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One battery pack is enough for 4,000 winks. An old popular freezer, but nowadays it’s rarely used due to the new freezers released.


  1. Elise Kozler

    This is a step up from Freezing Potion. More flavors of 100% freezers. For me the biggest drawback of this weapon is the cost, which is only going to continue to increase. TCG Cards have been officially discontinued, which essentially means what supply is out there is all there is going to be. Which means over time the price of this weapon should steadily increase. The 4 offensive icons are huge. However! They`re very easily blocked. If the other person freezes with Heavy Blue Tunic for instance and any dark blocker, this is reduced to H4000 Helmet. Some people like offensive battling and if so, this is the higher end freezer for you. If you stay more towards the defensive battling, then Heavy Blue Tunic is the better choice.

  2. Elise Kozler

    Power (4/4) 100% Freeze and 4 icons.

    Price (2/2) 3 million per added icon is cheap at this level. You pay over 10 mil per added icon going from PCC to GSword.

    Tactical (3/3) I can`t stress it enough, but freezing is essential in 2p. This and Heavy Blue Tunic are neck and neck for the best freezer you might actually be able to get.

    Another Angle (0/1) This only wins out if the opponent doesn`t defend on the freeze round, but against a defensive opening it will not come out better than Freezing Potion or Magical Marbles of Mystery do.

    Alternatives: Freezing Potion, Magical Marble of Mystery, Heavy Blue Tunic

    Upgrades: Moehog Skull

    Defenses/Countermeasures: Either freeze with Golden Peophin Harp, Heavy Blue Tunic or open with freeze + Ghostkershield or freeze + Ring of the Lost and you should negate the icon advantage here.

  3. Elise Kozler

    This is the 2nd strongest once per battle freezer, but for most people who will never be able to afford a Moehog Skull, this will be the end of the line for once per battle freezers. The icons are pretty good, getting through both burrow and sink, but like the Magical Marbles of Mystery, it will be completely blocked by a Ghostkershield.

    This weapon is a bit overpriced, being 2-3 million more than the H4K, F-Pot, or Magical Marbles.

    Unless prices fall, I would wait until my set is fully complete before I consider upgrading to this weapon. The extra icon(s) do not make up for the millions more np.

    Downgrade: Freezing Potion or Magical Marbles of Mystery
    Upgrade: Moehog Skull
    Alternatives: Ice Dice or Slumberberry Potion or Species Freezer

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