Neopets Mootix Drop Guide

Neopets Mootix Drop Guide

Basic Information: 

Mootix Drop
(click to play)
Mootix Drop

Avg. NP/Score Ratio Difficulty Categories
1 NP per 1.33 points
For 1,000 NP, score 752.
Avatar Neopedia Cheats
None None None
First Place Second Place Third Place



You’re Harry the Mootix and you have an extremely important mission: to parasite a petpet. To do this you’ll fall with a parachute and land on an important point of that petpet. When flying through the neohome you will be presented with rings to pass between and your mission will be only complete if you pass through them all. To move use the arrow keys and to roll on the air, in way to get faster to some place, double tap the right or left arrows.




  • Easy
    • Babaa – 5 rings
    • Warf – 10 rings
    • Kadoatie – 15 rings
  • Medium (unlocked after beating Easy)
    • Babaa – 5 rings
    • Warf – 10 rings
    • Kadoatie – 15 rings
    • Gruslen – 20 rings
  • Hard (unlocked after beating Medium)
    • Babaa – 5 rings
    • Warf – 10 rings
    • Kadoatie – 15 rings
    • Gruslen – 20 rings
    • Doglefox – 20 rings

This difficulty is not playable. It presents two new (unplayable) petpets: puppyblew and snorkel. 


Single Drop
Can be unlocked after completing any mission. This is good to train a single level. It’s said that you can receive a reward from completing this, but there is a glitch on the Kadoatie of Hard Difficulty and, till now, nobody got said reward.



Landing is very important. On each level you’re given a target (sometimes more than one) that works as score multiplier. Be sure to land on the centre of the target and always on the smallest target.

As soon as your parachute opens, a new factor will enter the game: wind. This will redirect you to the opposite side where you are (if you’re at the right it will blow you to the left).

Also, use your shadow as reference point, so you know when to tap the down arrow and fall faster. 


The Code Screen
By using the arrow keys you can, on the code screen, activate special bonus. Go to the following points to see the effects:

  • Giant Mootix – Babaa Mootix Spyder
  • Heavy Mootix and 5 Bonus Points – Babaa Target Spyder
  • Invisible Mootix and 5 Bonus Points – Target Mootix Babaa
  • Small Mootix – Mootix Target Mootix
  • 8 Bonus Points and access to Spyder Level – Target Target Spyder
  • Never ending mission – Spyder Target Target
  • Fast Mootix – Spyder Target Mootix
  • 10 Bonus Points and inverted controls – Mootix Target Babaa
  • Light Mootix – Spyder Target Babaa

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