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Buy Neopets Items

The currency on Neopets is called neopoints. Neopoints are used in almost every aspect of the site in one way or another, from buying battledome weapons for your pet, to collecting stamps/cards, or whatever else you wish to do. Even painting your pet requires neopoints to buy the paint brush. Neopoints can often be very hard to earn, especially since you can only earn a maximum of 1000NP for playing games. It can be very annoying, and terribly frustrating trying to earn enough neopoints to buy that dream item you want, or reach you goal.

However, it is much safer to buy neopets items than it is to buy large amounts of pure neopoints. That’s why we have the largest selection of Neopets items that you will find anywhere!

The staff members here at NeopointsDeals are committed to bringing you the cheapest, fastest, and safest neopets items that you will find anywhere. Please go ahead and browse through the items we have in stock currently! If there is something that you would like to buy that is not listed here, then please don’t hesitate to contact us!