Neopets Battleground of the Obelisk Guide

Neopets Battleground of the Obelisk Guide

If you did not join Neopets Battleground of the Obelisk plot then do not worry! Neopets Battleground of the Obelisk has continued and gives you the opportunity to face some easy to tough opponents. Join one of the six fractions in Neopets Battleground of the Obelisk; to battle your way into victory and for your chance to win a boon, avatar or more.

How to Enter

Every Monday you are given the chance to pick out of 3 randomly selected fractions for your chance to win prizes. You are given 3 days to pick which fraction you wish to be in.

The fighting begins every Thursday and you must complete 10 fights in order to qualify for the boons. You can choose any of the opponents difficulties to qualify.

To enter click here and select which fraction you wish to participate in. It is always a good idea to go to the boards and see what others are joining, (especially if you are needing the avatars.)

Once the skirmish opens fight your 10 battles or more if you wish.

If your fraction did not win you will still walk away with an item.

The Opponents

Each fraction has 5 opponents that you can challenge. Each opponent’s is different in abilities and difficulty.

The Sway:

portrait_246-8340785 The
portrait_226-8237321Charming Subversive portrait_233-6413522Nefarious

Order of The Red Erisim:

Rasala the Bright
Minor Warlock
portrait_225-6280701Hedgewitch portrait_231-2383529
Licensed Conjurer
Master Wizard

Brute Squad

Commander Flint
Back Alley Bruiser
Brutal Mercenary
Unyielding Sentinel


Professor Lambert
Assistant Scientist
Smug Philosopher
Stalwart Explorer
Genius Inventor


Lanie and Lillie
Grumpy Mummy
Zombie Hooligan
Ghostly Knight
Unchained Monster

Boons and their Effects

Not every fraction will award you will each boon so you need to pick wisely in association with what boon you are after. The following key will help you with what fraction awards which boon.
(Thieves: T, Sway: S, Red Erisim: R, Brute: B, Seekers: Sk )

The Awakened have no boon that are specific to them as they are randomised.

Boon Effect
Bank Bribery
Your interest rate at the bank will be increased by 3% of its normal rate.

(S & Sk)

Black Market Goods
Shows and highlights r83+ items in shop restocks that are not shown to those without the boon. You can also get more items restocking using this boon.


Book Smarts
You will receive two or four points of intelligence instead of the standard one point when you read your pet a book.


 You will be guided to the treasure of the Faerie Caverns, you only need to follow the directions that it tells you to go.


Cheaper by the Dozen
Usually you can only buy stocks that are at 15np or higher but with this boon you can buy stocks from 10np. (T & S)
Doctor Who?
Using this boon will cure any disease your pet will get. ( Just use the healing spring instead)       (R & Sk)
 This boon increases the chance of you being allowed to use one-use items in the Battledome a second time.

(T, R & B)

Double Bubble
There is a chance that using this boon will allow your healing potion to be re-filled when you use it on a pet.


You are able to use 9 weapons in the battle dome instead of the usual 8 with this boon.


Five-Finger Discount
You are given a 10% discount at Neopian shops but not user shops.
When battling you are able to give another 10% of damage to your opponent. (can be effective especially with Punchbag Bob.)


 For only the duration of the boon, you are able to steal another avatar off someone else.

To do so: Click on a users active avatar on the Neoboards. A label “Pilfered” will appear on the stolen avatar and it can be swapped with other avatars as well. However, the person you stole the avatar from will still have it but you will only have it for a short amount of time.

It does not count towards your Neoboard avatar score.


Refreshed Quest Request
If you have a faerie quest you can swap it for another one.

This can be very useful if you are trying to stay away from a certain skill or want a specific one.

Note: You can get the crafting faerie by refreshing and she only wants NC items. She does not award skill points, only a NC item.

(S & R)

Right Round Round Round
Allows you to spin all the wheels twice before having to wait the usual time. The wheel are as follows;
(Excitement, Extravagance, Knowledge, Mediocrity, Misfortune and Monotony)(B & Sk)
Scratch Master
You do not have to wait the usual time between purchasing a second scratch card. You can buy two before having to wait with this boon.

(T & B)

Strength of Mind
You can use this ability “Mind Blast” one per battle to use your Intelligence points to calculate the damage done until the boon wears off.


That Millionaire Feeling
This is a useles boon. It is suggested to NOT use it as it only raises the TP limit to 2,000,000 np. It is useless because the trading post now automatically does that.


Full PocketsPremium only
If you have premium you can use this boon to get more Neopoints when you scratch the card.
Premium DreamiumPremium only
If you have premium you are able to send 4 scores each day until the boon runs out instead of the usual 3 per day.

The Avatars

Winning a round with your fraction allows you to choose a boon ( or two if you have premium) and you are awarded with an avatar and site theme. The following fractions give you avatars once they have won ( if you chose that fraction.)

Battleground: Awakened
awakened_aagh7l-1901068 Participate in the Battleground of the Obelisk and be a member of the Awakened when they win.
Battleground: Brute Squad
brutes_syg48s-9357649 Participate in the Battleground of the Obelisk and be a member of the Brute Squad when they win.
Battleground: Seekers
seekers_slb7gh-9812369 Participate in the Battleground of the Obelisk and be a member of the Seekers when they win.
Battleground: The Order
order_aylbt-6491961 Participate in the Battleground of the Obelisk and be a member of the Order of the Red Erisim when they win.
Battleground: The Sway
sway_lyatb3-2453554 Participate in the Battleground of the Obelisk and be a member of the Sway when they win.
Battleground: Thieves Guild
thieves_atyl7-2438672 Participate in the Battleground of the Obelisk and be a member of the Thieves Guild when they win.

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