Clawed Shield

Clawed Shield

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$24.00 $19.99


This shield will make sure your opponents cannot possibly get close enough to harm you.


  1. Elise Kozler

    Power: (2/3) Reflects 60-80% fire and blocks 3 dark icons

    Price: (2/2) About 2 million at the moment. Quite affordable to most players.

    Tactical (2/3): Can come in handy against Portable Kiln, Mask of Coltzan and Chilli Sword. Especially if you are using a Ghostkershield and your opponent wants to get through it by using fire.

    Alternatives/Upgrades: Flame Reflectozap, Reflectozap 2000, or Turbo Flame Reflector

    1p/2p: (1/2) Don’t bother with this for 1p battles, unless its for Kasuki Lu. For 2p this is good if your opponent is using a weapon from the list above.

  2. Elise Kozler

    Cheaper than Flame Reflectozap, this fire reflector is useful in both 1p and 2p dome.
    With the future of TCG redeeming (and the supply of these) uncertain, the price is steadily increasing on these and rather quickly. The sooner you can get one, the less you`ll pay in the long run.
    Good defence against Portable Kiln, Mask of Coltzan, half of Ring of the Lost, and some of Ghostkerbomb.
    Other candidates for fire defence include Faerie Tabard if you`ve trained your defence up, Flame Reflectozap and Pirate Captains Hat, though the Hat is breakable.

  3. Elise Kozler

    Power (3/4) Reflects over 60% of fire.

    Price (2/2) With the TCG retirement, the price has spiked, but they are still a cheaper option than Flame Reflectozap. As a retired item the price on this will likely rise faster, so compare both before buying.

    Tactical (2/3) Since this wins against the Portable Kiln, this is very common as a backup defense in sets with Ghostkershield. The reflection + defense icon combination is unusual, as reflection is best for pets with low defense, but the icons are best for high defense pets.

    Another Angle (1/1) A classic of defensive battlers. Lord Sloth adds that this is also strong against that awful Space Faerie.

    Alternatives/Upgrades: Flame Reflectozap, or if you have trained defense Faerie Tabard or Pirate Captains Hat are options for fire defense.

    Defenses/Countermeasures: Attacking with non-fire weapons is the way to beat this. To beat this as a backup to Ghostkershield, you need to go to water weapons or attempt to overload the G-shield by stacking a bunch of light and/or air icons.

  4. Elise Kozler

    Reign of fire is dead right now thanks to TCG blasters being 11 icons and having more varity then Klin, so naturally, people would pick blasters over klin for more icon varity.

    Clawed shield was the weapon back when people used duel klin or Klin+ Mask of Coltzan. Now, it’s not as common to see klin and mask. Mask seems more used then Klin now. =/

    Price on shield goes up and down a lot ,but long as it’s under 800k, it’s a nice buy if you think you’ll run into a bunch of fire users.
    It is a good reflector (price-wise), but not enough weapons to make it look impressive.

    It’s dark defense isn’t anything to gloat about.

    More fire weapons come out…Shield might be seen more.

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