Rod of Supernova

Rod of Supernova

Rod of Supernova


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One of the most powerful artifacts in Neopia! The Rod of Supernova will create Supernova motes for you to use in battle, block attacks, heal you, and cover your opponent with fire and searing light!


  1. Elise Kozler

    Nobody is purchasing this weapon for the supernova’s. If you use them, you just aren’t doing enough damage or healing for this to make any sense.

    This weapon is purchased for its defense and healing. Both of these are superb, but the price is a tad too high. A 40 HP heal and full dark defense is becomming nicer and nicer at all levels of training (from Halo of Devilpuss to Sword of Skardsen), and so this weapon has more and more implementations.

    The price is a pity though. Unless you’re set is perfect and you’re saving for that RoDN, this isn’t worth the price.

  2. Elise Kozler

    This has the best healing of the rods, but isn’t as strong or reliable as a RoDN. Get this if you want a rod but can’t afford the 40 mil RoDN.

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