Neopets Grumpy Old King Guide

Neopets Grumpy Old King Guide

Well – you know King Skarl. A fat skeith king, who doesn’t do much except sit around and eat. He also likes to be entertained, er, while he eats. And when he’s not being entertained, er he’s eating. Okay! So anyway, you’re the King’s entertainment, and you have to tell him a joke. If he likes the joke, you get something nice, if he doesn’t, er – we’ll get to that later.

What can you Win?

There are several prizes you can win if he enjoys your joke. You can also get anywhere from 45 neopoints – 616 neopoints from the Grumpy old King. Here is the list of prizes that you can get if he enjoys your joke a lot! These you will get if you get 750+/1000 points.



Bowl of Yuck

Chicken Leg Wing

Golden Stalk

Royal Cheese Bread

Skarl Fruit

Skarl Kabob

Skarl Royal Crown

Skarl Royal Flag

Skarl Royal Shield

Tail Bone


Here’s some prizes you can get if you get a tiny chuckle out of him. You can get these if you get a score between 600-699/1000 neopoints a day.


Tasty Turnip Tartar

Blackened Banana

Bag of Peas

Sludge Pie


Cup of Water

Hot Crossed Buns

Stale Bread

Chunky Meaty Stew


Not only can you win some item prizes and some neopoints, but avatars. Yes, PLURAL. Not avatar, avatar s. You can get two. Just think, you can get an avatar for making the guy angry. xD

It’s awarded when you tell a bad joke to King Skarl. A bad joke is any thing under 300/1000 points in the game.
Randomly awarded when the Grumpy Old King laughs hysterically. The answer can be anything. You have to gain 750+/1000 points.



I have this great joke, but where is King Skarl?!Yeah, did I tell you that King Skarl likes to eat? Ohkay – good. :P Well, he’s busy feasting. He does this every day from 10 to 11 pm. He’ll be back soon all ready for your joke, don’t worry.


Is there any tricks to this?

Actually there is one, but it’s not always proven to work – but people are more likely to get the jester avatar this way. Take a look at this TCG card:

If you read the description it says “What do you do if Fierce Peophins has eaten too much tin of olives?” We have the answer aswell, even though that is not shown in the card.

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