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Welcome to NeopointsDeals! This site is maintained and run by a group of old folks who have been playing Neopets since the early 2000s. All of us love playing Neopets, and enjoy helping others get what they’ve always dreamed of! We have the best customer support out of any neopoints selling website, so please feel free to ask us any questions you may have! Everything earned and sold is 100% legitimate, so rest assured your account will remain safe. We will NEVER ask for the password for your account.

Ever wanted that snazzy stamp avatar, or awesome UC pet? How about being one of the richest players on Neopets? We can help you achieve your neopets dreams! Just click on Shop, and have a look around! You can buy neopoints, buy unconverted neopets, buy neopets accounts, buy neopets items,  buy neocash items and much more! Anything and everything that you could possible want is here, and at the lowest prices available! We check our prices constantly to ensure that our buyers are getting the best deals possible. However, if anything does seem too expensive in comparison to the other items, or if you have any questions please click on Contact Us above, or email us at

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by Tes on NeopointsDeals
Can comfirm delivery

Unlike the perhaps too perfect reviews below I would like you to know this is the second time I bought a neopet here with succes. I had an error in the delivery of my recent neopet but this was solved promptly.

by Merry on NeopointsDeals

Like most would do, I've had my fair share of skeptism whether this site was legit. But I thought to myself "Well you only live once, so why not give it a shot?".I ordered an item and two days later it arrived! The owner of the site even sent me a confirmation e-mail and was quickly to respond on my e-mail. Never have I ever had such miscalculated expectations for a site like this.I recommend it to anyone that this is definitely no scam. And I cannot wait to order more in the future!Thank you so much for making this little human beyond happy!!

Had nothing but good experiences

 Neopets is a HEAVILY grandfathered site so oftentimes it takes years and years to even catch up to most of the older players, that's not even talking about how you can't even really enjoy a lot of convenient features like multiple trades until your account is like 8 years old. For a grown adult who is returning to neopets and was unlucky enough to not have anything of value on our old accounts. grinding neopoints for years before being able to train a BD pet (also time-gated) or breaking into UC trading is not fun. So this site has provided a way to catch up faster on Neo and actually ENJOY the game and play from a comfortable level - for a pretty fair cost. Everything I have bought was delivered safely and I am living out my childhood dreams right now. I am very thankful for this service. Obviously you must be careful and smart about how you use what you purchased but if you are, you probably won't have any trouble.