New Wonderclaw Changing Shades Machine!

New Wonderclaw Changing Shades Machine!

Bigsby Shadington’s new Wonderclaw Changing Shades Machine has been released on Neopets! Purchase a widget  from the NC Mall to start playing and win some ombre-themed NC item prizes. For better chances at getting better prizes , you can use Power-Ups to enhance your wonderclaw gameplay.


The bonus prize from the neopets wonderclaw machine is :

Rainbow Library Backround
Rainbow Library Backround

The gold prizes from the changing shades machine are:

Orange Spectrum ContactsOrange Ombre DressOmbre Tea Party BackgroundGolden Ombre Wig

Orange Spectrum Contacts
Orange Ombre Dress
Ombre Tea Party Background
Golden Ombre Wig

The silver prizes are:

Glittery Skirt and Ombre TightsFrosted Tips WigFlowing Ombre CapeBlue Ombre Button Shirt

Glittery Skirt and Ombre Tights
Frosted Tips Wig
Flowing Ombre Cape
Blue Ombre Button Shirt

The bronze prizes are:

Polka Dot Ombre ScarfOmbre Cloud GarlandOmbre Ballet ShoesField of Ombre PeoniesDark Ombre Trousers

Polka Dot Ombre Scarf
Ombre Cloud Garland
Ombre Ballet Shoes
Field of Ombre Peonies
Dark Ombre Trousers

And lastly, by playing the wonderclaw, you can win these wood prizes:

Ombre Petals PathOceanic Ombre CurtainsMagical Rainbow Face PaintGlass Lily StaffDusty Pink Lamps GarlandDual Tone Necklace

Ombre Petals Path
Oceanic Ombre Curtains
Magical Rainbow Face Paint
Glass Lily Staff
Dusty Pink Lamps Garland
Dual Tone Necklace

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