Neopets Petpet Battles Guide

Neopets Petpet Battles Guide

Petpet Battles (click to play)
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A game of violence to our dear little petpets. To play this you’ll need a petpet and some time. This is also a great game to get Random Events. The prizes you can get from this are the three trophies. For the Bronze you’ll need around 20 victories on the end of the month (reset night), 25 to the silver and 30 to the gold.


You can play as much as you want per day, but your scores will be reset if you don’t get 10 points. This means that you can’t stop fighting and continue a week later.

How do I raise the level of my petpet?

This game will raise the level of your petpet (that can, eventually, even help your pet on the battledome). For each 10 points your petpet will win a level. You win a point per victory, but it will be taken away if you lose. Example: If you’ve played 10 times and lost 5 you will win only 5 points.

You can also raise your petpet’s level with the help of the petpet labray. Random events like Symol Hole and Turmaculus will also raise your petpet’s level.



Ignore what TNT says on their rules.

Shield until your shield ends. Then alternate between Head Shot and Body Blow: use Head Shot until it does not work anymore, then use Body Blow and so on.

Notice that sometimes (randomly and when you’re winning) your shield and health may raise!


Some Petpets you’ll fight

You will fight petpets within a specific level range. If your petpet level is “n” you’ll fight pets between “n-3” and “n+3”


Enfanta’s Kookith, Quasar (Level 2)

Brucey B’s Mallard, Biebo (Level 5)

Sjengora’s Nurana, Tess (Level 7)


Some Sentences Said by Your Enemy

(where it says “Faerie the Stego” replace by “Yourpetpetsname, the petpetspecies“)


  • You turned out to be quite a surprise, Faerie! I’m very impressed by your ability to attack upstairs. I guess we’ll just have to be more cautious…
  • Usually, Tess’s quickness makes opponents look like they’re moving in slow motion. You should be proud of your effort today, win or lose…
  • Well well, Faerie! I’m surprised by your courage and willingness to slug it out! It’s a good thing we’re well prepared for this match…
  • In all honesty, I had some doubts about whether you’d be able to get in close and land body shots. Fairie, you should be commended for such fearlessness!
  • Whew, we really needed that one. If you can keep it up, we might have a chance to pull this match out…
  • OK it’s a close match. Do you think we can pull away a little now?
  • Way to go! That could be the turning point we’ve been looking for.
  • Listen to me! We’ve still got plenty of opportunities to come back and win; this match is far from over!
  • What kind of Mallard ARE you?!? I thought you could fight…
  • So, you’ve decided to try attacking to the head. My Biebo’s a quick one, so you’ll definitely have your hands full. We’ll see if you’re up to the task…
  • Oh my! I can’t believe Faerie has been able to land such a wide array of body attacks! You’d better land some shots and get ’em off you…
  • Biebo, you can’t stay in one spot and slug it out. I don’t know if you’ve ever faced an opponent with such wicked arsenal of body shots. Get moving!
  • C’mon Biebo, you’ve been through too much to give up now!
  • Hotaru_Loup, you’ve taught Faerie well! Excellent form, great technique… and some of the most vicious body attacks that I’ve seen in a long time.


Sentences said by your Pet


  • We’ve waited so long for this match. You know how important it is to get off to a good start!
  • Biebo’s not gonna roll over and let you win. You’ve got to get out there and TAKE it!
  • Do us all a favour and put that Mallard to bed…
  • I know this is a tough opponent. You’ve just gotta be tougher!

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