Buy Neopoints Safely Guide

At NeopointsDeals, our biggest priority is customer safety. If you are going to buy, have bought, or are considering buying from us, we highly recommend reading this entire buy neopoints article. We will give you tips and tricks to keep your account, pets, items and everything else out of trouble!


There are literally THOUSANDS of trades made every day on Neopets. It is physically impossible for TNT to check every single trade and what is legit and what is illegit. Because of this issue, they have added flags. Flags are set off by doing a certain thing, and it causes TNT to look into your account. There is probably some algorithm that TNT uses, after x amount of flags are set off or such, for them to look into your account. Nobody really knows exactly how these flags are set off, however over the years we have figured out the best ways to avoid them.

If we will be sending the item too you via trades, please set up the trades using a codestone, paint brush, or another low-end, but non-junky item. This really does help a lot. Below there will be tips listed on how to stay safe while buying. Please read them all thoroughly so you can buy neopoints safely!


What not to do:
-Do not show off or brag about bought items right away. Let everything sit on the account for a while before trying to advertise anything.
-Do not send items/pets straight to your main account. Send them to a storage account before sending to your main. Use a proxy on the storage account.
-Do not buy small items everyday. We love your business, however this is for your safety. If you wish to purchase more NPs, then consider purchasing more expensive items, as those are safer than buying lots of small items.
-When buying an account; Do not log on and change all of the info. Change the email and PW and leave it at that for a bit, then you can change other stuff down the road.
-Do not go to the boards directly after buying stuff. Give it a few days before posting.
-Do not log into a spare account without enabling a proxy.


What to do:
-Use a proxy for each account. Proxies hide your IP address, which makes it harder for TNT to freeze you. You can google info about proxies to learn more.
-Buy ETS items instead of pure, and just sell the ETS for pure. This is a lot safer than just buying pure.
-Put reserved in the wishlist, or leave it blank. Do not write anything else that could attract unwanted attention.
-When buying pets; send the pet to a side account of yours until the cache is updated. Then transfer it to your main. This helps avoid pesky users from getting suspicious.
-Send big items to a shell account before transferring them to your main account, and let them sit there for a while.

Make sure to follow all of these guidelines to the best of your ability. If you still have any questions, then please contact us and we will help you out! Our biggest priority is customer safety!