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Ever wanted that snazzy stamp avatar, or awesome UC pet? How about being one of the richest players on Neopets? We can help you achieve your neopets dreams! Just click on Shop, and have a look around! You can buy neopoints, buy unconverted neopets, buy neopets accounts, buy neopets items,  buy neocash items and much more! Anything and everything that you could possible want is here, and at the lowest prices available! We check our prices constantly to ensure that our buyers are getting the best deals possible. However, if anything does seem too expensive in comparison to the other items, or if you have any questions please click on Contact Us above, or email us at


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by Clem on NeopointsDeals
I love it!!

As a lot of previous comments I was feeling really sceptical at beginning I thought it was going to be a scam tbh. I also mailed them with a bunch of questions that the staff kindly and patiently answered. I must say that I'm so happy with my purchase and I finally can have the neopet I always wanted! Thank you so much!!

Highly recommend this site!!

Decided to test out this site after the one I usually used changed their method of payment. Had an issue with an order and it was fixed very quickly which was awesome, customer service is great! Was nervous about how long my order would take to deliver at first, but it came in fast! Super reliable, has great prices & options for their UC pets. I'm glad I found a new site for my Neo goals!

by Fiyera on NeopointsDeals
Genuine and safe.

Looking into purchasing a VWN UC pet and considering worth and risks involved here, I was heavily reminded of the days before Neopets introduced their Transfer option with the pound.

Back then, members would have to transfer/trade pets by abandoning them and hope that the receiver was fast enough to adopt before another player could adopt. It was stressful and came with a high risk - the better the pet, the higher the risk.

I can easily say that I feel more at ease with buying from this site than I ever did with the old transfer "system" on Neopets.

I've just purchased my second uc pet and I'm already planning my third.

Thank you, NeopointsDeals.

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