Kiko Pop Neopets – New Daily!

Kiko Pop Neopets – New Daily!

A new daily has popped up in Neopets called Kiko Pop. This daily is located in Kiko Lake. The link to this new daily can be found here:

Neopets Kiko Pop

Alongside this new daily, we also have a new avatar aswell! Judging from the graphics, this is one of those throw the dart and pop the balloon games you would find at fairgrounds. I would assume certain color balloons will award you with an avatar, while other colors will have different rewards. I’ve also been notified there are different difficulties to choose within this game (Easy, Medium, Hard).

Kiko Pop Neopets Avatar

Looks like the Neopets Team have finished tweaking the game, and brought it back up now! Here is a quick overview of this game/daily.

Kiko Pop Guide


Elvin the Kiko, will be the host for Kiko pop, and he will start off by asking you the difficulty at which you wish to play the game. You can choose from one of three options:
-Easy & Effortless
-Standard, I can take it
-Super Crazy Hard
Of course the harder you choose, the harder it will be to hit the balloons, however your outcome will be bigger as well (the prize that is).

Neopets Kiko Pop

After you have chosen your diffuculy, Evlin will spin the wheel and your objective is to try to hit and pop one of the balloons. Just aim and click! Be warned, this game is rigged, and there is no skill required to pop the balloons.

Kiko Pop Neopets

Kiko Pop Prizes

After popping a balloon, you will reveal behind it an icon,which will tell you what prize you have won. The five icons are listed below.

Neopets Kiko Pop Guide

Kiko Pop PrizesKiko PopKiko Pop GameKiko Pop DailyNeopets Kiko PopKiko Pop DailiesNeopets Kiko Pop
Wearable – Book – Food – Battledome Item – Toy – Random

Kiko Pop Avatar

Kiko Pop Neopets Avatar

The exact method of obtain the Kiko Pop avatar is currently unknown, however it is believed to be won by playing the standard or hard mode, and obtaining the question mark outcome. However it is random, so even if you obtain the question mark, you are not guaranteed the avatar!

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