All About The Neopets Team (TNT)!

All About The Neopets Team (TNT)!

How did NeoPets Happen?

NeoPets® began from an idea Adam had way back in early February 1998 and was launched in early November 1999. Their aim is to keep on adding features, improving the Web site, and making NeoPets® more fun for you!

Who’s Who at NeoPets

Adam Powell – Adam thought of the original idea for NeoPets. He created most of the site and loads of cool games such as Scorchy Slots, Jubjub Blackjack, Dicearoo, Snow Wars, Gormball and the Neopian Lottery.
Arhhh A cute little chia! Donna Williams – Donna started NeoPets with Adam. She is responsible for organising the art you see, as well as the competitions and a lot of the ideas.
Dale Rosenkranz– Dale deals with all the business side of things. He is the person to contact if you are interested in working for NeoPets. (Over 18 only please). For a list of available jobs click here.

Of course, NeoStaff also includes the business, administrative and legal departments, the programmers, the artists, the writers, the site monitors, and email support staff too. Many of whom have been immortalized in such adventures as the Mystery Island’s “SACRIFICERS” and in the thrilling Terror Mountain Ski Lodge Murders. As you can see, life is not always easy for the NeoStaff, so sometimes they blow off a little steam like they did at the The Krawk Island Deckball Championships. It’s a good thing they like their jobs!

Monitors – the Myth, the Legend, the Facts

Contrary to popular belief, yes, NeoPets DOES monitor the site 24/7. The staff members who are paid to search for nasty scammers and other bad players are called‘Monitors’. The rumors surrounding them are almost legendary. Who are they? What do they do? Are they real? Here are the FACTS:

  • ‘Who are they?’ – Monitors are the policemen of NeoPets. They are always adults, 18 and over who are part of the NeoStaff.
  • ‘What do Monitors do?’ – Their only job is to watch over the NeoPets site and make sure that no one is breaking any Neo-Rules (or Terms and Conditions). This means they search the site for scammers, nasty posts, neomails, trades, notice boards — you name it. They have the power to give official warnings and canfreeze anyone who is breaking the rules.
  • ‘Are they Real?’ – What a silly question! Of course they are real. They are in fact paid to watch over the site and keep it clean. No, they are not myths or auto-response robots though they do use special programs to help them with their jobs.
  • ‘How do they do what they do?’ – Monitors use a special program that allows them to watch the chat boards, neomails, shops, trading post, auctions, pet pages, battledome messages, notice boards, etc., all at the same time, alerting them to anything nasty going on in NeoPets.
  • ‘What can they do for me?’ – Again, the only job Monitors have is to police the site and keep it clean from evil-doers. That is the extent of their Neo-Powers. Don’t ask them questions about the games, ask them to give you NP or items, or give them ideas for a new paintbrush, etc. They have nothing to do with that. They can’t fix game bugs, they don’t write down your suggestions for site improvements, or track down lost or stolen NP or items, etc. etc. They just ‘monitor’ the site for illegal activity. That’s it. If you want to contact NeoPets for anything else, see the ‘Contacting NeoStaff’ section below.
  • ‘How come they never respond to my posts or neomails?’ – Every Monitor I have ever spoken to says the same thing — they wish they could respond to posts and neomails. The cold hard truth of the matter is they just plum don’t have the time. With over 22 million players on NeoPets, the Monitors are kept pretty busy guarding the site so it is unlikely that they will answer your neomails or posts. They do read posts & neomails though — so watch what you say. Chances are if a Monitor has responded publically to one of your posts, then they are ‘off-duty’ at the time and decided to play a bit on NeoPets themselves. (yes, they do play the game just like everyone else.) A Monitor will usually only contact you to give you a friendly — and sometimes stern — warning, or perhaps advice. They have a tough job and are often wrongly maligned on the boards. So be nice to them and the next time you see one, give them a pat on the back and a hearty thank you.
  • ‘My account was hacked/frozen/scammed? Will the Monitors help me?’ – That is what the Email Support Staff does (and a good group they are too!) Email Support handles frozen/hacked/scammed accounts as well as listen to suggestions, ideas, and basic questions not already answered on the site. If you wish to send an email to NeoPets, see the ‘Contacting NeoStaff’ section below.
  • ‘Does the NeoStaff cheat? Do they even play? I bet they get anything they want, right?’ – No one gets hired at NeoPets unless they have played NeoPets. (which is a pretty neat rule, don’t ya think?) Adam & Donna (the NeoPets Creators) have repeatedly said that no staff member gets special treatment. They feed their pets, battle in the dome and have shops, play games, make trades, etc. Oh and in case you are wondering, here’s another quote from NeoPets: “No, we do not give free Neopoints to staff, they have to earn them on their own! ”

    I Wanna be a Monitor! 

Whoa, slow down, pokey! So you want to help keep NeoPets safe from evil doers, eh? Neat. Well, NeoPets no longer has volunteer monitors. All monitors are paid NeoStaff. But if you still want to apply for a job, you need to meet a few requirements.

  • You must be at least 18.
  • You must be a US citizen
  • Currently, Monitors are only being hired in the Los Angeles, California area.

How to Report an Abuse

So you can’t be a Monitor but you still want to help keep the site clean from scammers and cybersexers? Good, you’ve come to the right place.

Don’t waste your time responding yourself to a scammer’s posts or neomails. All it does is make you a target for their wrath and future scams. The best and fastest way is to email and follow this format for reporting:

  • Be clear in your email subject line what you are reporting. (ex: “Fake login page in johndoe’s shop”)
  • Be sure to include the username of whomever you are reporting.
  • Send them a detailed description of the abuser’s crime and username. If you are reporting a bad post, or neomail, cut and paste the the entire message into the email to abuse. Or if you can, sent them a print screen image. Either way, the Staff needs to see the offending message.
  • Don’t get upset if email support doesn’t respond to you right away. Their main priority is stopping the abuser. They will respond to you when they can.

Contacting The Staff: Do’s & Don’ts

NeoPets has an email address for almost every area of the site and every Staff Member has their own area for which they are responsible. Here are some handy Do’s and Don’t’s when writing to NeoPets:

  • Do contact the appropriate area (see below for email addresses) but Don’t email them with every little thought in your head.
  • Should a Staff Member respond to one of your questions, Don’t proceed to email that member with everything from abuse reports to ideas for new paintbrushes. If you have something you want to tell NeoPets, then Do use the appropriate address below. This page should help make sure that your mail gets through to the correct people.
  • Don’t be upset if they don’t answer you right away. With over 20 million players, they get alot of emails to go through, so Do be patient and polite.
  • And finally, Do be sure to include your user name or they won’t know who you are!

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