Neopets Birthday Alabriss

Birthday Alabriss is one of the latest petpets to be made available to the neopets users! It’s one of four new releases of the new petpet color; Birthday!

Birthday Alabriss

 Now some of you may be wondering, where do you get the birthday alabriss?

There are currently only two ways to get the Birthday Petpets. One being the petpet lab ray, but we all know the chances of that are slim to none. The second is by opening  the “Neopets 14th Birthday Goodie Bag”. It’s the latest neopets goodie bag to be released to celebrate Neopets’s 14th birthday!

Now the Neopets 14th Birthday Goodie Bag just got released, so they currently are pretty much non-existent. If you want to try restocking one, you can try the toy shop, they are only r75 so they will not be that rare and will restock often. However, the demand for winning these birthday petpets will drive the price of the goodie bag pretty high!

I also would refrain from purchasing the physical petpets (yes these are physical petpets that you can remove by the way, and not like the usual petpet lab colors where you cannot remove) as the price of them is currently inflated. Like for example the birthday alabriss is currently selling for 5,000,000 neopoints on the trading post.

Now that all you pony fans know how to get this special alabriss, what are you waiting for!