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Welcome to Kelp! This fine establishment is one of the most popular restaurants in Neopia. If you ever become famished swimming around the depths of Maraqua, a place at Kelp would be the perfect way to satisfy that appetite.

Entering Kelp

Upon arriving at Kelp, a well-dressed Scorchio approaches you and introduces you to Kelp. He asks you if you have a reservation. Know that, at Kelp, reservations are not necessary for entry. They just say that to sound fancy. Click “Say [your username]” to see if you can enter. Only 100 people can be in Kelp at a time.

If you were successful, the Scorchio should say the following. Click “momentarily” to enter Kelp!


The Waitress

Once inside Kelp, a Uni waitress will be waiting for you, giving you instructions on how Kelp works. The links above her are links to the various menus.

Everything here is wonderful.The menus are at the top of the page. There are four different menus, each one contains many succulent morsels from which you can choose. You may only select ONE item from each menu so choose wisely…

Once you have chosen the foods you want, go to the Eat page and all of the items you have selected will be listed there with the prices.

If you have a change of mind, you can remove items from your list by clicking the Delete button on the Eat page. When you are ready for the meal, hit the Eat Your Food button and enjoy the meal! If you are unable to finish the meal, we can arrange for you to take it home with you.



Maraquan Cream Broth Kelp Gazpacho Ocean Delight Salad Mixed Green Salad Fresh Oysters
Rich, spicy and ultra creamy.  This soup is a true luxury.
13,300 Neopoints
A cool refreshing soup with a hint of lime and pesto.
15,000 Neopoints
Liberal helpings of shellfish and sea food make this a very filling salad indeed.
14,700 Neopoints
Lettuce, kelp and nuts make this a tangy healthy choice.
13,400 Neopoints
Three fresh oysters with a lemon butter sauce.
16,300 Neopoints
Angel Hair Salad Succulent Cheese Dip Tropical Fruit Bowl Pate A La Kelp
A light pasta salad sprinkled with meats and vegetables.
13,000 Neopoints
A cheese mountain garnished with wafer cones and fresh chives.
14,300 Neopoints
A unique selection of some of the freshest Maraquan fruits.
13,000 Neopoints
Our unique vegetarian pate is made from only the finest vegetation around.
15,800 Neopoints


Main Courses
Filet of Beef Spicy Radish Salad Stramberry Sausages Ocean Platter Fish Special
A succulent steak with a whirl of asparagus.
33,000 Neopoints
This vegetarian treat will both amaze and delight your taste buds.
28,400 Neopoints
Mini Sausages enchanced with Stramberry sauce and mashed zeevines
31,200 Neopoints
A delectable blend of Maraquan delights for your to sample.
33,000 Neopoints
A exotic blend of the freshest fish caught this morning accompanied by angel hair pasta.
32,500 Neopoints
Braised Turkey Cutlet Whole Roast Pheasant Luxurious Vegetarian Star Pie
Tender succulent turkey served with a variety of fresh Maraquan foliage.
29,000 Neopoints
This tangy, gamey bird is smothered in a Foozette sauce and served with baked Corn Balls.
32,400 Neopoints
Our unique take on a vegetable quiche, infused with Grunions and Zeevines.
29,100 Neopoints


Kelps Signature Ice Creame Honeyed Horn Of Plenty Peachpa and Stramberry Shell Coral Cake Octopi Souffle
People travel from all over Neopia to sample this most unusual dessert.
12,100 Neopoints
Ice cream, sorbet and assorted Maraquan berries all drizzled with honey.
12,000 Neopoints
A wafer shell filled with Peachpa and Stramberry sorbet.
12,200 Neopoints
A spongy, sweet cake that is native to Maraqua.
12,300 Neopoints
Three delicious types of chocolate souffle shaped like Octopi.
12,500 Neopoints
Triple Chocolate Shell
Milk, white and dark chocolate are elegantly blended together to make this distinctive dessert.
12,400 Neopoints



Aged Tchea Juice Funnydew Melon Delight Lemwart Fizz Phear Juice Tonic Twirly Fruit Blend
The shape of the glass helps aerate the fine vintage and bring out the bold Tchea flavours.
8,000 Neopoints
A cool, mild beverage that helps cleanse your palate.
9,000 Neopoints
A refreshing elixir infused with the apple-like taste of Lemwart.
7,000 Neopoints
Phear Juice decorated with a variety of tropical fruits.
8,000 Neopoints
A light, refreshing fizzy drink with a slight hint of Blobbule juice.
9,000 Neopoints
Thornberry Brew Cornupepper Lemonade Seaweed Surprise Foozette Juice Blue and Orange Rambus Blend
An extremely concentrate blast of Thornberry juice.
7,000 Neopoints
Made with Cornupepper seeds to give this drink a hot, spicy aftertaste.
9,000 Neopoints
A tangy twist made from seaweed extracts.
9,000 Neopoints
A sweet delicious drink made with fresh Foozette nectar from Mystery Island.
9,000 Neopoints
Fresh Blue and Orange Rambus delivered straight from the Space Station to make these exotic drink.
9,000 Neopoints


Kelp has an avatar! How do you get it?
You can randomly receive this avatar when taking leftovers fromKelp.