Neopets Jelly World Guide

Neopets Jelly World Guide

Jelly world does not exists
Yes it does.
You have wondering about Jelly world’s existance haven’t you guest? Or maybe why people with old accounts tell you and/or other people that it doesn’t exist with silly excuses? Or maybe why people in boards cry out ‘JELLY WORLD EXIST!!’?
Ether way you’ll find your answer here and I’ll explain it to you. 


I should start of by explaing what it is. If you couldn’t see the image on top, Jelly world is plainly a town made of jelly with jelly neopets as citzens.(Not like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich jelly but more as in jell-o jelly.) This is the intro with in the world:

In a very distant corner of Neopia, a strange town exists built entirely of orange jelly. Nobody knows how it got there, perhaps a magic spell that backfired, or perhaps it was commissioned by an eccentric Neopian billionaire with a sweet tooth, who knows!

During your stay, please try not to eat the buildings!

This world contains a few useful things. Two games ( Jelly Blobs of Doom and Bouncy Supreme ),a shop and most importantly the free jelly.


Oh, yeah here:
If the link doesn’t work the address is here.
Note the double slashes. Putting only one slash will prevent you from posting the link on the boards, so be carefull.

Wait, didn’t TNT say that jelly world didn’t exist?

Yes, but they are kidding.


You see TNT is mischievous. They act ‘weird’,’silly’, and love pulling pranks on users. For example:
This one is pulled during the advent calender:


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And who can forget this April fools joke…


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If you want know more about neocharge click here

So you get the idea. But unlike the jokes shown jelly world is all year long and it never seems to end.

Okay, I see that TNT was kidding and jelly world is real. But what about other things? Are TNT trying to hide other things too?

Well first of all I wouldn’t say they are hiding it. They are just pretending that it isn’t real. If they see someone talking about jelly world jelly world they won’t stop them. And the link is not really hidden just hard to find because jelly world is not on the world map. And yes there are other links that are hard to find. You can see a list of ‘hidden’ links here.

Wait, do they pretend that other things don’t exist?

Nope the only thing close is the ‘ White Weewoos don’t exist. *shifty eyes*’ phare from the Neopian Timesbut obliviously they do being the mascot of the times itself.

So if it’s not hidden, why so many users believe it doesn’t exist?

Actually most users know it does. You see, they pretend it doesn’t exist as well as TNT. They don’t have to do it. They do it just for fun. Although it’s my personal opinion there is a balnace of when it’s funny and when it’s annoying. For example, its funny in a place such as in the other world (unless if somone is asking if it exist) boards or the jelly board when it’s obivous that it does exist with older users that already know. But it can get annoying when used in the help board or to a confused newbie.It gets annoying because they are just asking a simple question in need of a simple answer. They might not know if a person is joking or they can get agitated because they just want the question answered and nothing else. And simple one question board like so can multiple pages.

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as you can see some do give the link but others still pretend to claim it does exist. And at the same time there people who do not uderstand they are kidding and they call them things like ‘non-believers’. So at time people don’t understand the joke and make boards similar to this.

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And the argument goes on. Even if someone tells they or themselves were joke later on, at times the ‘believers’ (so they call themselves) don’t believe them.Thinking that they have ‘been proven right’ and don’t to admit it. They wise thing to do when you see these boards is to just explain it as soon as you can go.
And you really want to joke when someone ask the question at least still give the link like this

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There are many ways to this though, you just got to be creative :)
Again this how I think of the issue and what should be done. I just thought by showing it can help explain what happens. You can still pretend as much/little as you want on the boards, no one is stoping you (not even TNT) until the point of false reports and scamming which could get people in trouble and frozen.

I entered somthing into the ( Neopian Times, poems, captions, ect.) that is jelly world related and it got rejected!

Thats because you probably got rejected because you hinted of it’s existance in that. If you want something jelly world themed in your entery you then HAVE TO pretend it doesn’t exist in order to have a possibility to it being accepted.

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