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Moehog Skull


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Some say this skull is a lucky charm, others say it is cursed. Whichever is true it sure is spooky looking! Limited Use.

The best way to describe the Moehog Skull (MSkull) is to state that it is the best freezer released to battlers. Not only is the Moehog Skull a 100% freeze weapon, it also does about 15 icons!

The only downside to the Moehog Skull would be the price, currently at around 400,000,000! Due to the fact that only a limited number of these exist, there really hard to come by. The only way to obtain the Moehog Skull is through the haunted woods scratchcards, but be warned this rarely happens!


  1. Elise Kozler

    For godly weapons that can only be seen in the battlepedia, it is simply unfair to rate it critically based on its price.

    When you use this, it does most of what you demand in a battle. Decent offence of a nice combination, good defence for two icon types and 100% freezing. This only consumes you a weapon slot.

    Some may think an one-use miracle like this should not be highly-rated but I would like to point out that you can combine this with whatever you want on the turn you use it.

    Skull+Main Offence would mean a heavy damage to your opponent, who cannot reverse the situation on the next turn due to freezing.

    Skull+Main Defence increases your chance to stay alive to enjoy the free turn as your opponent is frozen. The 15-icon offence can also deal some damage.

    Hate the lack of healing in this skull? Combine it with a healer and you have no more complaints. You can also use Burrow/Sink to make yourself godly for a turn.

    Feeling happy? Survey says that more than 99% of the people reading this rating cannot afford the skull. Don’t be too emo though, I am one of them.

  2. Elise Kozler

    It defends against two of the most common icon types, deals 15 icons (10 of which are hard to block), and it’s a 100% freezer. What’s not to love here? (Note: I’m largely disregarding the price, as I think it’s silly to give an excellent weapon like this a thumbs down just because it costs a lot. It loses one point for the insanely high price tag, but that’s it.)

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