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Buy Unconverted Neopets

As the name of the game might suggest, a huge part of Neopets has to do with the pets that you own. Most of the time, the pets that people wish they owned are Unconverted (UC) pets. Unconverted pets are very old, made before the artwork was updated. These pets are some of the most beautiful, and sought after pets. Some players spend months, and even years trading their pets with other players, trying to trade “up”, for more sought after pets, hoping that one day they will be able to trade for that amazing pet they have always dreamed of. This can be a very tedious process, and after all that effort that you put in, it still might be very hard to find your dream pet.

No matter what your dream pet is, we can help you with it. We have every UC pet that exists in stock, even the rarest that exist. Every one of our pets is VWN, or very well named, meaning that they start with a capital letter and are pronounceable. Ever wanted an UC Plushie Draik? How about an UC Royal, or UC Plushie pet? If you are not looking to spend that much, how about a cheaper pet like our UC Babies/UC Greys/UC Darigans? Whatever you want, we have it! These pets are only getting rarer as time passes, so now is the time to buy.

All of these pets are safe, meaning that they are not scammed/stolen, but if you show up on the Pound Chat right after your purchase, bragging about your new pet, it will most likely raise some suspicion. Included in your purchase is an email with information on how to avoid looking suspicious, and how to stay out of trouble, so please read that carefully. It is in your best interest to read that email so that you can enjoy your new pet as much as possible.

If you are a first time buyer, we highly recommend reading over our Buy Unconverted Neopets Safely Guide.

We offer pets in four different name formats, that being VWN (Very Well Named), WN (Well Named), DN (Decently Named), and BN (Badly Named). For an explanation of these name formats, refer to below.

VWN Generally 10 letters or less, capped, pronounceable names. (Xxxxxxx, Xxxxxxxx, Xxxxxxxxx and etc.)
WN Improperly capped short names, capped 11l or more, pronounceable. (Xxxxxxxxxx, xxxxxxx, etc.)
DN Compound words, two or less underscores/numbers, uncapped with 6 or more letters, no numbers! (_Xxxxx_, XxxxxxXxxxxXxxx, xxxxxxxx etc.)
BN Compound words with numbers/underscores, too many underscores/numbers, unpronounceable, longer format. (Xx_xxxx_xX, Xxxxxx_xx##, ___Xxxxx___, etc.)