New Neopets Released within the Last Year!

New neopets are being released all the time, but who has the time to be checking the news everyday to be up to date with all the new pets! Here is a list of some of the better looking neopets released within the last year or so!

maraquan wocky

The Maraquan Wocky is certainly a oddball neopet. The artwork of this pet does certainly not fit the normal style of other pets, however it still has a nice appeal to it.

stealthy lutari

The Stealthy color is really starting to pick up, and I’m really loving the artwork on their recent Stealth pets. The Stealth Lutari would have to be my favorite.

halloween quiggle

LOL! I don’t even know where to start with the Halloween Quiggle, but I just adore it!

8-bit shoyru

The simple to create, yet still cute 8-bit pets are becoming more and more popular among the PC’ers. The latest 8-bit shoyru is no exception!

maraquan ogrin

Did anyone order lobster? The Maraquan Ogrin is ready to be customized with your water-themed backgrounds!