★Baby Paint Brush

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The Baby Paint Brush is one of the oldest paint brushes to be released on Neopets dating all the way back to 2002! Since then it has resided in the Hidden Tower to be readily bought by us neopians. The baby paint brush costs 600,000 NP in the Hidden Tower, and 582,000 NP on Half Price Day. The current trading post for the price tends to fluctuate at the 560,000 NP mark. The baby pb is a very easy-to-sell item, as there are always buyers available.

The current neopets which can be painted with this paint brush include the quiggle, korbat, usul, kyrii, meerca, kougra, peophin, grundo, koi, moehog, flotsam, yurble, jubjub, zafara, mynci, poogle, lupe, ogrin, aisha, tuskaninny, gelert, kiko, bori, hissi, gnorbu, grarrl, eyrie, ruki, cybunny, tonu, draik, lutari, lenny, bruce, chia, buzz, blumaroo, scorchio, techo, kacheek, nimmo, elephante, kau, ixi, wocky, acara, pteri, uni, skeith, chomby, xweetok, shoyru, krawk, and jetsam.

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