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Altador Cup X

Altador Cup X is just around the corner, as TNT has just confirmed today in the news that it will indeed be returning this year, despite many people speculating it wouldn’t.

If you haven’t done so already, remember to collect your Prizes for the last Altador Cup, as when the new one begins the old prize shop will be closed and you can no longer claim your prize!

Stay tuned for more information regarding Altador Cup X.

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Lag-B-Gone Serum & Tale of Lag – Free Neopets Items!

Tale of Lag, Lag-B-Gone Serum, 20,000 Neopoints and 300 NC, were the free neopets rewards awarded to the neopians for coping with the site’s poor performance for the past few weeks.

Tale of LagLag-B-Gone Serum20,000 NeopointsFree Neocash
Tale of Lag – r101 [Special] The story lags on a bit, but its a worthwhile read.
Lag-B-Gone Serum – r101 [Special] One spray from this bottle, and you will feel like things are just a little bit faster. This Serum will increase your neopet’s movement by +2!

How do you get these rewards?

Due to yet another glitch (surprise-surprise), the prizes were awarded in multiple quantities to people. So for the time being, TNT has taken down the rewards. TNT has re-enabled the awards again on 2015-01-29. Once they start giving out the rewards again, whenever you visit a Neopets page, a popup will apologize for the site’s lag, and ask you to claim your rewards, and then you will see something similar to below:

As much as I don’t think these little rewards justify the site’s poor performance over the last few weeks, the free neocash and free neopoints are always appreciated.

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Neopets Charity Corner Prizes

Many were anticipating something big to be handed out to the top 10 generous neopians, however were let down once the prizes were released. Many neopians, even ones not on the top 10 list, got this evening yesterday evening,

“You made the top 10 Most Generous Neopians list! Granny Hopbobbin was amazed by your generosity during this Toy Drive. She thought it best to send a special congratulations, along with 1000 NC and 10,000 NP. She admires your energy, young Neopian!”

 Neopians have speculated that anyone who has surpassed 2000 donations, will receive the above prize and not just the top ten. What a let down!
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Dress to Impress to Neopets

Dress to Impress is a fantastic tool used by many, to model there neopets with any clothing prior to purchasing them. This awesome tool was made possible by Matchu, and is currently widely used by many neopians today!

Think of it as the fitting room, of the neopian world!

Visit the Dress to Impress / Openneo to model your neopets today!

Check out some awesome creations by other users:

Openneo NeopetsDress to ImpressOpenneoNeopets Dress to ImpressDress to Impress NeopetsSmall_preview