Lately there has been an infestation of Meepits roaming around Neopets, due to TNT mass releasing them. After they switched servers in September 2014, as a “thank you” for the loyal neopians who patiently waited it out, they rewarded them with a Meepit.

You can paint your meepit all these colours:


Blue Meepit

Yellow Meepit

Green Meepit

Christmas Meepit

Faerie Meepit

Tyrannian Meepit

Fire Meepit

Grey Meepit

White Meepit

Ghost Meepit

Red Meepit

Island Meepit

Dung Meepit

Snow Meepit

Pirate Meepit

Mutant Meepit

Starry Meepit

Robot Meepit

Disco Meepit

Glowing Meepit

Zombie Meepit

Halloween Meepit

Royal Meepit

Darigan Meepit

Stealthy Meepit

Purple Meepit

There is something awfully spooky about those big staring eyes…