Neopets Cryptoquest

Blockchain technology (which is used to power Bitcoins) has now arrived at Neopets! Using the same technology, you can buy virtual cards that you can trade among-st your friends. Your can purchase virtual packs which contain these cards and a virtual Rare Item Code that you can redeem!

What do Neopians think of this?

I think the implementation is pretty horrible, but the idea of crypto-collectibles in general isn’t entirely without merit. Again, really bad execution here, not arguing that point, but people keep saying they want Neopets to get with the times and at least this is something new and trendy.

” To be fair, in this case, Rarebits had reached out for some generic advice from the heads of major community resources. Obviously nothing hands on was given, but it was painfully obvious that — just like Overpowered — these guys were coming into Neopets largely blind and needed some education as to what the Neopets community wants and needs. “

Overpowered put some kind of trading cards for sale on a different website. That’s why you are supposed to sign up for that website. I guess you can trade the cards with other people on that website for different cards or other things. Or you can scratch the card and get a code to get np items on the neopets website. It’s all very strange. I will not be participating.

Could someone at JS, you know, have a word with Overpowered? Such startling new characters as Draik the Draik, Kougra the Kougra, Aisha the Aisha, and Uni the Uni are introduced. It reads like it was written by someone who has only encountered a wikipedia page of Neopets (presumably because it was). Even the concept doesn’t make sense. They need disguises because they don’t fit in in the HW. But they are *the four most spooky colours on the site to start with*. It’s nonsensical.

it will definitely amount to something. It will amount to quite a few unaware players wasting their money buying useless overpriced digital cards that will be next to worthless. Digital cards that lazily reused artwork that give mediocre and laughable code rewards that include a pile of dung. It will amount to something alright, it will end up with Overpowered making easy money from near thin air and hapless players realising they have been had.

I bet this is what went through their minds: 1) We are short on money, we need money. 2) How to make money without making any physical item 3) Prize codes of course! But wait, we just can’t do a direct swap, there will have to be another layer, another medium to legitimise it. 4) But like Leonidas in 300, how do we Give Them Nothing & Take From Them Everything? 5) Oh, virtual items of course!

I try to be positive about TNT but this is just such a garbage move. I’ve never actually gotten angry at something I’ve read on Neopets before. This is so obviously a moneygrab for Overpowered to bail them out of their bad decisions. The fact that it’s framed as some fun new feature is insulting when there’s not even any gameplay involved, just spending cash to get cheap items. One of the prizes