Seasonal Attack Pea


Seasonal Attack Pea

Seasonal Attack Pea

$445.00 $399.99

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$445.00 $399.99

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Give your opponent a little seasonal cheer as you pound them into oblivion! Get yourself, or your friend a powerful little Christmas gift. Buy a SAP today.


  1. Elise Kozler

    Although this weapon is one of the strongest currently available, it is so expensive that many will never be able to afford it. However, beware of Shovel Plus and Ultra Dual Shovel if you do own a Seasonal Attack Pea.

  2. Elise Kozler

    It is so much more expensive than the normal Attack Pea counterpart. Millions more for only a few icons more. Just stick to the attack pea. However it doesn’t keep this from being an exceptionally great weapon. A touch overpriced when compared to the attack pea. But when you are dealing with some many icons, each additional icon costs a LOT. This would be a great weapon to get at the cove, and a decent one to buy elsewhere. I give it a 8 because the extra icons doesn’t quite justify the price, and the attack pea is still cheaper (however, since there are so few on the market, the price might vary a lot, so you might be able to get this as cheap as some normal attack peas).

  3. Elise Kozler

    I give this pea a ten because quite simply, there is no alternative to it for its price range. Therefore, it is not over-priced or under-priced, but perfectly priced.

    As for its attack: tremendous. It packs its way through burrow and sink and no total multi use weapon (yes, the pirates hat stops this but it breaks for battle) can completely stop it.

    This will make your opponents shudder when you bring this out and they realize that there is no more hope :P

    Even the legendary shovels don’t quite put this one away. There is still plenty of incentive to use it through the shovels….

    Simply incredible and an excellent find at the cove :O

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