Neopets Snowager Guide

Neopets Snowager Guide

Snowager's cave

The Snowager is a snake made out of ice in the Ice Caves. It is awake for most of the day and is another Neopian monster. The only time it plays the hero is in Neoquest II. So what? Another monster in Neopia. What good does that do me? Well, it has a pile of treasure.At certain hours of the day, the Snowager falls asleep and you have the potential to steal some of its treasure. When it is awake and you enter its cave, it says The Snowager is awake!!! You better run before it eats you!!! It never does anything to you while it is awake. When it is asleep, the page gives you a link in the text below the picture of the cute little Snowager sleeping saying click here to steal some treasure.

One of three things could happen.

  • It could wake up then go back to sleep, like any normal monster would if it stayed up for 21 hours a day. If this happens, you won’t get any treasure, you won’t be able to try to get more treasure until the next hour that the Snowager is asleep, and the Snowager lets you go without any damage to your pets.
  • It could wake up and roar at you, causing the same effects as above, except that your pets will take some damage.
  • The third effect, which isn’t that uncommon, is that you get an item from it.

If the Snowager wakes up and attacks you, you will most likely get it as aBattledome challenger, and you can then take out a can of butt-whoop on it as revenge. However, it’s one of the more difficult Battledome challengers, so be careful.You beat the Snowager. You’re rich, right? Usually wrong. It’s very rare that you get a good item. It’s a worthless keychain most of the time. Sometimes a Negg, but rarely.

The Snowager is asleep three hours a day. It should sleep more; after all, Count Von Roo sleeps for 23 hours a day. Anyway, the Snowager is asleep during the hours of 9:00 to 10:00 am2:00 to 3:00 pm, and 5:00 to 6:00 pm (all times NST). Have fun, and get yourself some junk… I mean treasure.

 Image Info How do I get it?
Snowager – Rawr!
December 8, 2004
—— Read a related guideRandomly awarded when being blasted by the Snowager.

There is one completely useful thing from going to the Snowager…an avatar! Yes, I see your eyebrows have gone up at that. To get this avatar, you have to get blasted by the Snowager. But here’s the hard part: it’s very rare because it is randomly awarded. Good luck!

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