Neopets Magma Pool Guide

Take a dip into Neopets Magma Pool to turn your pet Magma. The Neopets Magma Pool, when accessed at a certain time can change your pet Magma at no cost! 686geh-5359792

What is it?

The Magma Pool is a well-guarded Magma Pool in which you are able to turn ONE pet Magma per day. The only thing is that the time in which you are able to do this is entirely up to your account. You have to find the time that it is open for you, which is the challenging part!

Shhh… look! The guard is sleeping! Maybe you can sneak by him if you’re very, very careful…
Please select your Neopet to take a swim in the Magma Pool and be painted Magma.

You will see this every time you go to the Pool unless you find your time.

Where is it located?

So you wish to use this Magma Pool? It is located in Moltara. Go to the red box and then to the yellow.


Pets that are currently available:

These are the pets that are currently available for you to turn Magma, however for a more up-to-date guide always check the Rainbow Pool.

2-1552530 2-7855783 2-5427838 2-7056131 2-7631774
2-1587516 2-5437736 2-9870759 2-2566211 2-6919927
2-6540382 2-8825520 2-2726458 2-6081122 2-2875529
2-6326499 2-8771570 2-3955007 2-1587925 2-3581088
2-6820720 2-8322102 2-6499064 2-4839414 2-7285756
2-1625359 2-8825927 2-2888614 2-7023539 2-9988303
2-3058203 2-6608981 2-5300962 2-2860013 2-6194037
2-2900052 2-5110322 2-3746773 2-1444715 2-6811664
2-4376026 2-4625836 2-2299863 2-3263039 2-9041733
2-7615791 2-6800439 2-4293463 2-7169076 2-2774323
2-3589175 2-1124883 2-4810711 2-1953284

Neopets Magma Pool Time

You will have to refresh every 10 minutes to find your time until you see the guard has fallen asleep. For example if you start at 2:00pm NST then refresh again at 2:10pm NST and then again at 2:20pm NST until that guard falls asleep.
– Every time you refresh, write down what time you do so that next time you know what time you already have attempted.

Copy and Paste this text onto a petpage so you can keep an eye on your Magma Pool time attempts.

<text_area><table width=”500″ border=”0″><p></p>
<table width=”500″><tr><td> <center> <font size=”7″ color=”black”><b> Magma Trying Times</b> </font> </center>
<p>Magma refreshed times: Write what time you have refreshed here. The one that is the time you can <b>bold it</></p></td></tr></table></table></center> <br></text_area>

If you can’t be bothered trying to find your time then the only other way for you to have a Magma pet is by; asking someone else to turn yours ( if they know their time), Getting transferred one ( putting one in the pound will turn it red) or by being extremely lucky from the Lab Ray.

Good Luck!

*Note: This can be accessed from your sides.