Neopets Multiple Accounts Guide

Neopets Multiple Accounts Guide

To many, what you can and cannot do on multiple accounts is very confusing. This nifty little guide is here to show you that yes, side accounts do have a use after all.

The Basics
Before we get deep into the rules, lets review what a side account is and a main account. Your main account is the account you use to gain NP. You should use this account to get your dailies, take part in plots and all of that. For most people their main account is also the account they use most often, though technically this doesn’t have to be the case. The Neopets Team allows you a maximum of exactly 5 accounts.

What you Can do
Let’s start with the positive stuff first. What can you do on your side, or spare accounts without fear of your account being frozen.

  • You may house pets – you can use a spare account as an “Adoption Account” or the like
  • You may join a guild – no more than 2 accounts in one guild though
  • You may Neomail and chat – you can do that just as well on your main so there is hardly a point
  • You may own a shop or gallery – whatever you’re selling must come either from your main or random events etc. NOT dailies or the like
  • You are also allowed to go shopping, provided that your money is earned fairly
  • Store extra items
  • Browse around Neopets aimlessly
  • Test graphics and codes (provided that the graphics are within neopets rules)

Sounds like fun, doesn’t it? Now we move to what you’re not allowed to do.

What is not allowed 
There’s quite a few restrictions set on side accounts with the aim of keeping neopets a fair game for everyone. Of course, I might forget to list some rules. Be sure to read the neopets rules yourself just to make sure you’re not doing anything that’s not allowed.

  • Play games
  • Doing Dailies (advent calendar, tombola…)
  • Voting for yourself in any contest; or anyone else for that matter. You may only vote with 1 account.
  • Enter any sort of contest. You got your main account for that ;)

Its all relatively simple if you think about it. Just follow all the normal neopets rules as you would on your main account. Though Neopets allows you to change main, you really should not do this more often than every 6 months since else TNT may mistake you for a scammer and freeze you unfairly. And no one wants that! But other than that, just bear in mind ‘better safe than sorry’ and read over the Neopets Rules if your ever confused ;).

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