range anywhere from 20k, up to 5m+. A lot of the nicer looking colors, such as the Plushie Paint Brush, Wraith Paint Brush, Maraquan Paint Brush and others tend to be more expensive because the demand is higher than the supply.

Woodland Petpet Paint Brush

Here at NeopointsDeals, we do our very best to keep an extensive stock of paint brushes for our customers, but they sell so fast that it is can sometimes be hard. If you are looking to purchase Neopets paint brushes, and you see the one you would like in stock, we recommend buying it right away so that you don’t miss your chance! If we don’t currently have it in stock, you can always but some ETS items, or pure NP and just buy them off of the trading post using those NP!

Dimensional Paint Brush

If you want a color change for your Neopet, but you don’t know what color you should choose, go ahead and browse all of the possibilities here, at the rainbow pool. Buy Neopets paint brushes from us today and save!

Stealth Paint Brush

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Buy Neopets Avatar Items

Avatar collecting is a super fun and highly popular aspect of Neopets. A Neopets avatar item is an item that awards an avatar when you do something with it. This could be as simple as refreshing your inventory with the item there, such as the Chokato (TCG) avatar, or something like the ZDAP avatar, where you have to search for a certain keyword with the item in your inventory to obtain the avatar.

mspp malevolent sentient poogle plushie msp

There are two ways to get the items for these avatars; you can beg for somebody to lend you on the Avatar Chat (AC), or you can just buy the item. We have every avatar item that exists on Neopets for sale here at ND, even the incredibly expensive ones such as Bony Grarrl Club (BGC), Malevolent Sentient Poogle Plushie (TCG), better known by its acronym MSPP (TCG), and even the incredibly rare and valuable Super Attack Pea (SuAP).

Once you buy Neopets avatar items from us, you are welcome to lend all of your friends! Just don’t go flaunting it around on the boards right away, as that could possibly lead to some users becoming suspicious and end up with you being reported.

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Buy Cheap Neopoints

Neopoints (NPs) are the main currency used on Neopets. Almost all Neopets players dream of being the richest player, and being able to afford anything they want! Earning NPs the normal way is a very time consuming, boring task. If you wanted to earn your stuff yourself, you would have to spend years playing games, reselling items, restocking, sniping, etc. After a while it gets very dull and simple isn’t fun anymore.

Buy Neopoints Online

Some users, like us however, have been playing Neopets for over a decade now, and have accumulated quite a fortune in that time. We have decided that we would like to help other Neopets players achieve their dreams, so we have set up a way for you to Buy Cheap Neopoints. You can buy neopoints online from us very easily. All you need is a Paypal account, or another method of payment, and you can become a Neopets billionaire in seconds!

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You’re probably thinking, hey there, isn’t this illegal? Well the answer is no, it’s not. It is against Neopets terms and conditions, and they like to scare people out of doing it by threatening to disable your account, however there are millions of Neopets players, and not many TNT staff. It is physically impossible for them to track every trade that happens, so they have flags in place. These flags are triggered if somebody does something suspicious. Over the years, we have figured out the best ways to avoid trouble. If you listen to our advice, and read our article on how to stay safe, everything will be fine! NeopointsDeals is the number one place to purchase Neopoints online, obtain cheap Neopoints, and become a Neopets legend!

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Welcome to NeopointsDeals!

Welcome to NeopointsDeals! NeopointsDeals is a small marketplace, where you can purchase all sorts of Neopets Goods! You can buy everything from neopoints, to neopets (the unconverted kinds of course, who wants those new horrible art pets anyways), neopets items, neopets accounts, and much more!

The staff here at NeopointsDeals are very friendly, so don’t feel shy to contact us with any questions you may have! We love answering any and all questions thrown at us, and we will work with you to make your shopping experience with us the best experience possible!

-Staff at ND