Why should I purchase from NeopointsDeals?

At NeopointsDeals, we are very proud to say that we are different from any other neopoints selling site! Our entire stock is 100% legitimate! We utilize the safest transfer methods that are known, we offer plenty of help and support, and our prices are virtually unbeatable! To sum it all up, we are; Affordable, Reliable, and Safe!

Do you need my Neopets password?

We will NEVER request your Neopets password, If someone requires that information, they are a scammer. DO NOT GIVE YOUR PASSWORD TO ANYONE. Especially if they claim to be a representative from NeopointsDeals. Please report them to us, and quickly remove contact with them. The only information of yours we need, is your neopets username so that we know where to deliver your ordered products (only applies for when buying neopoints, items, and pets). However, we recommend you use a side account to receive our product to ensure extra security and to avoid suspicion from the neopets team. From there on you can transfer the neopoints and/or items to your main, slowly but surely!

How will my ordered Neopets products be delivered?
Depending on your order, there are various ways we will deliver your ordered products:
Items: The most common delivery of method for items is that they will be delivered already pre-loaded on an account. What this means is, if you order a Baby Paint Brush for example, you will be emailed the login details to an account in which the Baby Paint Brush will already be on. If that method of delivery is unavailable, the item you ordered will be sent to your account.
Neopoints: The NPs will be delivered preloaded on an account.
Pets: There are two possible delivery methods for pets. They will either be delivered on an account, or they will be sent to the account you specify.
Accounts: You will be emailed the login details to the account.

How do you obtain your neopoints?

We obtain our neopoints in various ways. We are a group of old players that spend time daily earning neopoints by playing games, reselling,  auction-sniping, restocking , investing in stocks and other investing opportunities, and selling items in our shops. The amount of neopoints we have put together is more than you could possibly fathom! We have spent several years earning and saving our neopoints to get where we are, and our stock only continues to grow! Our main source of income is from various investments from back in the days such as H4K’s and Hidden Tower items, which have exponentially increased in prices!

Is it safe to buy neopoints?

It is not the safest way to go about purchasing goods for neopets. However, it is not entirely unsafe. There will always be risks, but playing it smart is what will make or break you. However, purchasing Easy to Sell (ETS) items is generally a MUCH safer way to go about.

How long do you take to process orders and deliver them?

Average delivery times can vary anywhere between like ten minutes up to sixteen hours. You will normally never have to wait longer than that, if you do, you will be notified via email.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discovery.

Can I sell neopets products to you?

To keep the accounts of our customers safe we do not buy Neopoints from anyone. Beware of sites that do buy NP because points coming from an untrusted source can lead to having your account frozen if the points were earned from selling goods purchased with autobuyers or points that were earned in another way that violates the rules of Neopets.Some of your price rates are high compared to other items?

We have a large inventory of items for sale on our site. We cannot always monitor the prices on items, and we cannot always keep up with the fluctuation of prices. If there is a product you wish to purchase from us, but you have reason to believe that it is overpriced, please email us and we can discuss it further.

Can I know the username of a main account?

We cannot provide you with the username because of safety concerns. However, we can give you a rough format of how the username will look like and sound like. Feel free to email us, to inquire about this.

Do you have a return policy?
Once your Neopoints have been delivered, your purchase cannot be refunded or returned. If for some reason you change your mind prior to receiving your NP, please notify us as soon as possible and we can return 100% of your money. If we cannot deliver the entire bulk of your order, we will give you the option to have a partial refund for the Neopoints not received.

After purchasing a main account, how will I receive the details?

As soon as we receive notice that your payment was sent and cleared, we will email you the username and password, as well as the birthday and the pin if that is applicable.

I want to purchase an Unconverted Neopet, but I want to know the name first?

Similar to the account usernames, we cannot provide you with the name. However, we can give you a format if asked, and answer any question you have about the pet, without revealing the actual pet.

How do you deliver your neopets?

There are two options you can choose from. You can either have us transfer the neopet to your desired account or you can choose to have the pet delivered to you on an account.