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 313 reviews
by A. on NeopointsDeals
Thank you!

Was a little skeptical but they came through :)

by Kelly on NeopointsDeals
Excellent service, will buy from again!

Extremely quick service and fantastic instructions! Highly recommend (and will buy from again in the future)

by Lu on NeopointsDeals
Flawless delivery

I was really paranoid about getting swindled but I got the login details for a main within 24h. Neopets weren't sending verification emails for a few days but once they fixed that I was able to go in and change the email and password for myself. Thank you so so much! I will be back

by Nicole on NeopointsDeals
Amazing Service. CAN BE TRUSTED

I am a longtime returning customer and I wanted to say that if you're feeling sketched out or nervous, DON'T BE. I have ordered so far more than 4 accounts + UCs and I have had not a SINGLE issue with any, with the seller nor neopets themselves. The emails were fast and very professional and polite. Out of all the sites I recommend this one, as well as the fact the prices are manageable and fair.

by T on NeopointsDeals

The name for a VWN UC was incredible. Great experience and extremely easy process. 10/10 recommend, will be back!

by Richard on NeopointsDeals
The best of the best!

They will definitely take care of you.

by neopets4lyfe on NeopointsDeals

My purchasing experience was great! The ND team was quick, and informative. I was unsure about if a cached pet was an UC as described on the acct. I emailed them and I received a quick and friendly response. Overall I definitely recommend 10/10!!

by amy on NeopointsDeals

Seamless transaction, got an email immediately after purchase and access within 2 hours of payment. I was very nervous about getting frozen but I followed the instructions and everything has been smooth sailing. Will definitely return if I need anything else.

by Lindsey on NeopointsDeals
Amazing deal, legit!

Received an account with a few NC items I was seriously coveting. Instructions and account info arrived within 24 hours, it was quick and painless, highly worth it.

by Freya on NeopointsDeals

Was hesitant on my first purchase. So far I’ve been very happy with the purchases. You must follow the directions if it’s related to an account and ensure that your internet is solid. Will purchase from again!

by Frozty on NeopointsDeals

First time buyer and I must admit I am impressed and relieved. The stress of buying an account was nerve wracking but they delivered. My new account and instructions were delivered very fast.

by CN on NeopointsDeals

First purchase with them was an "instant delivery" - and took about 2 hours, but was smooth and painless with no issues!

Currently waiting to be wow'd on my second purchase~ XD

by Nikki Melendez on NeopointsDeals
Excellent Customer Service

I have made three purchases already and each has been fulfilled as promised, quickly and professionally. I have bought 2 Gamblers Paradise and it is fun to wait and see what you get. Will be buying more!

by minna on NeopointsDeals

Skeptical as everyone but they did a great job was pretty quick, just follow there steps to a T. it's pretty worth it i will be buying more in the future.

by SC on NeopointsDeals
Amazing Customer Service

Quick, clear transaction with great customer service. N was able to help me with any issue I had, very friendly, I'll definitely shop here again soon!

by JB on NeopointsDeals

I was really scared I’d get banned or it wouldn’t work or maybe I’d get scammed but the instructions were clear. The staff was very responsive and helpful. Highly recommend.

by CB on NeopointsDeals
Fast and Professional

Always quick to send product after payment. Have used several times now. Would recommend.

by ET on NeopointsDeals

I am very impressed, I had doubts and never have done this before. I am an OG player that started Neopets back in 2000s. I came back to heavy inflation. As a kid, I was never able to get my dreamies but now that I am older (and employed lol) I realized I can spend some money to make my dreams come true. Thank you for the service, A+ will come again! :D

by Bob on NeopointsDeals
Good customer service!

Gave me an account that wasn't as described, but customer support let me keep it and gave me a new one.

by KM on NeopointsDeals
Best Service Ever!

I ordered pure NPs and it was delivered within the timeframe as expected with bonus items added to the account! I will be purchasing again tonight!

by Nicole on NeopointsDeals

Super fast & professional! Any issues I had or questions were promptly responded to and taken care of! If you're nervous, don't be! Its perfectly safe and hassle free. Just follow the instructions and you're good to go!

by rach on NeopointsDeals

Will definitely use again!

by AG on NeopointsDeals
Item Pack

Was little skeptical but the process what fairly quick and super easy! Will definitely get stuff from here again.

by Sharam E on NeopointsDeals
This place makes neopets fun again

At first I was worried I might get scammed, or that I'd get
frozen on neo, but I took the risk and have zero regrets. Neopoints
Deals is legit, trustworthy, and the people are professional. I can
actually achieve my neo-goals and dreams now because of this site.
Thank you for your hard work and dedication

by Bun on NeopointsDeals
Quick and easy

First purchase, process was very quick and easy and I am very happy with my new pet!

by KC on NeopointsDeals

Was skeptical at first but they came through.

by Rodan on NeopointsDeals

Very good

by UserK on NeopointsDeals
Item Packs!

I fell in love with this site. The item packs are my favorite thing to buy. Lots of Easy to Sells, and discontinuted items. You always see what you're getting with these before you buy, Highly recommend this place! Very professional

by Sierra on NeopointsDeals

this is my second order. still very easy and fast. had my order the following morning.

by Hao lam on NeopointsDeals
Very good stuff paid easy and emailed

I like the quick deal.

by Cris on NeopointsDeals
Great site

Used it awhile back and had a good experience. 3 years later, they still have the same fast and reliable customer service!

by Lisa B on NeopointsDeals
childhood dreams accomplished!

came back to neopets after a very long time and ended up finding this site. purchased 15million neopoints and got them preloaded on an account within a day. i don't think i would have ever been able to do this by myself haha

by CLHL1203 on NeopointsDeals
several purchases

over the yrs i have made multiple purchases: including accounts, uc pets and np. cust svc is always available. highly recommend and will do more business again!

by VL on NeopointsDeals
Pleasantly Surprised

Very pleased with the customer service here, they've been friendly and easy to communicate with each time I've been in touch over questions/concerns. Turnaround time is reasonable and everything has been as described.

by Justa on NeopointsDeals
Worth it

I have no idea why I waited so long. Grateful to be able to focus on enjoying the site again.

by EC on NeopointsDeals
Battledome Otem

Got the item within 2 hours of putting in an order. Super fast and responsive

by K on NeopointsDeals

I was kinda nervous at first, but everything went smoothly and I finally achieved a long time dream with you!! The wait was well worth it.

by EC on NeopointsDeals
Purchased NP

Placed and order for NP. Shell account was setup quickly with it. Highly recommend this service

by Jelly on NeopointsDeals
They’re legit

I was so worried that I wouldn’t get a meowclops but they really delivered! I got it the same day I sent payment! I’m totally ordering some paint brushes later!

by N on NeopointsDeals
Simply the best

Fast, friendly, efficient. I highly recommend to anyone and everyone! Thank you!

by Name on NeopointsDeals

Wonderful site. Placed an order for 2 shell accounts on it and received them a few hours later. Will use again in the future.

by B on NeopointsDeals

Incredible! Hardest part was waiting for account creation.
Once my order was placed & paid for, I received everything within hours. Will absolutely be purchasing again.

by Rae on NeopointsDeals
Would Recommend!

Fast and easy set up of account, great service, payment was quick and easy to figure out, and had access to my purchases within 24 hours.
Would recommend the high tier grab bag, it's worth the gamble!
Definitely will purchase again in the future. The other website I used before changed their payment methods, so this one is more user friendly!

by NeoAlways on NeopointsDeals
Highly recommend!!

Returning player and noticed my typical to go sites had a different form of payment and I wasn't too keen on getting involved. NeopointsDeals is the place to go for me now!! Prompt service and great communication! Received my items within the allotted timeframe! Already looking for my next purchase :)

by Clem on NeopointsDeals
I love it!!

As a lot of previous comments I was feeling really sceptical at beginning I thought it was going to be a scam tbh. I also mailed them with a bunch of questions that the staff kindly and patiently answered. I must say that I'm so happy with my purchase and I finally can have the neopet I always wanted! Thank you so much!!

by JB on NeopointsDeals
Highly recommend this site!!

Decided to test out this site after the one I usually used changed their method of payment. Had an issue with an order and it was fixed very quickly which was awesome, customer service is great! Was nervous about how long my order would take to deliver at first, but it came in fast! Super reliable, has great prices & options for their UC pets. I'm glad I found a new site for my Neo goals!

by Fiyera on NeopointsDeals
Genuine and safe.

Looking into purchasing a VWN UC pet and considering worth and risks involved here, I was heavily reminded of the days before Neopets introduced their Transfer option with the pound.

Back then, members would have to transfer/trade pets by abandoning them and hope that the receiver was fast enough to adopt before another player could adopt. It was stressful and came with a high risk - the better the pet, the higher the risk.

I can easily say that I feel more at ease with buying from this site than I ever did with the old transfer "system" on Neopets.

I've just purchased my second uc pet and I'm already planning my third.

Thank you, NeopointsDeals.

by F on NeopointsDeals

I got two nicely named UCs even though I placed an order for the second one the next day I got them both in the same day. Fast communication and service. Also Michael was super helpful. I recommend 100% :)

by AiryFaerie on NeopointsDeals

I received my UC pet 2 days after placing my order and the process was seamless. Like others have mentioned, I was originally very skeptical of this site because it seemed too good to be true (especially with all the 5-star reviews). However, I am glad that it's not a scam and would be happy to make more purchases in the future. Thank you for helping me achieve my dream pet!

by MIZ on NeopointsDeals

After doing research and contemplating if I should buy from this website or not, I decided to go for it. I was very skeptical at first like most people would, but this site followed through with everything within the promised time range they gave me! Super safe and secure transaction and no issues whatsoever. Overall I am extremely please and I will be coming back more often. Thank you! :)

by Silver on NeopointsDeals
Everything went surprisingly well!

Came here to get some items for my pets, was skeptical so I bought a small amount of items. 2 days later and they've been delivered and I even got a bonus item! Guess you can say I'm pretty happy that it wasn't a scam and I actually got what I paid for.

by Jancco on NeopointsDeals
I recommend!

I received my purchase and everything was fine. I can only thank you for the opportunity to have my dream pet. You can buy without fear!

by CK on NeopointsDeals
Love it!

All because of this wonderful site I'm richer than before. Ever! Also I finally got my dream pets with the help of this website. Reasonable prices and fast delivery! I enjoy buying gamblers paradise the most and getting nice surprises from it!

by Meh on NeopointsDeals
Skeptical but WOW

I did a few small purchases first so if this was a scam, I wouldn't be out much, and they exceeded my expectations. Super fast, everything is so simple. Ive now purchased Ucs, brushes, accounts, items - all delivered promptly and securely. I use a VPN with any accounts purchased, and have been able to trade with and transfer to my actual main with zero issues. Legit site.

by lupesrbest on NeopointsDeals
Extremely Happy

They gave me more than what i orginally ordered for which was great and to top it off it also came with neocash. Extremely happy and def will be buying more later

by K on NeopointsDeals
Just what you’d expect

Bought what I wanted. Quick and easy. It’s legit

by JWizzy on NeopointsDeals
It's legit~

Like pretty much everyone else I was unsure if this was legit or not, but I had an little bit of extra money leftover so I bought a PB to try it out. They sent it to me the next day with no hassle. If you're on the fence def give it a shot

by J on NeopointsDeals
Actually works

Thought this must be some sort of scam at first, I’ll be honest, so I made a small purchase and everything was delivered as promised! So I made another purchase, and I’m very satisfied with how things turned out. I’m finally getting to achieve all those childhood Neopets goals in less time then I thought possible and man it feels nice to take a break from real life stress and enjoy a little (well purchased) neo paradise :) 10/10 will buy again

by M on NeopointsDeals

here a more recent review!
everything went well! it took a little over 24 hours for me to get my stuff!
pretty sure i'll use this site again!

by Kyo on NeopointsDeals
Excellent Service

Legit and fast delivery. I got my UC pet within hours from payment. Amazing!

by AK on NeopointsDeals
Be patient

I'll admit, I got jittery when I didn't get a confirmation email. However, waiting ~20 hours did get me the product delivered even without the confirmation, along with a complimentary super-aged account to house them on. Got everything I needed, from PIN to Birthday, to make the account fully mine. Going to buy a couple more now!

by Tes on NeopointsDeals
Can comfirm delivery

Unlike the perhaps too perfect reviews below I would like you to know this is the second time I bought a neopet here with succes. I had an error in the delivery of my recent neopet but this was solved promptly.

by Merry on NeopointsDeals

Like most would do, I've had my fair share of skeptism whether this site was legit. But I thought to myself "Well you only live once, so why not give it a shot?".
I ordered an item and two days later it arrived! The owner of the site even sent me a confirmation e-mail and was quickly to respond on my e-mail. Never have I ever had such miscalculated expectations for a site like this.
I recommend it to anyone that this is definitely no scam. And I cannot wait to order more in the future!
Thank you so much for making this little human beyond happy!!

by N on NeopointsDeals
Had nothing but good experiences


Neopets is a HEAVILY grandfathered site so oftentimes it takes years and years to even catch up to most of the older players, that's not even talking about how you can't even really enjoy a lot of convenient features like multiple trades until your account is like 8 years old. For a grown adult who is returning to neopets and was unlucky enough to not have anything of value on our old accounts. grinding neopoints for years before being able to train a BD pet (also time-gated) or breaking into UC trading is not fun. So this site has provided a way to catch up faster on Neo and actually ENJOY the game and play from a comfortable level - for a pretty fair cost. Everything I have bought was delivered safely and I am living out my childhood dreams right now. I am very thankful for this service. Obviously you must be careful and smart about how you use what you purchased but if you are, you probably won't have any trouble.

by Kaye on NeopointsDeals
Legit, fast, and friendly service!!

After a minor hiccup getting my UC, customer service was very friendly, fast and efficient getting back to me on the matter! They resolved my issue very quickly and professionally! I'll definitely be back!!
Thanks so much!! :D

by yijhen on NeopointsDeals
Great service :)

I got my uc pet from here.
First time I bought it ,I was very nervous and confused , I sent an email to raise my question, Michael quickly responded and solved it.
I was grateful to him, providing me with a good service!:)

by C in the USA on NeopointsDeals
UC T1 Royal Purchase

I am soo happy! I purchased a T1 UC Royal pet and like a lot of customers wasn't sure if this was possible. I first send a email to support asking if the UC was still available/ in stock and I received a response by the end of the business day. I decided to make the purchase, received a confirmation email immediately. There was a delay in the pets delivery due to I requested it to be delivered to my Neo account but the personnel was out, so with -Michael's help I received the pet and I am so excited. I would of NEVER been able to acquire this T1 UC Royal pet! I will be doing more business in the future;)

by Melissa on NeopointsDeals
Above and beyond.

One of my last aspirations on neo was to obtain a certain UC pet I had always wanted. I didn't know what to expect about purchasing one, but the process was so seamless and I was treated with so much courtesy. They really went above and beyond to ensure that I was happy with my purchase, and I certainly was. Would highly recommend this site.

by Isabelle on NeopointsDeals
Great Service and Legit

I was a bit doubtful at 1st, like is this real? You can really buy these items at such a reasonable price? I decided to try, after reading the comments here. At 1st I didn't receive any receipt or anything in my email and I was kind of scared. I contacted them through form in the 'Contact me' thingy. the next morning I got an email from Michael, he was very kind and nice about it, that I didn't get the receipt because I had a typo in my email.

He was very nice and guided me how to collect my faerie petpet paint brushes and all.

100% would buy from them again!

by A. on NeopointsDeals

Been trying to get my own UC for ages but could never break into tiers cause lack of time and people skills, you know? I’m an adult player who just doesn’t have the time but wants to enjoy the game. Looked around on google-thought at first this was a scam but did it anyways cause they have the pet I really wanted and viola! Took a little over a day and it was super easy :D! I even bought another pet shortly after. Thanks Michael, you have a regular~!!

by Ethaaan on NeopointsDeals
heyyyyy thats pretty good

So I wanted a transmog potion for so long and I finally decided to spend 3 dollars and get one.. I was super scared at first because I ordered it at 2 am sunday and I didn't hear from them for awhile but!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they gave it to me 9 am on monday and not only that they gave me a bunch of cool items and clothes. Totally worth the 3 dollars just for that nice surprise of extra stuff. Definitely will use these guys again!!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love my new neopet and all their clothes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by N on NeopointsDeals
Pleasantly Surprised

Came across this website, thinking it was a scam. Curiosity got the better of me though and I'm SO glad it did! I decided to go big or go home and bought a UC for my first purchase. Took less than 24 hours to receive it and I was so happy that I decided to buy a Royal Paint Brush with Instant Delivery. The information I initially received didn't work and I emailed customer service. Michael was so helpful and was apologetic for the delay. Got new information and this time it worked! Minus the delay, I am so happy with both my purchases! Awesome selection, reasonable prices, and amazing customer service! Will continue to use. I have to make sure I don't get addicted!!

by Sarah on NeopointsDeals
Just as ordered and more!

Decided to give this a try. Ordered 10m Neopoints and a UC. Both arrived on separate shell accounts within about a day. The UC came with a nice pronounceable name on a 17 year old account. Very happy! The owner of the site is very quick to respond to emails and is super nice! I was surprised to find one of the shell accounts had a little treasure trove of items some worth a nice amount of Neopoints. It was an unexpected but nice surprise. I would defiantly buy from this site again.

by L on NeopointsDeals

I've wanted a cybunny for as long as i can remember (i've been on and off of neopets since i was 8 or 9 and i'm 23 now) and i was wracking my brain trying to find morphing potions or other ways to get one but they were just so expensive and hard to find. But i found this site through google and found the pirate cybunny potion on sale for $2.99 and immediately bought it. i also made use of all the other stuff on the account that was used to send it to me. Great deal!

by Matias on NeopointsDeals
Great Service

I was a bit paranoid at first, buying a UC worth that much, but Michael was very helpful and quick about providing me the information that I needed to make the transaction as smooth as possible. Highly recommend!

by Anon. on NeopointsDeals
So Glad I Took The Risk!! 110%Sastisfied W/Product & Cust. Service

I was so leary of using these types of sites for many reasons but I am so glad i took the risk. The prices are the lowest I have found anywhere and again and again this site has come through with product and excellent customer service & response Time. Thankyou for restoring my trust in good honest people Michael!!

by Kayla on NeopointsDeals
Amazing service

I've bought from here a few times and Michael is very helpful and fast!

by Maaike on NeopointsDeals
Amazing Service

I was quite skeptical at first, but this website is amazing! Michael is very patient, helpful and replies back within 24 hours. Thank you so much~ :)

10 / 10, would definitely buy again!

by Andre on NeopointsDeals
Great service best prices

Best prices around smooth fast transaction would buy from again

by H on NeopointsDeals

So happy to have stumbled across this site, so useful and 100% legit. Staff are really friendly too! :)

by Rosie on NeopointsDeals

I was very sceptical at first, but this place is amazing and legit. I recieved my UC pet just over a day after payment was made. Michael was very helpful along the way. Will definitely be shopping here again

by a happy bean on NeopointsDeals
Awesome Service

Bought some UC's from here a year ago, and haven't had any problems integrating them into my neofamily. I'm really excited to purchase some more stuff soon!

This place is seriously legit and they respond quickly to emails.o3o

Thanks y'all!

by Becks on NeopointsDeals
Great Service

I was iffy at first doing this. However it had quick service and I recieved my stuff right away! Super happy to have found you :)

by Sarah on NeopointsDeals

I was terrified of using this site cause I was SURE it was a scam. I'm glad to say I have had no problems with it! Super trustworthy and the staff is very helpful!

by Mikayla on NeopointsDeals
The best place to buy from.

Bought my second UC through here and 100% satisfied once more! Give them your money and they'll give you exactly what you want!

by neko on NeopointsDeals

I got the high tier grab bag and everything worked out great. I even got a good account, gambling is fun~

by SS on NeopointsDeals

It works, I have used this site many times. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

by N/A on NeopointsDeals
Good customer service

I was nervous about using this site, as I imagine most folks are. I received my pet in an hour short of 24 hours. My questions were answered honestly and customer service was great. Thanks!

by Bob on NeopointsDeals

Bought a cheaper-end UC account, with one UC, and was surprised to see it also came with 2M np AND the lab ray! Amazing deal, came through very quickly. Would recommend.

by Kylee on NeopointsDeals
Best Place To Buy From

Absolutely amazing place to buy neopets stuff from. I've been buying from many different places for years now, and I've got to say that this site is one of the best if not the best. It has some of the cheapest prices and best deals I have ever seen. Everything is always loaded onto the accounts and sometimes (more often then not) with a bunch of extra things/np. Very safe transactions, never had a problem in all the times I've purchased from them. Instant delivery is the best thing ever! I've already spent around $100 and am planning on spending more in the coming times. :P Really you wont be disappointed, I have yet to be. :D

by bidi on NeopointsDeals
Item pack

I bought an item pack for $29.99$ and everything is there (npoints, items, neopets), i didn't wait and it was an easy transaction. I was skeptical, but i am very happy! I will buy here again

by teacups! on NeopointsDeals
Literally the best customer service I have ever gotten.

Purchased a high tier UC Neopet from here yesterday and they delivered! WIthin 24 hours I recieved an email, and paypal went through smoothly. Was worried that this would be a scam but you can really trust these people. Emails and email replies were lightning fast. They were able to give me tips on how to keep my pet safe and the origins of the pet in question! Found this site through an ad on twitter and I am so grateful that I did. I definitely will be buying from here again! Thank you very much for the amazing service and keep up the good work!

by Oxylolyn on NeopointsDeals
Best Customer Service, 100% recommended, LOVE THIS SITE.

I have purchased an Elusive rare item, as well as 4 Item packs from this place. I received all item packs instantly. i did have an issue where I was unable to access one of the item packs, and they refunded my money within 24 hours. The other item packs had everything listed + more. Cheapest prices around, customer service better than that of most major corporations, and they actually care about your service... it shows... TREMENDOUSLY. Love this place, I will continue to purchase from these guys until I quit neopets for good.

by CK on NeopointsDeals
Prompt, Helpful, 100% Recommend!

Purchased a humble T2 UC for $24.00 and within 14hrs (10am to 12am) I had an email waiting for me. I wasn't keen on the name for my character and explained this, so Michael was willing to work through it with me until I was satisfied, and I am more than so! Very happy customer, they have my trust! He was also willing to answer every one of my questions very thoroughly which made the experience even better.

I cannot emphasize enough that if you are tired of dealing with the stress of trying to train and trade, which can take unnecessary amounts of your time, it's worth it to put a few dollars in. These people deliver, Paypal went through with no problems, and the account the pet came on had a nice age to it too!

If you are skeptical about these being active accounts, stolen or hacked into, don't be. Just ask Michael and he will explain how and where he receives his stock and learning this calmed me tremendously. Thanks again!

by Shay on NeopointsDeals

I was very skeptical of the whole process, but the staff here helped me thru every step of the process. Everything went flawless! I will be buying from here again very soon! Thanks again!!

by Jay on NeopointsDeals
Not a scam!

Bought from this site twice and both transactions were fast and smooth! Will buy again

by EMMA on NeopointsDeals
was worried...

this is legit!

by N on NeopointsDeals
10/10 service

Quick and easy transaction, and immediate delivery just as stated on what was purchased.

by Kat on NeopointsDeals

I love the instant delivery neopoints! The little extras on them are nice!
I wish, there was specifically an item gamble pack for sale

by Ricky on NeopointsDeals
nice service

I bought 20m np from this site, very skeptical at first, but after i paid, an account with 20m np was delivered within 12 hrs, Good service, i will purchase again

by Sammy C on NeopointsDeals

I was soooo nervous the first time I visited this site. I read the reviews and I was thinking okay but what if the owners of the site just have their friends post good reviews? lol.

So I tried it out for a usuki paint brush first and when I received it (on my side account) and nothing happened after I was like wow! It really works! Been using neopointsdeals for months without issue. It's been like a year!

by Autumn on NeopointsDeals
Will buy from again

I was nervous to buy items like this from an online source instead of simply working my way through months and months of play on neopets, but when I got the account info, all the pieces of the map were what they should have been and I'm very pleased with everything. I will be buying from this site again.

by N/A on NeopointsDeals
Good Customer Service - Legit.

Legit items and good customer service, although as like right this moment, waiting for a pricey item delivery makes me nervous. Michael is extremely kind and attentive when he is available, tho :)

Delivered =).

by A on NeopointsDeals
Great service!

Bought a UC pet and received it within 24 hours of ordering it! Thank you so much! You guys are great!

by cass on NeopointsDeals

I was scared at first but was very reliable and super fast! fast responses when i had questions! totally would recommend this site

by Bry on NeopointsDeals

Super scared at first as I wasn't sure if they'd give me my items or if it was a scam so I bought something small. I got it instantly so treated myself to a UC next paycheck. Seriously so awesome, I will keep buying :)

by Christina on NeopointsDeals
Great Service

Very kind service. Thank you very much.

by Mon on NeopointsDeals

Ordered and in less than 2 hours I was emailed the info to access my UC pet! So far so good everything has worked out fine. Will definitely be buying again ^^ Thanks Michael!

by Mayab322 on NeopointsDeals
high quality site

I got my uc grey eyrie. Big fan of the site and will continue to purchase

by Diana on NeopointsDeals
Thank You!

Placed an Order for a Pirate Draik Morphing Potion. Good Communication and received my order. Will order from you again. :)

by Carissa on NeopointsDeals

What a great buy! Was recommended by a friend and I am more than happy. i bought an item pack and it had everything in the description AND MORE!!! I'll definitely be buying again :)

by Julianna on NeopointsDeals
So awesome!

This site and service it provides is amazing. I am so excited to use my new paintbrushes.
I was skeptical when I first placed my order, but I received an email with the details to the account with my items. I have already placed another order for a couple more brushes!

by Maria on NeopointsDeals
Thank you!! :D

I couldn't believe it would work, so I bought something small to see if it was real, and it is! :D Thank you soooo very much, I shall be buying from you again!

by Madison on NeopointsDeals
Fast, Professional, Fantastic.

Not only did they almost immediately reply when I inquired about my purchase and delivered the items when promised (after letting me know of a delay), but they also let me know of an issue regarding my purchase and gave me options on how to resolve it in a professional and timely manner. I know sites like this can seem sketchy, but trust me when I say you won't be disappointed here. It may seem cheap buying items instead of earning them on site, but the feeling when you finally have your dream pet, avatar, etc is well worth it. I'll have to restrain myself from going crazy on here now.

by Bee on NeopointsDeals

I must say, i'm flat out impressed.
First of all, I can't believe I spent so much on neo, but I will be doing it again.
I wish it was a little cheaper so I didn't feel so bad about spending and also wish they offered CAD prices so I wasn't so shocked when I converted it myself.
Site is legit, received my order in less than 30 minutes and no one suspects a thing ;)

by Ashley on NeopointsDeals
Great Service

Like nearly everyone else- I thought this seemed too good to be true. I was super nervous at first. It took a little longer than expected (only about a day, not long at all) but I got a very kind e-mail from Micheal and got my items!

I will definitely be using this service again! I am a happy customer.

by Beth on NeopointsDeals

This is legit. I was worried it wouldn't be, but it totally is! Being a player since around 2001, having forgotten my old accounts, when I returned I didnt want to put in all that work. I just want to get to where I was before. With this site I can. Thank you!!

by Will on NeopointsDeals
1st Transaction

Absolutely amazing! I thought it is too good to be true bought one of their item and I got it. What I can say in a few words is safe, quick and very good customer service!! I will for for sure buy again! :D Thank you!!

by Amy on NeopointsDeals

Hi there, I just would like to say that this site is great.

I didn't trust it at first but when I just tried it (I bought a UC baby Kougra) I got the UC within 12 hours (I'm from Europe). I'll buy again from this site. I've alot of wishes :D Thank you very much guys!

by Paige on NeopointsDeals
A Very Happy Customer

I was super bummed when I realized I couldn't access my super old account with painted pets and tbh I didn't really have much drive to start over. Then I came across this site and after much thinking and review-reading, I decided to take the plunge! I bought some neopoints and after less than 12 hours, I received them! The process was incredibly easy and I will definitely be a returning customer!

by Kaitlyn on NeopointsDeals
Great first transaction

It was my first time buying an UC and at first I was skeptical but decided to give it a try because of the great reviews. It took a little over a day so I was kind of worried but soon enough I received an email and was able to access my UC. There are few things in life that sound too good to be true, which actually ARE true, and I'm happy to say that this is one of them. I'm more than satisfied and won't hesitate to purchase from here again if I ever need to. Thanks again!!

by Mary on NeopointsDeals
Very impressed

To be honest I was SUPER skeptical at first because it really just seemed too good to be true. I've always wanted a UC pet but wasn't sold off the idea from buying from this website since I knew nothing about it and thought it might be a scam. So instead I opted to buy something much cheaper, and sure enough I received an email in regards to the item I bought and it was easy and professional! I'll definitely be using this service again!

by Lussette on NeopointsDeals
Very Professional and Legit

This site is amazing! I was a bit skeptical at first and impatient as I was expecting this to be immediately delivered, but in the end they did give me the paintbrushes I ordered. They replied to all my emails and were very professional and patient with me along the way. Even though my ordered got delayed by a day I am still extremely happy with this service and will definitely be buying from them again. :)

by Nic on NeopointsDeals
11/10 would buy again

Bought an account. Super fast delivery and no complications whatsoever. I'm very very happy with the account (and the pets/items/money on it). Will definately buy again!

by Rex on NeopointsDeals
I'm honestly speechless.

I seriously thought this was a scam. Seeing so many positive reviews was worrying because it seemed too good to be true. Now I really wanted a UC Darigan Hissi but couldn't afford one, so second best it was. I decided to go ahead and pick up a Darigan PB instead and all day I worried, not having received anything. But a little over 10 hours later, there it was! I can't believe it, really. You guys will be having my business again for sure!

by Steph on NeopointsDeals
Amazing team and service

This site is the bomb for fellow cheaters like myself. Great prices, amazing variety and some of the best customer service I have ever received. I highly recommend and feel safe using this brilliant site.

Keep up the amazing work and look forward to continuing to be a customer :)

PS: Michael is the greatest

by Chelsea on NeopointsDeals
NC Pack Review

I've purchased neopoints and items from a previous site before but it had started to bump up there prices which i didn't think where fair anymore so i decided to look round for an alternative. I came across this website and after having a glance around i found the NC item packs, i thought that this was a marvelous idea. I decided to purchase a pack worth $30 for about 400 items. This was such a good value for money as it would cost a lot more to buy 400 items from the NC mall. I purchased the item pack which is basically an account with all the items on. The account came with 4 painted neopets, 2 WN, 1 VWN. There was also a couple of million neopoints on the account. Every item that was advertised was there including a few bonus items. I'm very happy with my purchase and can't stress enough how much of a good value for money it was.

by Donna on NeopointsDeals
Great bargains!

I have spent quite a lot and made several purchases. I always receive them very promptly and if something is missing they make it right. I had an account I could not get into so they replaced it with a different one to make up for it. I have all of my dream items thanks to them, I was skeptical at first but now I am addicted to buying from them! Thanks for doing this!

by therealgreantea on NeopointsDeals
neopoints w/ added bonus

Got off on a bitter first trade. I didn't know what I was expecting - with this being my first purchase so I started with simple items/NPs.
I saw a similar name giving a review the day after I purchased - while my items were not delivered so initially got furious (getting the wrong idea)

Despite a rocky start - these guys still delivered, and responded professionally. Removing my initial doubts.
The delay was caused by a site maintenance and my order was overlooked.
Despite the mishap, I got my items - and received a bonus +1m NPs!

These guys are legit.
Buying in the future

by Robert on NeopointsDeals
Amazing Service

At first i misunderstood how this all worked. I paid for two petpets, and asked for them to be sent to me in a trade. These people were nice enough to email me and explain that they couldnt do that, and explained how it actually works, and asked me if it was okay. Better service than any other website or business ive ever dealt with. I will definetely be back again.

Smaller items are delivered on preloaded accounts (just for anyone else wondering).

by Tea on NeopointsDeals
Amazing service!

First transaction, went smooth and fast as ever. :) Will buy from again soon!

by mac on NeopointsDeals
4 paintbrushes delivered in hours!

great service, great prices, fast delivery, A+

by ann on NeopointsDeals

always great bought a few times and he's wonderful !!!

by Old player coming back on NeopointsDeals
3rd Transaction!

Decided to try out an item pack package! Something reasonable. less than 10 mins passed and it was delivered! Awesome guys! Keep up the great work!

by annie on NeopointsDeals
Great service

awesome place to shop :) honest ppl will keep shopping

by Old player coming back on NeopointsDeals

My 2nd transaction from you guys. Always a pleasure. Smooth service. No issues and delivery after less then 7 hours. Keep up the great work! Will be coming back for more =]

by Infinity on NeopointsDeals
Very Pleased

I have purchased from this site a few times recently and they are 100% legit.
I am very thankful for my items! I didn't have to wait long either and now I have my dream pets.
Michael was very helpful and speedy. I love this site. Thank you very much!

by Arian on NeopointsDeals

Had sent my purchase order and received it in approximately 5hours time.
It is so simple and time waited is less than a day. Will definitely come back for more.

Dated 15/01/2016

Best regards

by JT on NeopointsDeals
Totally legit

I thought this was a scam, but it was to enticing for me to not give it a try, and it's totally legit and I got what I wanted! Thanks guys.

by Michael on NeopointsDeals
Excellent and Reliable

Excellent service, fast and reliable. Order completed within 12 hours with no hassles :)

by Chai on NeopointsDeals
Excellent Service!

Ordered my SECOND UC pet from here earlier this week. This time, i chose i much more sought after, high tier pet. I was incredibly nervous considering I just forked over $75. But now I have a beautiful Faerie Xweetok!!! I'd gladly pay $75 again rather than struggle with trading for the next 10 years!!! So impressed with the quick delivery and customer support.

My only suggestion is maybe list your contact/service hours somewhere? (:

Thanks again!

by Jodi on NeopointsDeals
Lab Map

I only had to wait 24 hours for the items I purchased! I have been trying to save up for lab map after my account was hacked years ago and I had to create a new one. neopets inflation is ridiculous, when i got it the first time it wasn't so hard to attain. This was the easiest way to purchase the map, a PB and some extra NP! I highly recommend this site :)

by Tango on NeopointsDeals
UC Pet!!

so...i went back to this site probably 20 times in the last two months or so, but was VERY skeptical on whether or not it was legit. And i finally caved. I selected my UC and payed, and within 24 hours, i received an email that gave me my new information.

Voila! My new UC was available to me! 100% would recommend to anyone interested in getting an UC cheap and easy! SERIOUSLY.

by Old player coming back on NeopointsDeals

Honestly I think i just ended up googling and found this website. Yeah I know I was hesitant as well after looking at all the items/neopoints. It's a little too much to take in how easy it is to complete your gear/shop/inventory with the stuff they have for sale. But I took a leap and bought 2 items at reasonable amounts. The wait time was something like 12 hours. Basically I fell asleep and woke up to an email explaining the trade! Pleasant surprise indeed. Not much had to be done you just need to follow instructions. Both items were received in mint condition lol. Can't be more satisfied about transaction. I love neopets so much. Coming back after all these years is a refreshing feeling. The only difference from when i started playing to now is that the good stuff can be bought in wholesale haha. Not that I'm complaining! Legit company, Legit trading, legit people. 5/5 stars for sure. The only change I could even ask is maybe keep the social media updated to oct at least? Thats the only thing that made me pause to buy in the first place. Seeing as how it's a few months behind on time. Aside from that. Pleased customer! Will be returning for another buy soon!

Many thanks keep up the great work!

by a on NeopointsDeals

i was initially skeptical, but pleasantly surprised with the great service and reliability. my whole order was delivered in under 24 hours, without a hitch. i would totally recommend giving this a try and i'll definitely make more orders in the future :)

by Saphira on NeopointsDeals
I got my pet!

I got the UC pet I purchased in less than a day. :)

The pet was decently named. They communicated to me that they didn't have really have any well named UCs of this pet left as I asked for a well named one, the closest to being well named in a XxxXxXxx format. Considering how hard it is to get the UC I wanted, I was fine with it but they offered to give me a refund if I didn't want the name. I appreciated this communication.

They are very safe, though of course there are risks. I know some might feel guilty to spend money on Neopets but it's no different than spending money on NC items. Yes, this is against the rules of Neopets. But if you have a dream pet you really want I'd consider neopointsdeals. Some UC pets are extremely difficult to get. If you have no pets worth the value of an UC you have to start from the bottom, slowly trying to find pets you can trade and work your way up to a pet worth the UC you want. But it's no easy feat and even if you do manage to get pets worth the UC you want, it's still a struggle finding someone who will trade with you. It's a long effort worth it yes but if you don't have the time or interest you can get your dream pet right away.

If you want to avoid the long long search neopointsdeals is worth considering if there is a pet you really want. Just be sure to read up on their guides so you can make sure you are as careful as possible. You are breaking the rules of Neopets after all. I'd put off the idea of buying a Neopet for a long time because I don't like the idea of breaking rules but getting my dream pet was worth it.

They are legit. They communicate well and you will get what you paid for in a timely manner. I would definitely recommend. Don't get me wrong though, if you have a dream pet and you want to get it without breaking the rules of Neopets, go for it. But this is a good option if you just really want that dreampet now.

by John on NeopointsDeals
Very Satisfied.

Great service, got my order within a few hours. Will definitely buy from again in the future! Thanks a lot for the great service.

by Great on NeopointsDeals

Perfect way to send nice gifts to friends


by Zack on NeopointsDeals
It's Real!

When if first ordered i was very skeptical, I went to a store to get a prepaid card to protect my bank information, however after ordering I received my order, it took a little bit because I ordered on saturday of labor day weekend but today i got all my items, very very happy!


by Patricia on NeopointsDeals

I was really skeptical when placing my order as I was pretty much sure it was a scam, but it works! Took just over 24hrs but they delivered everything I ordered! I'm super excited and will definitely be buying again! :D

by Shanya on NeopointsDeals

Went smoothly and i got my stuff :) Highly recomended


by X on NeopointsDeals

Very very nervous at first so did a test purchase - about 12-14 hours later they delivered! I've now made a second purchase and ordered three different things, and looking forward to my delivery. Will be back again too!


by Charmed on NeopointsDeals
Great, Friendly Services!

The people are wonderful! Quick and prompt responses and transaction. Will shop again! Thank you

by Kimberly on NeopointsDeals
Very satisfied

I ordered a baby paint brush, and they sent me the account details about 20 hours later, as I ordered it around midnight. The delivery takes less than a day, and it's a really nice, legit service to get everything on Neopets that you may not be able to afford otherwise. Now I have a cute little baby Zafara. :)

by Pistis on NeopointsDeals

Only took a day, and got everything I wanted and more! ^o^ This kind of stuff scares me, but everything was great ^^

by Kelly on NeopointsDeals
Simple and Safe!

Really easy and totally worth it. Make sure to lay low after, just in case.

by Nicole on NeopointsDeals
Safe and Fast

My order was delivered promptly, even faster than they told me it would be. I now have a very cute and WN UC pet and don't have to deal with trading or applications. Thanks!

by Jade on NeopointsDeals
I'm a Regular!

The service here is brilliant, sometimes it may take a little longer than other days I have ordered but usually very quick, this is a fantastic way of "owning" neopets! I have obtained practically everything I have ever wanted. This is the safest way to be a neomillionare that's for sure and I think I even spend to much of my $$ here but it is well worth it in the end! One other thing, customer service is also very understanding, any questions or issues make sure you are honest and upfront with them, they will definitely look after you! Well done NeopointsDeals you make my every week! C:

by Lexi on NeopointsDeals

little nervous at first as any person would be trying a new site for the first time but was happy with my order none the less. :)


by Adi on NeopointsDeals

I was susceptible at first but they are very quick to answer all your questions. Fast delivery.

by Valentina on NeopointsDeals
A Good Service

I have to say I'm pretty happy with Neopoints Deals, they're really efficient and they give such a nice service, thank you so much!

by Ella on NeopointsDeals
Fast Service!

Safe, easy, and fast. Thank you guys!

by Robert on NeopointsDeals

Great, friendly service. I couldn't ask for more than that.


by Alex on NeopointsDeals

They were very quick and professional. I ordered in the evening and got my order after only about an hour- very quick. Thank you and I'm sure I'll come back again :)


by Amber on NeopointsDeals
Friendly, Professional, and Simple

I didn't receive my NPs for about a day, so I sent an email; they wasted no time in promptly replying and explaining how to set up my trades to receive my order. Everything went smoothly and I immediately received my order exactly as promised. Thank you guys, I am immensely impressed. =)


by Ashley on NeopointsDeals
I was iffy at first

But I was extremely surprised! It went through like a breeze and I got all my emails answered every step of the way. My account arrived safe and sound and I would definitely recommend and use this site again.


by kitty7978 on NeopointsDeals
It took a day and a half..

But it was worth the wait. Thank you!! I'll be buying again sometime! :)

We apologize for the wait, our delivery girl was out of town.

by CM on NeopointsDeals
Stop doubting!

I have nothing but positive comments for the site and customer service. There hasn't been anything whatsoever that should stop anyone from spending a bit of real $ here. Legit, friendly and knowledgeable.


by cg on NeopointsDeals
I was skeptic at first

It took me several months to work up the courage to do this. I hate trading pets, I hate having to write out long winded applications for adoptions where you must include a song and dance. I decided to opt for spending real cash and avoiding all of that garbage. Now I have a happy unconverted pet. Ill be purchasing another in a few weeks time.


by sweetie on NeopointsDeals

I spent under $10 and got some really neat stuff! Thank you so much I appreciate this site a lot, and there was no issues at all!


by Myna on NeopointsDeals

I used some remaining money to buy from here to see if it was legit. I'm happy to say it was money well spent!

by bones on NeopointsDeals
quick responses!

i misspelled my email in a recent purchase, and after contacting the site they sent the email to my correct account within a few hours. i really appreciated it! i also received my item safely and am pleasant with the result.

by Taylor on NeopointsDeals

I was always skeptical about these kinds of websites but wow I am impressed with the way this is run! I will definitely be a returning customer.

by Anon on NeopointsDeals
Really good

I've done dealings with these guys a few times and its always gone smoothly (even though I break so many of their safety rules XD) Will use a fair bit, thanks!~

by SG on NeopointsDeals
This is the best site I've stumbled upon in years!

At first, of course, I was absolutely terrified that this site was a scam. I went and checked out its SSL certificates, its credentials, and Facebook pages. I really wanted to be SURE this was legit.

So, I purchased a small item sum, and waited. I was finally emailed a few hours later with information, and not long after that, I received my items, with easy-to-follow instructions.

This is going to be my go-to for all my Neo-Needs in the future. Thanks, Neopointsdeals!

by Julia on NeopointsDeals

I ordered a UC Neopet during the lag, and even with all the issues going on, it was still delivered safe and sound. Definitely won't be my last time ordering!

by Sara on NeopointsDeals

They deliver very quickly! Great site!


by V on NeopointsDeals

Quick, easy and absolutely worth it. This is definitely my go-to site for all things Neopets. Thanks so much!

by Melanie on NeopointsDeals

Fast and reliable! This site has changed my neopets experience and fufilled neodreams I've had since I was a child! love it :) thank you guys!


by L on NeopointsDeals
Don't visit anywhere else.

ALL of my orders have been filled on a timely and well-delivered basis. They also respond to delivery requests and are all very kind and helpful. There is no other site to visit but this one, I guarantee it.


by CM on NeopointsDeals

This isn't my 1st order and won't be my last. Service is impeccable, quick and friendly.


by Jaime on NeopointsDeals
Love these guys!

I've ordered from this site several times and the service is always fast and friendly. Certainly recommend to anyone!


by F on NeopointsDeals
The real deal

Usually, like most people, I am skeptical about sites like this, especially due to the fact that it had no paypal. But as soon as I ordered the first order, I knew I was wrong. Customer service is personal, response is quick, and everything this website offered easily beat other competitors such as ShopNeopia or Being a regular buyer of neopoints, this website may not be the cheapest, but for it's services, I am willing to pay the extra. Well done in every aspect, expect me to come back soon.

by Carissa on NeopointsDeals

First time buyer and 110% satisfied. Will definitely be purchasing again.

by Linda on NeopointsDeals
So happy

I usually purchase neopoints from another website, but I finally decided to take a step I've wanted to take for a long time and purchase my dream UC pet. At first I was going to purchase from the other website, but then I saw that neopointsdeals allows you to choose the gender of your pet and if its name is masculine or feminine. I haven't seen any other neopets buying sites that offer this. To make sure the site was legit I purchased a lab map (needed the avatar anyway) which was delivered quickly. The next day I bought my neopet. I'm so happy with the results!! Mine even came with a cute matching petpet. Great name, great service, and this will definitely now be the place I buy all of my neopets needs. Thank you so much!

by T on NeopointsDeals
My experience

I have used other gold websites in the past for other games but this was the first one I used for neopets. Service was pretty quick (within one hour). Prices are reasonable. Would definitely use this service again! =)


by Nikki on NeopointsDeals
My go-to site

Second time I've ordered from Neopoints Deals and I'm even more satisfied than last time! This time I ordered 5mil and an avi item, which were all delivered in just a few hours and with nice items rather than junk. Last time I ordered a few mil, maybe 2.5?, and the lab ray. All were delivered within 20 minutes with nice items. Service has always been lovely and I plan to be a regular customer. Thank you!!

by Jay on NeopointsDeals

I am very pleased with this site. I will be buying here again in the future. :)

by Anonymous on NeopointsDeals
Nice, easy, quick sale!

Like so many others i was worried for my account buying from here, the problem is it takes a very long time to trade up or save up large amounts of NP. Sadly my time is more important to me than small amounts of money so I decided to try this site. The item was received within two hours and all was good. Currently waiting on my second order, this one is taking longer (its been about 14 hours) but im hoping it'll be through soon! Highly reccomended.

HOWEVER a quick warning that isn't shown at checkout. if you're ordering from the UK it may cost you up to £2 extra for an overseas bank charge. (I didn't realize and it put me over ;() so this is just a warning if you're ordering with a small amount of money available!

Thankyou ND

Sorry about the wait, and your order has been delivered.

As far as the Overseas Bank Charge, I just wanted to re-assure you that charge is not imposed by us, rather you're bank imposing a charge on you for using our card in a foreign currency.

by Donna on NeopointsDeals
Would recommend!

When I ran across the site earlier today, I couldn't believe my eyes! This site was exactly what I was looking for for several years; and though, yes, I was skeptical, I purchased several low-cost items as a test. Not only did the seller kept in contact with me about what was going on, but they were very respectful. I received the items with no problem. Can't wait to do business with them again!

Glad to be of service!

by Diego on NeopointsDeals
I was waiting to write my review

This site is so great! i was kinda scary and kinda skeptical about this, like all the others haha, but this is great! it's not false it's all true and so good, plus cheap! :) so pleased with this.


by Alex on NeopointsDeals
so good i had to write a review

Much quicker than I expected and it only took a fews hours after I ordered late at night! I ordered 2.5m neopoints and received it in five separate TP transactions. Not only did they send the neopoints, but they sent me three petpet brushes that were 24k each! I also ordered a full map set and was given the information to the account with the map, but it also came with over 30k worth of items and 20k neopoints that I transferred to my main account as well.

At first I was kinda sceptical (like everyone else is saying), but this site is 100% legitimate. I got an email as soon as I ordered, a VERY quick reply to a question I had, and then a conformation email saying that my neopoints and map were ready.

This site is so great!!

by Madison on NeopointsDeals
Will Definitely Buy Again!

I was SUPER wary of this site at first. I'd heard horror stories of scams and I didn't trust that the reviews were from real customers. But the transaction went off without a hitch in just a few hours. So easy! Will definitely be buying more from this site.

by Shoshi on NeopointsDeals
What a great company!

I purchased a UC pet on a 10+ year old account, and I couldn't be happier! My purchase was promptly followed up on, and someone from NeopointsDeals spent several hours with me the night previously, answering my questions and helping me learn how to buy safely! 10/10, would buy again!

by Daemon on NeopointsDeals
This is great!

So, like pretty much everyone else in these reviews, I was pretty suspicious of this at first. However, after about an hour I was able to retrieve my items. Went very smoothly, would recommend to anyone who is frustrated with getting Neopoints in game!

by Midnight on NeopointsDeals

I decided to give it a go after reading the reviews. The service was surprisingly fast and friendly too.

I'll definitely be buying again.

by Minwa on NeopointsDeals

I was really sceptical about this but after waiting for 2h I got a reply and everything went smoothly and without any problems!


by Owl on NeopointsDeals

My fears were lain to rest after reading reviews and going for it! I got fast friendly service and a very timely delivery!

I plan on buying again!


by Bee on NeopointsDeals

It's always a little bit scary buying items from a site like this, but neopoints deals is excellent & offers fast & safe service. 100% recommended.


by Chrissy on NeopointsDeals

Will be buying from you guys again soon!


by slayergd on NeopointsDeals

friendly and fast and deliver

by Will be buying again! on NeopointsDeals
Will be huying again!

I was skeptic but its good, Works fine, No flaws so excited to get my items 5 stars and 2 thumbs up!

Good communication.

What can I say but ill be buying from them again :D


by SillierThenThou on NeopointsDeals

Professional, friendly. I shall be back.


by Nicole on NeopointsDeals
Very loyal buyer

I regularly buy from NPD, & I'm in love. All of my UCs come in a timely manner!


by Kane on NeopointsDeals
Very good very fast

Great service, item received all within 24 hours. A lot faster than most site that sell in game currency/items :)

by Droo on NeopointsDeals
Amazing service!!!

Like everyone else on here, I was very anxious about using this website. Even reading the reviews hardly calmed my nervousness. I decided to just take a shot in the dark and do it anyway, and boy did I not regret it!!! I got exactly what I wanted at an affordable price. I will definitely be making more orders in the future. It has inspired me too keep playing neopets because now my dream pets are achievable!!!

by Harmony on NeopointsDeals

Most painless process yet. I'm new to this purchasing of Neopets items with real money business and I've tried a few sites over the past few days. So far this is the only one that's delivered me my items on the same day, even though they all claim they do the same. Let's just say none of the other sites are getting a rating this high from me.

Be prepared to give proof of your ID, though. That took me by surprise.


by Helena on NeopointsDeals
Super rad service!

I got the item very quickly and safely!! I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking to get Neopets items and Neopoints in an easy and safe way!


by CC on NeopointsDeals
Awesome site!

Like everyone else said I was nervous at first and wasn't sure if this site was legit because it seems too good to be true, so I ordered something that wasn't too expensive and it came through just fine! I will definitely use this site again!

by James on NeopointsDeals

Really fast service! Loved my items and cash, I know this seems like it would be a scam but it is the best way to earn millions of np without years of work. I will definitely be returning for more and recommending this service to all my neofiend buddies lol

by Kat on NeopointsDeals
First time buyer

I am very pleased with what I got, and will be buying from here again in the future!

by S on NeopointsDeals

Very easy and efficient! And safe! I was worried at first. But it does work! Not too bad! I would definitely consider buying again!


by Holly on NeopointsDeals
Too Legit to Quit

My first order took a little over 36 hours to complete, but it was Thanksgiving weekend plus they to verify me, my second order I had in under 2 hours. Totally gonna keep buying from here! This is legit.

That is correct, sorry for the wait! I had to leave town to visit family, which is why your first order was delayed.

by Rebekah on NeopointsDeals
2nd Time Buying-Amazing

This was my second time purchasing from this site. The transaction was as smooth as the first time. Amazing service. Very safe, will definitely buy again.


by Rebekah on NeopointsDeals
Absolutely Amazing, Completely Satisfied

The transaction was fast and safe. Absolutely amazing! Will definitely be buying again very soon! Possibly even tonight! Amazing! Totally trustworthy!

by Savvy on NeopointsDeals
It really works!

I was very very skeptical and unsure at first, but this site is great and you can trust it!

by Annie on NeopointsDeals

Everything went smoothly and fast. Really good service and communication.

I'll probably come back!

by Haley on NeopointsDeals

As a first-time buyer, I was of course skeptical. But everything worked out perfectly; the staff are efficient, professional, and friendly, and my order was processed very quickly. I will definitely be making more purchases in the future!

by Linus Lee on NeopointsDeals
Wasn't even worried

I bought a few items from them and one of the items were currently restocking so they told me to wait for at most 24 hours. I wasn't even bothered by it as I've done quite a few deals with them before. The next day I woke up, the items were ready for collection! just like that. 10/10

by Alicia on NeopointsDeals

This site is so awesome, will definitely be buying lots more :) yay so happy !


by S.H. on NeopointsDeals

I've placed 5 or so fairly extensive orders in the past 4 weeks, and every order has gone smoothly. It takes no longer than 24 hours to get your items, and if they are out of stock on something you paid for, they quickly get the item, and communicate with you throughout the process. I wasn't nervous about the legitimacy as much as I was nervous for my 9 year old account. I am no longer concerned. Thanks for great prices and support, you guys have my business for the rest of my Neopets life.


by cassy on NeopointsDeals

i came across this site randomly and thought wow i didnt know people acctually sold neopet items for money i looked through their selection and really wanted to buy some stuff.. like everyone else i was nervous and thought this cant be real!... i googled the site to see if there was any outside reviews ( bc what site would post bad reviews about them self) i found nothing!... i emailed them and asked questions, basically asking them to convince me i wasnt going to get scammed... they were honest and told me that they could tell me a story about how legit and secure their site was but at the end of the day its the internet and words are words, so the told me to try something cheap that way i would feel more comfortable with a purchase .. so i bought 2 baby paint brushes... it took about 4 hours when i got the email with the login info...i was amazed!! i acctually got my item!... the next day i ordered 5 more items including neo points and the following day ( bc it was late when i ordered) i got the email with all the login info and all my items... and every account i was given had a variety of different items already on it plus neo points of different value as well...i will for sure be maing more purchases in the future.


by V on NeopointsDeals

Second order from them. Completed within a day. Will definitely come back :)


by Linus Lee on NeopointsDeals
Second time here

I can't stop looking at this web. I just keep planning what to buy next! really good site


by Linus lee on NeopointsDeals
I actually got the stuff

I went to bed and all my trades had been offered! Got all my stuff that I ordered! Good stuff

by NeoAnon on NeopointsDeals

I was at first a bit afraid but it was actually quite easy. I will be coming back again!


by Tiffany on NeopointsDeals
I am so glad this is real!

First off the price is awesome second it was quick with the first response, I got my lap pieces that I have been tring to buy but never could find the last 4 where I could afford them. So I googled to buy and this site popped up I was nervous but I saw all the good reviews that where recent and could leave on if I had a bad experience so I figured it's cheap enough why not. So glad I did thanks again.

by Nikki on NeopointsDeals

They responded within hours of my purchase, were very patient with me when explaining the rules, and then quickly delivered my purchase. I am the biggest skeptic when it comes to things like this, but trust me, it actually is a good, clean, site.

by Anon on NeopointsDeals

Third time ordering from these guys and they have kept up their satisfactory service with the transaction complete within 24 hours. Great business as usual!


by NeoUser on NeopointsDeals
Excellent Service!

Bought an UC neopet and the delivery was faster than expected. They answered all my questions very quickly and they also gave me really useful instructions on what should I do in order to have a successful and secure transfer. FIVE STARS ALL THE WAY. 100% recommended.


by Gureii on NeopointsDeals

I've found this site while searching the way to get the needed items for my customisation without contacting picky traders. While it was a bit tricky with the first offer, I'll definitely buy something from you sooner or later~

P.S. I'm waiting for the rest of my offer ;)

Sorry for the delay, all offered now!

by Jill on NeopointsDeals
Huh, it actually works.

As with everyone, I was skeptical of this website; it almost seemed to good to be true. I decided to finally try it when I got some money. Within the next 4 hours I had my last item, all on accounts like they said. I moved them to a side and then to a main and waited; it's been 3 days and my accounts are fine, not even a warning. I would definitely use this again in the future.

Cheers =)!

by Elizabeth on NeopointsDeals
Excellent As Always

Fast and easy like always. Thanks! :)

by Katie on NeopointsDeals
Speedy Service

I purchased an unconverted neopet that arrived on its own account which was really nice. It was five letters long and no numbers, as advertised. I also purchased 5 million neopoints which was setup in my trades. Each purchase was delivered through email about an hour after I bought it. Great service in the end and exactly as advertised. I would definitely but from this website again.

by Michael on NeopointsDeals

I was very skeptical and thought this was another scam site but I took the risk of it possibly being one and it totally was worth it! I paid and I received the item within 24 hours! I sent the item to a alt account and to my main and I wasn't iced! Good advice and I'm extremely happy with them! I'm doing more business with them!

by Rebecca on NeopointsDeals

First time buyer and I was very nervous but it went smoothly. I will be buying from here again for sure :D

by W on NeopointsDeals
Extremely Organized

This site has excellent service and is much safer than a lot of similar sites. I'll definitely be making another purchase in the future.

by Allison on NeopointsDeals
Very Happy!

I bought one item and was very very happy! It arrived in under an hour! I was confused at first about how to retrieve it, but I figured it out quickly. I definitely recommend this site. Thanks!

by April on NeopointsDeals
Highly Recommended

Super fast delivery, well worth it. Will be buying from here again! I'm glad I didn't let my skepticism take over :)

by Cole on NeopointsDeals
Totally Legit

I was actually shocked that it worked! I'm a bit overly paranoid, but they really took the time to make sure my security was good and protect against fraud which was cool. I appreciated it.

Thanks so much!

by Keating on NeopointsDeals

I was next level nervous about this website, but everything went fabulously. I just placed my second order! Love this website, you all have my affections!

by Fiona on NeopointsDeals

Easy transaction with full privacy. Took maybe an hour which was great!

by jmo on NeopointsDeals
no complaints

quick, simple, and safe! had no problems at all!

by Megan on NeopointsDeals

Very Impressed that this turned out not to be a scam. I will be doing buisness with these guys again very soon.

by Sab on NeopointsDeals
Buy with Confidence

First time buyer, Total transaction took a couple of hours. If you are skeptical, don't be, they respect your privacy and take measures to protect your account. My purchase was cheap, just to try it out...but will definitely be back! Money well spent! (Wish I'd known about this site sooner...)

by Nami on NeopointsDeals

Very nice trade! Will come back again~

by neolover on NeopointsDeals

After reading reviews I went ahead and made a small purchase to make sure this site isn't a scam. Im pleased to say it is not a scam, its legit! I received an email with the info to a shell account with the item I purchased in the sdb and instructions to keep my account safe. Will be back for more stuff now that I know they are trustworthy! (Only took about 3 hours to get my item)

by Neopian Restocker on NeopointsDeals
Amazing and Trustful Service

My order of items/NPs came in quick. This site keeps interest on the safety of your account and you being satisfied with their products.

by izzy on NeopointsDeals
Great service.

Took about 2 hours but everything went as smooth as possible. you'll be seeing me again. :)

by gamergame42 on NeopointsDeals
shell account

So i bought a shell account from this website.At first i was a bit nervous because i just proceeded to payment and when i looked at my email i didnt recieve a order confirmation soo i was like ok why havent i received anything? But then with in two maybe less hours i received my order.Legit site. I bought something small but will definitely come back big. Proud costumer 5 stars

by Longtime Neopets Player on NeopointsDeals

Like anyone else, I was quite skeptical at first. Always be safe when dealing with matters like this. Use shell accounts. Be comfortable knowing ANYTHING can happen. And know you're likely to blame if anything bad does happen.

That being said - if you're willing to take a leap of faith - these guys are VERY legit. I dropped quite a bit on a pet - and their customers service has been fantastic, and I got my pet as quick as they could deliver it! VWN too! I wasn't expecting it, but I was satisfied across the board!

They have to go through a small process before going through with the transaction (to make sure you aren't a kid who stole their parent's credit card) - but it's a one time thing.

I'll definitely be back in the future!

by Heidi on NeopointsDeals

I was more than a bit skeptical about placing an order having never done this kind of thing before, but after trying unsuccessfully to trade into the UC market, I bit the bullet. Within hours my VVWN pets were in my hands and my NPs are sitting in my bank. Will be making more purchases for sure :D

by Super satisfied customer! on NeopointsDeals
Insanely satisfied!

Just like most of you might have thought, I figured this site could've been a scam. It's kind of natural to think so, considering everything on here looks too good to be true. But I made a purchase on here and I truly don't regret it in fact, I'm going to be making an even bulkier purchase soon. Their service and products provided have made me an extremely satisfied AND returning customer!

by droulis on NeopointsDeals

my 7 year old is currently obsessed with neopets..after behaving all day long for me, I promised to buy him some neopoints. I was a bit skeptical at first as this is a completely different site to neopets..but i took a chance and paid for them anyway. the 1 million neopoints in the account within a few hours. I am sure to have one very happy little man tomorrow morning!! thank you!

by Ashe on NeopointsDeals
Suspenseful... but good.

I purchased neopoints and was promptly notified with instructions via email, I then followed instructions and waited... and waited. The whole process got a bit confusing (I received an additional email with alternate instructions) and drawn out, I had questions and no one online to help answer them so I panicked a bit. Other than it taking about 12 hours for my order to come in and a bit of confusion, everything else was great! Cheap , Easy, and trustworthy! I would definitely buy again, next time I just won't wait at my mailbox all day.

I do want to apologize for that Ashe. Your first order with us, could be a bit confusing as we have to get some preliminary stuff out of the way. As much as you want us the seller to be legitimate, we want to make sure you are as well.

Orders here-forth however, will go seamlessly!
Thanks for choosing ND!

by Nicki on NeopointsDeals

I'm so happy right now. I've been playing Neopets for yearrrsssss. But I've never accomplished much. I hate playing the games so I wouldn't make neopoints as fast. Then I stumbled upon this site, and it's legit. The service is quick, and the customer service is awesome. I had a prepaid giftcard, and they helped me out with what I needed to do to finish my purchase.

idk I'm buying from here again soon though *u*


by Baby Lover on NeopointsDeals

I was very skeptical of purchasing anything, because I thought it was a scam. But, I decided to take a leap of faith and purchase a Baby Paintbrush. Within 4 hours I had all the information I needed to get my paintbrush. Very happy with the results, and I would definitely recommend purchasing from them! Will be back to buy more. :)

by Fredrick on NeopointsDeals
Great Service!

I had a pretty extensive order but all of my items were within my possession within two hours! I would definitely recommend to anybody looking to up their bankroll!

by Fai on NeopointsDeals

Wow it worked like a charm and took about 30 minutes! Thank you thank you!

by Jennifer on NeopointsDeals
Top Notch, with fast service!

Super fast delivery, great people. Handle deliveries lightening fast as well as answer any questions. You can buy here with confidence! Thanks again!

by Keegan on NeopointsDeals

I have been playing neopets for 10 years and I have not gotten alot of things i would have like to get by that time i had never thought to purchase items from a site than i saw this site and was kinda skeptical about it so i did a small purchase of 10$ and was amazed by the speed of the purchase and the customer support is the fastest i have ever seen for any site got a email in less than a hour after placing the order!!!!!I will be making a lot more purchases in the future!!!

by Lab Map on NeopointsDeals
First time buyer, very pleased!

I was nervous at first, but everything went smoothly and I got my full lab map set in a timely manner. Eventually I plan to buy another map set!

by Grace on NeopointsDeals
Pleasantly Surprised

I bought a Pirate Krawk potion, got the email about 2 hours after purchase, and now I'm happy with my new pet!!

by Happy UC owner on NeopointsDeals

Bought a UC from these guys. Almost an immediate response after payment. I was very skeptical about getting ripped off or iced. Neither happened. A+ service :)

by Anon on NeopointsDeals
Thanks ND!

Smooth communication, great assistance, quick and easy. This site is for real.

by DarkishAnon on NeopointsDeals
Shocked in a good way!

I really did think this was a scam, and have been sitting here for a few hours thinking, "Wow, my neo account is going to be frozen." But needless to say I got the email with the items I wanted, and it was so worth it.


by Satisfied on NeopointsDeals

Scared it was a scam but its not. Got my item within same day


by Kate on NeopointsDeals
Was frightened but...

I was extremely worried that this would turn into a huge scam, but it's legit. I am so, so very happy with my purchases.

by Satisfied! on NeopointsDeals
thank you!

Perfect, prompt service. A flawless transaction!

by Ben on NeopointsDeals
Best service

Probably the only website I would use now for neopoints/other goods. Fast delivery and super safe. The support is awesome if you're ever feeling unsure. I won't lie, I was skeptical at first but after my first transaction I haven't used any other service. There are other neopoint services that do instant delivery, but the wait isn't even long with neopointsdeals, they are fair and I would trust them completely. 100% legit. Seriously, you guys rock.

by Lucy F on NeopointsDeals

Very very pleased, highly recommended site!

Thank you!

by Brent on NeopointsDeals

Fast delivery and great customer service. Definitely happy :)


by Liz on NeopointsDeals
Super Easy and Great

I was a bit wary at buying online, so I stuck with a relatively small purchase, but everything went super smooth and I had everything I paid for in less than 24 hours. Would recommend and will use again!


by Kate on NeopointsDeals

Everything went through wonderfully. Thank you! (:


by Ana on NeopointsDeals

Very fast! Answered to my email immediately. Got what I needed. Thank you very much :)


by Larissa on NeopointsDeals

Very fast!! I really recommend !


by Hyd on NeopointsDeals
¡Highly Recommended!

Is very easy and faster. I bought a clearance item, and an hour later, I was putting it in my gallery

Glad to deal with you hyd!

by Aly on NeopointsDeals

So after losing access to my super old first account and not being able to get back to it, I'll fully admit I had little desire to work back up to my fortune of NP and rare items. Everything happened within about 12 hours and I will surely be back for more soon. Highly recommended!


by Ashleigh on NeopointsDeals
Surprised and satisfied.

My order was processed quickly and to my complete satisfaction. I was very nervous but it all went well and I'm immediately placing an additional order for more items.

by Angela on NeopointsDeals
Fantastic Customer Service

I've actually purchased items from another site similar to this one, an I wasn't very happy with their prices or their response time (sometimes it would take 3-4 DAYS to hear back from them). I saw an item on this site that I just HAD to have, it was the only item that I needed for my collection, so I decided to take a risk and buy it. I got a response within 5 hours, and got the item delivered directly to a side account in less than 12 hours. I was very impressed and will be purchasing from this site exclusively in the future. (In fact, I ordered another 3 items today, and the response time was even faster since I was already a verified customer) Thank you Neopoints Deals, ya'll are awesome!

Glad to hear that angela!

by Mariana on NeopointsDeals

I'm in love with this site! You can safe on it! I received my things in the same day that I bought.


by Nerkmid on NeopointsDeals

I have been trying since FOREVER to get the last piece of the lab map, and I'd given up and sold the pieces, so when I bought the whole set, I finally was able to access it. THANK YOU.


by Sunny on NeopointsDeals
Fast and awesome!

This site is awesome! I was a little bit skeptical and paranoid about trying it, and tested with a $2 purchase. I pretty much instantly received an email with information on how to get the paintbrush, and it was in my main in five minutes!

by Kelsey on NeopointsDeals
Absolutely Wonderful

Just like other reviewers, I was skeptical about the whole thing. You never know if the reviews are genuine or fake, so there's always a slight risk factor. So with that being said, I made a fairly small purchase and recieved it in a little over an hour.

I'm extremely satisfied and will absolutely be a recurring customer! :)


by Scott on NeopointsDeals
Great Service

I ordered two things at around 2 a.m not expecting to get a delivery until at least the next morning. After a quick live chat on approximate arrival time the next day, they actually decided to get on then and complete the transaction. Great service, quick delivery.

by Guilherme on NeopointsDeals

I like the service. Is a nice place to get neopoints.


by Stephanie on NeopointsDeals
Are you serious?!?!

I was not sure about this site so I made a small $5 purchase. Not only did I get my item I got 6 other items and 2000 nps along with it!!! My buisness will be back!

by Katherine on NeopointsDeals
Legit and fast!!

Like many others, I was skeptical about the legitimacy of a website selling neopoints and items. So I ordered something cheap (a baby pb for $2) and within an hour I received the item!! So worth the money and now since I know the site is not a scam, I will buy neopoints!! I can finally be rich so easily after 10 years of slaving away and pinching neopoints. Thank you so much!


by Justin on NeopointsDeals
Great job

I was abit dodgy and stuff about buying cause well online transactions is abit unsafe but Elise the CS did well and rendered good customer service and guided me through *thumbs up* and the guys behind the scene thanks for the awesome job!you guys rock!


by gisa on NeopointsDeals

Yesterday I said "i dont believe in these guys, they ill take my money and i will see no item."

But my friend help me and i buy two items,really cheap just to see if really was true. In one hours them send two items to me. Im very glad and i will buy my dream uc pet soon. Thank you for your honesty


by Vic on NeopointsDeals

holy crap haha, very satisfied with my offer. Thank you so much. will be purchasing again in the future!

Glad your satisfied :)

by Winter on NeopointsDeals
I was a sceptic...

I was seriously doubting the legitimacy, but wow, quick response time, fast item delivery! I'm so impressed, will be back for bigger purchases soon!


by Stassia on NeopointsDeals
5 Stars!!!

Quick response time!! It took only about 5 hours to get my neopoints. I'm very thankful that this site is 100% legitimate!! And I cant wait to order some UC pets in the near future!! Totally beats spending tons of money on NC!


by Anon on NeopointsDeals
Really fast, facilitated by understanding employees !

Once a minor lack of comprehension on my side of the fence had been sorted out, thanks to Elise, the deal went through quickly and easily. Better than the other site I used in the past, especially in relation to the speed of delivery. Also, really cheap ! =D

Glad I was able to sort that out!

by Blari K. on NeopointsDeals

Like everyone else, I was super sketched out about buying neopoints/items but this site is actually legit! Cheap rates, good items and ridiculously fast service! I was emailed within a minute. I am one happy neopian :)

Thanks for your comments!

by clair on NeopointsDeals
SUPER fast and the cheapest site I've used

By far my favorite site. This was my first time buying so I was VERY careful and let me just say it took them at least 30/40 minutes to get me over a million neopoints! Super fast, great service, 10/10!


by Ben on NeopointsDeals
Great, perfect support & timing

Admittedly, I was very, very skeptical about this whole website. I have never purchased Neopoints, or anything to do with Neopets before. I purchased an account, and the process did seem dodgy- donating and then sending a screenshot of the donation. However, less than five minutes after sending the screenshot, there was the account details. I logged in, everything was there, even the 150 free NC hadn't been claimed, and then I logged out. They provided me with advice on what to do for the first couple of days to make being frozen basically impossible.

I was planning to wait a couple of days before submitting a testimonial, but I am amazed by the service.

Come to think of it, this actually seems like a fake made-up testimonial when I read it back, but the service is just THAT good.

I strongly recommend this website.

by NoName -Remove my name please. on NeopointsDeals
Ehhh, okay service!

I had to wait about five hours for my order, and those were the the most worrisome five hours of my life. I paid for a pretty high end Unconverted Neopet, and I didn't know if the staff was online or not, and I sent it about ten emails with no replies.

But after about four hours, they did reply to all the emails and finally sent me the pet, they apologized because they weren't online at the time!

Just know, you've got a repeat customer haha, I would much rather spend my fortunes on your site rather than neocash :)

by Calix on NeopointsDeals
Great service, competitive pricing

If you send them an email, you are guaranteed to get good service.

When I made my order, the item had just gone out of stock, so we instead settled on a NP deal for a fair price, and the transaction was done within 20 minutes of the money being sent.

Lightly put, I look forward to future business.

Glad to hear you were satisfied with our service.

by mike honcho. on NeopointsDeals
quick delivery.

Quick didn't even take 5 hours. Thanks!


by Sophie K. on NeopointsDeals
5 stars

5 stars for your site. Will definitely be buying again.

by Former angel_spell on NeopointsDeals
llloooove these guys!!

I had a five year old account, one I worked very hard for my neopoints and even had a 25 room neohome. That was taken from me by TNT. They froze me for reasons they cant even explain and wont return my account. I was angry but I love neopets too much to abandon the game. I thought there has to be a better way to get back on track than playing games because I find the games in neopets too boring. I googled this site and decided to take the "risk" to buy neopoints. I had been scammed and tricked in my five year old account, and had made a new one so honestly I had nothing to lose. I started with the 100k and was suprised to see what a good deal it was! I made another purchase and will keep doing so in the future. You can have it all with ND!

by Patricia on NeopointsDeals
Thank you :)

At first I was thinking this was a scam, but it was only 5 bucks for 100k, so I took the chance, and I got the NP the same day. Thank you very much for your fast response! I will buy more. Thank you again

by Wes on NeopointsDeals
haha was worried!

I got my order with the hour, Great services, I recommend using them

by luke on NeopointsDeals
Super fast

I just wanted to contribute to the testimonial page. The service was great, and I got my neopoints in about 3 hours! I even messed up the first time trying to order and they refunded my money so I could do it correctly. This is not a scam, this is the real deal :)

by Neopets Player on NeopointsDeals

I can't truly believe it! I got my items and NP later at night, but it was amazing to see that it actually worked. Honestly shopped around sites for almost a whole year before deciding to take a chance and I am uber glad I did take a chance here. Try it for yourself.

by Caitlin on NeopointsDeals
great customer service

This is the best site ever! I made a suggestion and within 10 minutes it was up on the site. Payment is easy and delivery is fast. If there is ever a problem..its fixed in seconds! I would recommend this site to anyone! Way to Go NeopointsDeals! A++++

by Jordan on NeopointsDeals
Great Service.

When I first saw this site I told myself that it was an obvious scam, but I tried it anyway. I bought a Christmas Paint Brush as a test and they delivered it within hours. Of course, then I came back for more! I highly recommend this site!

by kevin b. on NeopointsDeals
Love ND

This site rocks, all the customer support was active, they helped me out step by step on how to receive my Neopoints safely and properly. I will definitely come back for more!

by Louiese on NeopointsDeals
was worried, but satisfied

Awesome quick delivery, I got all my 10,000,000 within 12 hours! Even though they say on their website that it might take up to 24 hours, but they really don't take that long. So dont worry about them being late! This website made me a neo-millionaire within 12 hours!

by Shane on NeopointsDeals

I bought 5,000,000 NPs from this site, it was the cheapest site I've bought from. I regret not finding out about this site earlier. Before, I bought from super rip-off sites, this is the cheapest site I've EVER came across! I love it, I will be back for more soon!

by miranda on NeopointsDeals
So quick thanks!

I bought a items from this site. I placed an order, went out to dinner, then came back and saw the items sitting in my trades. I was surprised that they delivered so quickly. Thanks, ND, I will be back for more!

by Nikki on NeopointsDeals

Quick delivery and excellent service. I will be buying from you guys again!

Glad to hear that!