100,000NP A Day Guide

~ These dailies are MUST DOs!

collect your interest daily 
jelly you can feed or sell!
omelette you can feed or sell!
answer question, win NP or items! GUIDE
answer panda question, win 200NP (USA?)
Free daily items -ONLY- for those who completed the Altador Plot (star mapping) GUIDE
1 free play a day GUIDE or GUIDE (both highly recommended)
1 free play a day. If he’s asking for donations, leave and go back a bit later!
1 free play a day. Can win NP, BD items and PB’s!
1 free play a day! Can win items, NP, avvie, etc
can visit 1x per hour, 1 item per day
1 prize per day
1 play per day
A rich slorg pays you 50-100 NP
You must have maps assembled (assemble maps at Games – Puzzles – Treasure Maps)
You must complete the Secret Laboratory Map -before- you can assemble the Petpet Lab map.

~ Save your hard earned NP!

-FREE- one feed per pet per day! (USA)
-FREE- one feed per pet per day! (USA)
-FREE- one feed per pet per day!

~ These FREE links are -MUST DO-. You can get NP, food, items to sell or use, pet levels up, stats up, etc

can use every 1/2 hour 
asleep from 6-7 AM, 2-3 PM and 10-11 PM NST
foods, levels, stats, dubloons, etc 
grab free items 
similar to Money Tree 
grab free wearable clothing items
You can fish with each pet. GUIDE
can play 2x/day 
can play 1x/day
awake 1 hour per day GUIDE 
might win NP, items, or avvie
awake midnight-1 a.m. NST 
1 visit per month. You get 2000 NP plus food item per each pet!


To fight your pet must have at least 1HP. If you want to quickly bring up your pet’s HP due to being blasted by Snowy or whatever, fight 1-player vs Inflatable Balthazar. You will win and your HP will return to full.

~ This section will deal with VOLUNTARY Quests
~ Shop Wiz can be used for these quests

Illusen’s Glade
good faerie – GUIDE
Jhudora’s Cloud
evil faerie – GUIDE
Edna’s Quest
find items for her potions, spells or charms
Employment Agency
jobs restock every 10 mins (limit 5 jobs/day)
Mystery Island Kitchen
find items the Chef needs for his recipes
Snow Faerie’s Quest
find items for her spells
Brain Tree Quest
brain tree will ask a question, the -ONLY- way to answer it is to feed The Esophagor two times. write down the answer. do not spend more than 2K-3K on Esophagor items.

~ cards need to be sent 3x, but you only get paid 2x, other than the first time sending them.
~ You must use a valid email address, but use a spare one if you have one.
~ Amounts in bold are -EACH- send, so 3x 100 will equal 300 the first time, 200NP thereafter.
~ Links in red are score sendable. Play them if you like.
~ On the NeoGreetings fill out the form, send, hit ‘back’ (or backspace key) and send again, repeat OR
… you can hit F-5 to refresh the “your card’s been sent” page, repeat :)
~ You will only be able to send about 10 cards, so send the higher paying ones first!

Fashion Fever
play game
send greeting card 3x for 100NP
Berry Lucky Charms
send NeoGreeting cards 3x for 100NP
Charlotte’s Web
send NeoGreeting cards 3x for 100NP
Flushed Away
send NeoGreeting cards 3x for 100NP
Mario 3 on 3
send NeoGreeting cards 3x for 100NP
Movie Mountain Greeting
send NeoGreeting cards 3x for 100NP
Sony Ericsson 1
send NeoGreeting cards 3x for 100NP
Sony Ericsson 2
send NeoGreeting cards 3x for 100NP
Sultans Quest
send NeoGreeting cards 3x for 100NP
send NeoGreeting cards 3x for 100NP

2,200NP – these take less than 5 min


~ if image doesn’t load proper, right click and choose “play
~ NP may take 15 min – 1 day to show up in your account
~ You need not wait for all the ’tiles’ to fall
~ To find the hidden NP slowly move the cursor around until it turns into a hand, then click
~ To find the red NP slowly move cursor around until a red NP appears, click on it
~ depending on your browser version you may be able to quickly find the ‘target’ by clicking your tab key
~ you may need to wait a full 24 hours between doing the links
~ SOME PEOPLE NEED TO WAIT -TWO DAYS- between doing the links

* Cheetos® MessyChief Chester House
find 2 grey blobs, earn 250NP 1x day (USA)
there’s also a “find the paws” mini game (no more info on that yet)
* Froot Loops
find red NP, earn 300NP 1x day
visit site for 3x 150NP
* Apple Jacks
find red NP, earn 150NP 1x day
* Unfinished Building
find red NP, earn 200NP 1x day
* Unmask
find red NP, earn 250NP 1x day
* Cereal Adventure Theatre 1
play all 3 movies for 150NP each
* Ant Bully
click 3x for 150NP each

NOTE: several popular petpage guides have been iced recently. Until I have clarification that the hidden NP links were -NOT- the problem I have removed the rest of the links that were here…


guide or guide
So far a fun little mini-plot, and 2 guides to help you if you need it

~ on Q&A games after a few plays you should have memorized the answers, making those games go quicker
~ The Crowd Patrol game(s), if any, are the -only- games I suggest replaying if you make a mistake and get a bad score

Quest for Double Lemony Loot
NP Ratio: 1.00, 1000pts = 1000np
Free Fall
NP Ratio: 3.90, 257pts = 1000np (game top score 200-ish?)
i-Dog Dance Force Field of Defense
NP Ratio: 0.44, 2273pts = 1000np (game top score 1200-ish)
Chocolatey Milk River Rafting
NP Ratio: 1.00, 1000pts = 1000np
Cocoa Krispies Chocolatey Milk Mine
NP Ratio: 0.55, 1819pts = 1000np GUIDE
KCA Race to the Stage!
NP Ratio: 2.00, 500pts = 1000np
KCA Race to the Stage!
NP Ratio: 2.00, 500pts = 1000np
Milk Surf
NP Ratio: 1.00, 1000pts = 1000np
National Treasure 2 Trivia
NP Ratio: 1.46, 300pts = 438np GUIDE
Wheel of Slime
NP Ratio: 1.00, spin wheel, can spin 1x every 8 hours
(if you look opposite of the top, and one space to the right, that is where the wheel will land, however you can -NOT- close and reopen the game hoping for a better spin)


Pop-Tarts Holiday Shadow Shuttle
NP Ratio: 3.00, 334pts = 1000np
Rabbid Droppings
NP Ratio: 0.10, 10000pts = 1000np
Race to Save Messy, Cheesy Fun!
NP Ratio: 1.25, 800pts = 1000np
Crunching Up Boring
NP Ratio: 0.48, 2084pts = 1000np (game top score 1500)
Apple Jacks® Race to the Bowl
NP Ratio: 0.31, 3226pts = 1000np (game top score ?)
You Can Follow Me!
NP Ratio: 0.48, 2084pts = 1000np (game top score ?)
SpongeBob Video Trivia
NP Ratio: 1.50, 667pts = 1000np (game top score ?)
Bionicle Mistika
NP Ratio: ?.00, 1000np play?
Body by Milk: Race and Refuel
NP Ratio: 3.00, 334pts = 1000np
Super Shopping Spree
NP Ratio: 1.00, 400pts = 400np
Cocoa Puffs
NP Ratio: 0.51, 1961pts = 1000np (game top score 1070)
play ‘expert’ to unlock bonus level -Do Not- send ‘expert’ score, play “bonus” 3x for higher scores than on expert GUIDE

Quick NeoGAMES:
~ these games are pretty quick, though they don’t always pay huge they’re usually worth the time spent playing them.
~ these have been moved here from other sections where they were ‘hidden’ amongst the other games

Fashion Fever
NP Ratio: 1.00, dress pet (or click play, end game, send score) for 300NP/play, send cards for 100NP each!
PetPet Park
Parkfacts (current default game) GUIDE – ALSO – Catch the PetpetPetpet Pair-Up and Faerie’s Folly
NP Ratio: varies according to game
Rink Runner
NP Ratio: 10.01, 100pts = 1000np
NP Ratio: 0.77, 1299pts = 1000np, Neopet version of Sudoku
Smug Bug Smite
NP Ratio: 1.00, 1000pts = 1000np (game top score 600?)
NP Ratio: 1.87, 535pts = 1000np (game top score 500 = 935np)
The Search for Princess Lunara
NP Ratio: 1.90, 527pts = 1000np (game top score 300 = 570np)
NC Shopping Spree
NP Ratio: 0.17, 5883pts = 1000np, find items in maze of shops
To earn more pts, restart until you get a high value NC card (2500) to find
Survey Shack: Super Daily Survey
NP Ratio: 1.42, 600pts = 852np
ball/pegs drop game similar to Expellibox
watch 5 vids, spin wheel for prize NP varies, depending on spin…
some people have problems with this not going to the spin phase, I find that watching 1 vid, spin wheel, then close window and open a new one between each video works for me on those rare occassions. GUIDE (how to figure what you’ll get!)
a multiplayer game, people seem to have fun playing it, and win nice prizes, personally I haven’t been able to get past the “connecting” screen…

1000NP NeoGAMES:
~ these games can take a while and/or some skill
~ I play most of them daily, because it’s good NP, but I do them while watching TV or other things
~ If you’re not that good at them, then do your best, send score, and move on to other games and NP earning!
~ Once I get 1000np worth of pts I usually “die” and end game, I’ll never make hi-score so it’s wasting time to continue

Attack of the Marblemen
NP Ratio: 13.05, 77pts = 1000np
Bouncy Supreme
NP Ratio: 1.02, 981pts = 1000np
type bouncebouncebounce for an extra life
Crisis Courier
NP Ratio: 0.55, 1819pts = 1000np
type kingaltador for an extra life
Dubloon Disaster II
NP Ratio: 5.01, 200pts = 1000np
type in scallywags to create a whirlpool that drags in enemies, to save time you can type in “scallywag” before getting any coins, then when you need the whirlpool type in the “s”. it can drag you in, too, so be careful! type in blackpawkeet to increase chance of high value dubloons
Evil Fuzzles from Beyond the Stars
NP Ratio: 2.32, 432pts = 1000np
shoot enemies until you’re approaching the station then collect the box w/numbers to increase your bonus pts. upgrade gun each time.
Grand Theft Ummagine
NP Ratio: 7.51, 134pts = 1000np GUIDE
Hannah and the Ice Caves
NP Ratio: 0.02, 50,000pts = 1000np
you need to beat up through the “Snow Beast” level to get enough pts for 1000NP. -IF- you beat the entire game you can play the last level in under 2 min for 56,000+ pts, or 1000NP/play! the petpage of my_first_little_pony links to several HatIC guides. try to beat even one -more- level per day until you beat the game. it’s worth it to be able to get that easy 3K/day!
Hot Dog Hero
NP Ratio: 0.30, 3334pts = 1000np
Kass Basher (aka Whack-A-Kass)
NP Ratio: 1.16, 863 meters = 1000np
Maths Nightmare II
NP Ratio: 2.73, 367pts = 1000np
type in letimiyasleep for timer reset. playing division on ‘potato counter’ can earn you enough pts for 1000np by the 2nd equation of round 2! (play to 200+, end game and when you send score it doubles)
Neverending Boss Battle
NP Ratio: 1.10, 910pts = 1000np
type in foreverandeverandever for an extra life. Boss only fires laser once, if you don’t move. Stay in corner between his bullets and keep firing. after you lose the first life you’ll start with a shield on the rest of lives.
Shenkuu Warrior
NP Ratio: 4.62, 217pts = 1000np
Snow Wars II
NP Ratio: 3.44, 291pts = 1000np
Volcano Run II
NP Ratio: 1.58, 633pts = 1000np (game top score 1500-ish)
type glubgar for an extra life, you need to control glubgar while typing it in, so the beginning of a life is the best time. scoring is best distance PLUS gems. total of 450pts of gems in the game, then they send fireballs 3 at a time, so get distance first, then gems (you can get extra gems as gems come in sets of 3, so if you get 440 then wait for a room with 1-2 sets that’s extra gem pts!)
NP Ratio: 11.12, 90pts = 1000np
click badge on grundo to use “grundo ball”, bounce ball with mouse, keep it in the air, must go over the red line to score. grounders earn 10pts per click


Berry Bash
NP Ratio: 0.55, 1819pts = 1000np
Chia Bomber 2
NP Ratio: 2.68, 374pts = 1000np (game top score 1687)
type in geoffrey for an extra life
Faerie Caves II – Fyora’s Quest
NP Ratio: 1.81, 553pts = 1000np GUIDE
Hubrid’s Hero Heist
NP Ratio: 0.025, 20000pts = 1000np
Imperial Exam
NP Ratio: 1.23, 814pts = 1000np (game top score 1600-ish)
On this game you must be a good speller!
Jelly Blobs of Doom
NP Ratio: 2.51, 399pts = 1000np, slow game, but can be fun – avoid jellies larger than the chomby :)
type in rainbownegg to make a 20pt Rainbow Negg appear, type in fishnegg to make a 50pt Fish Negg appear
Lost in Space Fungus
NP Ratio: 1.39, 720pts = 1000np
Nimmos Pond II
NP Ratio: 3.30, 304pts = 1000np
NEW VERSION of the game, version 1 no longer available (I have not played this game, so have no idea how easy or not)
Petpet Cannonball
NP Ratio: 2.82, 355pts = 1000np
Stowaway Sting
NP Ratio: 1.87, 535pts = 1000np
type in scrap to replenish health.
The Castle of Eliv Thade
NP Ratio: 2.66, 376pts = 1000np
type in rehaxtint for an extra hint. go through outer rooms, then to the middle room, then take the invisible path to the bottom path, go to crypt, you will earn 1000NP. (min 150 game pts + 200pts bonus to enter crypt + 150pt send score bonus = 1000NP, for avvie play to 850pts, then enter crypt + send = 1200pts & avvie)
The Usul Suspects
NP Ratio: 3.38, 296pts = 1000np
type in lumiwatergun for an extra life
Typing Terror
NP Ratio: 0.45, 2223pts = 1000np
Yellow robots = 5pts, Red Robots = 20pts, Broken Red Robots = 100pts to get a good score you need plenty of broken red robots. if you want the avvie or hi-score list you need at least 500pts per round, especially on the first few rounds
Word Poker
NP Ratio: 2.49, 402pts = 1000np, this game can be fun if you’re good at anagrams

87,000NP – from these 29 games alone!

~ Other quick or easy games to play, if you want
~ NP earned depends on score, and time taken to play depends on skill
~ The top set I play frequently because the NP is good for the time invested and/or I just find them to be fun. :)

Attack of the Gummy Dice
NP Ratio: 1.11, 901pts = 1000np, match up dice to clear the board
Bruno’s Backwoods Breakaway
NP Ratio: 0.33, 3031pts = 1000np (game top score 5180)
type lookoutbruno for an extra life. avoid villagers, collect potions, bring to cave (turn in all at once for the best score)
Bumble Beams
NP Ratio: 1.45, 690pts = 1000np – direct robot petpets to safety – time consuming…
Caves and Corridors: Mystery Island
NP Ratio: 2.95, 339pts = 1000np
NP Ratio: 2.00, 500pts = 1000np (just like Splat-a-Sloth)
Destruct-O-Match III
NP Ratio: 0.40, 2500pts = 1000np
Dungeon Dash
NP Ratio: 0.15, 6667pts = 1000np (game top score 5000)
play as AAA to get to 5000pts, Abigail is easier, but only 4000pts
Faerie Bubbles
NP Ratio: 0.74, 1352pts = 1000np
type: bubbles to change all bubbles to same random type, faerieland for a rainbow bubble, slumberberry to make the ceiling go back to the top (reset timer), stardust to make the next bubble a nova bubble
Faerie Cloud Racers
NP Ratio: 1.89, 530pts = 1000np
Kiko Match II
NP Ratio: 2.95, 339pts = 1000np
type in ineedmoretime for a bit of added time if needed. Turn animation off so cards flip faster.
Moon Rock Rampage
NP Ratio: 1.93, 519pts = 1000np
Mutant Graveyard of Doom II
NP Ratio: 1.00, 1000pts = 1000np
Ready to Roll
NP Ratio: 0.95, 1053pts = 1000np
Revel Roundup
NP Ratio: 3.62, 277pts = 1000np
Ruins Rampage
NP Ratio: 3.95, 254pts = 1000np GUIDE
Shenkuu River Rush
NP Ratio: 1.00, 1000pts = 1000np
This game requires the 3D Life Player plugin! Not many can play it, but it’s real fun if you can!
NP Ratio: 0.12, 8334pts = 1000np
Sutek’s Tomb
NP Ratio: 0.23, 4348pts = 1000np
type in pyramibread to show a match, type in plzsutekcanihavemoretime for more time (pause game, type in all but the last “e”, unpause then type it in…)
Techo Says
NP Ratio: 6.01, 167pts = 1000np
Tug ‘O’ War
NP Ratio: 0.12, 8334pts = 1000np
Turmac Roll
NP Ratio: 0.90, 1112pts = 1000np
time spent depends on how good of berries you get (it is claimed if you get up to full speed, then slow to minimum for a few seconds it increases chances of better berries OR try typing berries at the game mode select screen) – this is a rare game I’ll replay for better score, if I make a mistake w/low score
Ultimate Bullseye II
NP Ratio: 7.32, 137pts = 1000np
type in catapult for an extra bonus shot. I type in catapult before the first shot, that way if I ‘win’ the same bonus I can play the extra one before the last shot. otherwise save bonus shots for the last shot, and if you hit bullseye you get an extra shot and mega-points for the bullseye
Usuki Frenzy II
NP Ratio: 0.86, 1163pts = 1000np GUIDE (highly recommended)
Warf Rescue Team
NP Ratio: 5.49, 183pts = 1000np
NP Ratio: 0.01, 100,000pts = 1000np
NP Ratio: 0.57, 1755 = 1000np GUIDE
Advert Attack
NP Ratio: 0.67, 1493pts = 1000np
type in nopopups to remove all current popups on game screen
Attack of the Revenge
NP Ratio: 3.10, 323pts = 1000np, repel pirates, shoot pirate ship
Biscuit Brigade: Hagan’s Last Stand
NP Ratio: 0.30, 3334pts = 1000np, keep Skarl’s minions from stealing Hagan’s cookies GUIDE (very slow and challenging)
Carnival of Terror II
NP Ratio: 1.45, 690pts = 1000np
Type custard for timer reset
Chemistry for Beginners
NP Ratio: 0.88, 1137pts = 1000np (slow game to play!)
Cooty Wars
NP Ratio: 1.46, 685pts = 1000np (slow game to play!)
Defender Trainer
NP Ratio: 2.51, 439pts = 1000np, answer questions matching to images of items, pets or petpets
Dice Escape
NP Ratio: 0.50, 2000pts = 1000np GUIDE
type in moretimeruki and helpmeplease for more time (both can be used in the same game!)
Edna’s Shadow
NP Ratio: 1.04, 962pts = 1000np
Eye of the Storm
NP Ratio: 0.13, 7693pts = 1000np, reveal tiles to find the Cyodrake’s Gaze
NP Ratio: 1.36, 736pts = 1000np
Freaky Factory
NP Ratio: 0.73, 1370pts = 1000np
Ghost Bopper (aka Whack-A-Ghost)
NP Ratio: 3.85, 260pts = 1000np
NP Ratio: 0.14, 7143pts = 1000np
Gourmet Club Bowls
NP Ratio: 1.50, 667pts = 1000np
Hannah and the Pirate Caves
NP Ratio: 0.01, 100,000pts = 1000np
Hasee Bounce
NP Ratio: 2.42, 414pts = 1000np
bounce hasee’s to catch donuts, type in doughnutfruit to reset timer
Hungry Skeith
NP Ratio: 1.42, 705pts = 1000np
Ice Cream Machine
NP Ratio: 0.11, 9091pts = 1000np, dodge ice cream scoops GUIDE
Itchy Invasion
NP Ratio: 0.81, 1235pts = 1000np (game top score 1600-ish)
Jolly Jugglers
NP Ratio: 1.62, 618pts = 1000np
Jubble Bubble
NP Ratio: 1.22, 820pts = 1000np
Let It Slide
NP Ratio: 0.41, 2440pts = 1000np
type in stalactites for an extra life
MAGAX: Destroyer II
NP Ratio: 1.27, 788pts = 1000np
type xagam for refill of health
Meepit Juice Break
NP Ratio: 1.01, 991pts = 1000np
Meepit vs. Feepit
NP Ratio: 0.22, 4546pts = 1000np
Meerca Chase II
NP Ratio: 1.51, 663pts = 1000np GUIDE
Mootix Drop
NP Ratio: 1.35, 741pts = 1000np, parachute mootix through hoops and land on target … I find this to be tediously slow…
Mop ‘n’ Bop
NP Ratio: 0.88, 1137pts = 1000np
NP Ratio: 0.88, 1137pts = 1000np, another slow game, but fun!
Piper Panic
NP Ratio: 0.18, 5556pts = 1000np
NP Ratio: 1.05, 953pts = 1000np
Scourge of the Lab Jellies
NP Ratio: 0.09, 11,112pts = 1000np
Snowball Fight
NP Ratio: 1.12, 893pts = 1000np
no time limit, watch the wind direction, try not to hit faeries!
NP Ratio: 0.32, 3125pts = 1000np
type in buuuurrrrrrrrp (with 4 U’s and 8 R’s) you will lose 50% of what the polarchuck ate
Sophie’s Stew
NP Ratio: 2.17, 461pts = 1000np
Super Hasee Bounce
NP Ratio: 1.00, 1000pts = 1000np
Survey Shack: Majority Rules
NP Ratio: 1.30, 770pts = 1000np GUIDE
The Buzzer Game
NP Ratio: 13.64, 74pts = 1000np
The Great Desert Race
NP Ratio: 1.29, 776pts = 1000np
The Great Qasalan Caper
NP Ratio: 0.21, 4762pts = 1000np
The Return of the Return of Dr. Sloth
NP Ratio: 0.000004, shooting game. score a paltry 250,000,000 pts for 1000np!
Time Tunnel
NP Ratio: 0.32, like Codebreakers, 3125pts = 1000np
TNT Staff Smasher (aka Whack-A-Staff-Member)
NP Ratio: 0.28, 3572pts = 1000np, this game can be fun, and anyone should be able to earn fairly decent NP
Trouble at the National Neopian
NP Ratio: 1.02, 981pts = 1000np
Tubular Kiko Racing
NP Ratio: 0.74, 1352pts = 1000np
hold down both left and right arrow keys the entire stage. you’ll earn around 350 game points easily!
Tyrannian Mini Golf
NP Ratio: 1.76, 569pts = 1000np
Ugga Smash
NP Ratio: 1.27, 788pts = 1000np
Wicked Wocky Wobble
NP Ratio: 2.37, 422pts = 1000np
Word Pyramid
NP Ratio: 0.59, 1695pts = 1000np, find words in a pyramid of letters!
Kacheek Seek
Try to find your pet hiding in various locales. You don’t make much NP for this game, it’s more for fun. It will also cheer up depressed pets
Better Than You
game varies, changes every Wed
Caption Competition
picture changes every few days
Lenny Conundrum
question changes every Wed
Mystery Pic
pic changes every Wed and Fri

~ these games are non-flash games so they will work on those rare days when sending score is down, or flash games aren’t working
~ each move made on these games is a page refresh, giving you extra chances at random events!
~ some games have a limit to daily earnings but they can be played ‘free’ after that, so play a free game up to the point of winning, then quit. Come back the next day and finish the game in progress for an easy win!

limit of 1500NP/day – gradually increases your pet’s intelligence, and you can get Winter RE’s (I’ve won 2 Xmas PB’s from RE’s)
limit of 3000NP/day
limit of 5000NP/day
Sakhmet Solitaire
limit of 2500NP/day
Scarab 21
limit of 5000NP/day
board and markers strategy game GUIDE
This can be a fun game, NP earned depends on your skill at catching cheaters. Can win battlecards too. Everyone should be able to have a Cheat Champion trophy on their lookup!
3 plays per day, The petpage of my_first_little_pony links to several Cheeseroller guides
find items in a maze, limited amt of moves
Go! Go! Go!
a card game
a card game w/your pet. Read the rules, it’s pretty complicated
ball toss game like “Hot Potato
Guess The Marrow
try to guess the weight. 1 play per day, free…
Kiss The Mortog
choose correct mortog to advance…
Invasion of Meridell
adventure/strategy game… Save Meridell!
adventure/role playing game…
NeoQuest II
adventure/role playing game…
Plushie Tycoon
Before playing read the PT board that’s always running on the Games Chat for guides, hints, etc…
Potato Counter
count the potatos on the page, enter number – be quick for more NP
Sewage Surfer
assemble sewage pipe puzzles…
convert every symbol on the board to the goal symbol
Snow Wars
grid game similar to “Battleship” using snowballs
Tyranu Evavu
card game, guess higher (tyranu) or lower (evavu)
multi-player game similar to “Othello
multi-player game
multi-player game similar to “Checkers
Wadjets and Ladders
similar to “Chutes and Ladders” using Desert theme… PLAY IS FOR FUN ONLY – NO NP EARNED

Games of Chance:
~ These activities all cost NP, and may not pay off as much as they cost to play
~ Not all games available to those under 13
~ Some of this info may be a tad wrong, since I don’t tend to play chance games I am not that familiar with all their rules

Wheel of Excitement
costs 150NP per spin, can spin every 2 hours
Wheel of Knowledge
costs 500NP per spin
Wheel of Mediocrity
costs 50NP per spin
Wheel of Misfortune
costs 100NP per spin, can spin every 2 hours
Wheel of Monotony
costs 100NP per spin
Lost Desert Scratchcards
costs 500NP per scratch card, can buy one every 4 hours
(Terror Mt) Scratchcard Kiosk
costs 600NP per scratch card, can buy one every 6 hours
Deserted Fairground Scratchcards
costs 1200NP per scratch card, can buy one every 2 hours
costs 250NP per try, can win NP, Jackpot
Bilge Dice
a dice game vs pirate opponents
The petpage of my_first_little_pony links to several Cheeseroller guides. (limit 3 plays per day)
Coconut Shy
costs 100NP per play, can win NP or avvie (limit 20 plays per day)
Cork Gun Gallery
costs 100NP per play
can win food items, faeries, lottery tickets (if pet gets bored you must wait until NST day change to play again)
Double or Nothing
costs 10NP to start, flip coin, go for double or nothing…
Food Club
bet on pirates in eating contest…
Grarrl Keno
bet on “keno” type game
Guess The Card
costs 10NP per play, test your pet’s mental powers…
JubJub Blackjack
max bet 400NP, blackjack game
Krawk Island Krawps
neopian version of dice game (sounds like) krawps…
Neopets Stock Market
can purchase up to 1000 shares per day
Neopian Lottery
costs 100NP per play
costs 3NP per play, neopian version of poker, can win jackpot of 10K
Pick Your Own
costs 400NP to play, find berries on farm…
Poogle Racing
bet on the poogle races
Round Table Poker
costs 150NP to play, play poker vs 4 opponents
Scamander Swarm
costs 25NP to play, guess which door scamander goes to…
Test Your Strength
costs 100NP per try, can try every 6 hours
Treasure of the Black Pawkeet
costs 300NP per try, can try every 3 hours (150NP during Nov, free during Neopet’s Birthday)
Turdle Racing
bet on the turdle races (up to 3x per day)
Alien Aisha Vending Machine
uses nerkmids, which are unbuyables. can win foods, items, paint brushes. also you get an avvie
Black Pawkeet Slots
Brucey B Slots
Black Pawkeet & Brucey B are currently unavailable – read last question
Scorchy Slots
5 NP per play, can win NP, bottled faeries, map pieces, etc…

~ These are links I moved from other categories they didn’t *quite* fit into…

Petpet Adventures
play mini-game for 1000NP – you must wait the full 24 hours between plays
The 1st orb (earth) is in center of the whirling galaxy as the page loads, the 2nd orb (light) you get automatic, 3rd orb (air) is for reading the story, 4th orb (dark) is for visiting the website twice, 5th orb (fire) is for watching the trailer (trailer hasn’t been loading the last few weeks) and 6th orb (water) is for downloading a wallpaper (need not download fully)
compare prices for 800NP – you must wait the full 24 hours between visits
Faerie Crossword
play for 600NP – ONCE per day
Neopets ToolBar
visit for 250NP. You can do this -ONE- time only!
Read the whole story 300NP. You can do this -ONE- time only!
Word Scramble
visit for 1000NP. You can do each -ONE- time only!
Issues #25 money tree, #24: snowmuncher, #23: yooyuball, #22: pandaphant, #21: woowoogrub
NC MALL – click the icon for FREE 150NC!
Click on a book, answer questions about it, recieve the book (item) as a prize. You can do this -ONE- time only! GUIDE


Coltzan’s Shrine – Can visit every 12 hours; Speed: every 5th second, Defense: every 10th second, Strength: every 30 minutes, Endurance (hit points): every hour, Level: every 2 hours, Burnt Food: 11:00 – 12:00 NST, Dubloons: 55 seconds. For the timing to work your clock must be in exact synchronicity with Neo’s

Deadly Dice – Count Von Roo is only awake from midnight – 1 a.m. NST (and all day Halloween). Active Pet must be level 2 or higher. Beat him and your pet gains a level (or more), but lose to him and you lose a level (or more). Tie with him, then beat him, to get the avvie, which you lose if you tie and lose to Von Roo in the future. To avoid losing the avvie, if you tie, go switch your active pet and go back. It will start a ‘new game

Grumpy King – There are 2 avvies for him, results are random, the joke doesn’t need to make sense. The one avvie I’ve heard you -must- tell him the Peophin joke to get. This is the Peophin joke: Q: “What do you do if *blank* fierce Peophins *blank* has eaten too much *blank* tin of olives?” A: “You offering them a can of *blank* what what what *blank* * blank*”.

Healing Springs – She WILL heal your pet, but it might take several visits. You can visit every 1/2 hour. Put the sick pet as your active pet for the best chance of healing it. She also hands out potions of all sorts which can be sold!

Money Tree/Rubbish Dump – With this and Money Tree you can usually refresh faster using the F-5 key, than you can by clicking reload or on the tree/dump image

Neopian Bank – Collect Interest daily! If you add or subtract from your account before collecting interest you won’t be able to get the interest… so collect first! Upgrade your account type ASAP to increase the interest rate! I put all my NP into my account -before- NeoMidnight to maximize interest paid

NeoLodge – If you’re going to be gone and don’t want to come back to “dying” pets, put them here. Use the 5NP hotel and no extras. They will be fed and happy when you return!

Pant Devil Attractors – Through testing it seems that Pant Devil Attractors lure the PD to steal them instead of your valuable items. Keep a few (I keep 5) in your inventory at all times! Read more athttp://www.neopets.com/~Crash_Bandicoot_Psx, Grundo Leader will often steal them as well

Pound – It takes FIVE clicks of the button before a pet is “abandoned” to the pound. Pets can now be transferred, but only one incoming and one outgoing per month. Transferred pets must remain on an account 1 day before they can be retransferred or pounded.

Quests – There are Random Quests that pop up on pages once in a while, get the item the Faerie wants and she’ll reward a random pet. Turn in items here. Click here for a list of what type of items each wants and what they will reward you with… Shop Wiz (and SSW) will -NOT- be available while you’re on a quest, you’ll need to post to the “QUESTS” board for help. Quests can be a cheaper way to increase the stats of your pets, especially if they’re higher level. The Rainbow Fountain Faerie will allow you to paint the pet of your choice (your active pet) almost any color it can come in (not royal, robot, ice, usuki/quigguki). FFQs are very rare

Sad Pet – Pets have many levels of mood, the best being “Delighted!”. It takes 5 “plays” to increase mood level by one. Mood can be increased by riding the Roo Island Merry-Go-Round, Taking a Tiki Tour on Mystery Island, grooming or playing with your pet. The cheapest way to increase mood is get a toy (1np Headless Von Roo Plushie or Blue Ixi Plushie), click it in inventory and choose the “play with petname” option. On the next screen click your F5 key to repeat, repeating 5x per level increase needed.

Safe Deposit Box – If you’re trying for the SDB “Pack Rat” avvie, remember that jellies can be halves, so each kind of jelly you have a double for, feed it once to a pet and you’ll have a full “whatever” jelly and a 1/2 “whatever” jelly. Omelettes can be 1/3rd and 2/3rds, so when you have doubles or triples, feed to pet once or twice, to make extra “items” for your SDB!

Space Faerie Charm – If you are premium and have the SFC it will double one payout per day. Try to play games that pay 1000np until you get the doubled score. No sense ‘wasting’ it on doubling a 300np score!

Soup Kitchen – You have to have LESS than 3000 NP in bank, shop till and on hand. Money tied up in auctions, trades and stock market won’t count against you! You can get an avvie from her, too.

Turmaculus – Turmy is only wakeable for 1 (predictable) hour per day. Use a pet with CHEAP petpet, Turmy randomly eats the petpet that pesters him, which gives you the Turmy avvie!


Why don’t you add the mirror games to your guide?
They used to be on this guide, but I removed all Mirror Games due to Editorial in Neopian Times #320 &Editorial in Neopian Times #321

Why don’t you add the Advent Calendar refreshing for random events?
They used to be on this guide, but I removed it due to Editorial in Neopian Times #323

Your guide said to play a game to a certain score to get 1000np per play, but I played to that score and didn’t get 1000np. Why?
Is today the 25th of the month? On the 25th of each month TNT changes the ratios on some games. It takes me a few hours after the changes to update and upload Pheo’s guide to reflect the changes.

There’s a great guide on -site name-, why won’t you link to it?
TNT doesn’t allow outside links on petpages (or neomail and chat boards), nor should they be used. All your NeoNeeds should be met by one petpage or another. TNT has also stated in an editorial that they don’t even want people being told to -search engine- an answer Editorial in Neopian Times #341 (last question).

Your guide has helped me make so much NP, can I share it with my friends?
Of course, this guide is a helpful resource to be shared by all Neopians!

Why did you make this guide?
I made it so -I- can remember which games and links make the most NP, and since it’s online it might as well be shared!

I like to play “game name”, but it’s not on your list. Do you take suggestions?
I certainly do listen to suggestions. However games you must play for 20-30 min in order to earn 300np aren’t my idea of “quick” or “easy” NP.

Can I link to your page?
Yes. Use the button and html provided near the bottom of this page. Copy and paste it to your lookup, petpage, shop, guild or other page.

Why don’t you add cool images?
Because they take too long to download for those on dial-up, they clutter up a page, requiring you to have to scroll around more, while adding no actual ‘value’.

How much NP can I really earn?
How much you earn depends on how long you wish to play games and your skill at the games. I suggest finding the games you’re earning the fastest NP with, and stick with them. I routinely bank over 70K per day, not including games of chance, scratch cards, random events or restocking.

I did the math and some of your totals don’t add up, can’t you do math?
I know, sometimes I’m busy with other things and am in a rush to get updates loaded, and don’t take the time to update the NP totals.

How can I become a Grand Master (GM) in a game?
Practice and get good at the game. There is a formula to know where GM score is, on the 25th of each month they change, merely multiply 0.72 by the lowest score on a game’s highscore table. (info courtesy of bartdrunkeys)

How did you learn all these hints and ways to make NP?
On my own, from other Neopians and by reading the chat boards.

Don’t you know that Fashion Fever is not a sponsor game?
Yes I do know, but there didn’t seem to be any other place to put it on the guide and still have it up near the top. Under “other games” it would be harder to find.

How do you pronounce Pheo’s name?
I did not name Pheo, I got him from the pound, and have no idea what significance or language his name might be. However I -assume- his name would be pronounced something like “fee – off – fill – us – lick – corn” (a guide user writes: “Speculating here but the name of your pet is a variation of Theophilus le Licorne. Licorne is French for unicorn and there might be a unicorn named Theophilus in the French medieval mythology.”)

I would like to be premium, can you refer me?
Sorry but no, I have referred my limit of 20. Thanks to all those who asked me to refer them! midnightcomes would be glad to refer you.

PLEASE NOTE: On 6/25/07 TNT started changing the ratios on many games. TNT has been changing ratios on the 25th of every month since. Below is a list of ratios, and the scores at which you would earn 1000np from the game. Many game ratios will fall between the ratios given, so you’ll have to estimate just a bit. To figure out pay simply divide 1000 by the ratio on the game’s page, and you’ll get the goal score. If you play a game and get a specific score, simply multiply that score by the ratio to see how many NP you’ll earn. Make sure to round totals with decimals UPWARDS.

GAME RATIOS 0.02 – 50,000 pts
0.07 – 14,286 pts
0.12 – 8,334 pts
0.14 – 7,143 pts
0.15 – 6,667 pts
0.20 – 5,000 pts
0.25 – 4,000 pts
0.30 – 3,334 pts
0.35 – 2,858 pts
0.40 – 2,500 pts
0.45 – 2,223 pts
0.50 – 2,000 pts 0.55 – 1,819 pts
0.60 – 1,667 pts
0.65 – 1,539 pts
0.70 – 1,429 pts
0.75 – 1,334 pts
0.80 – 1,250 pts
0.85 – 1,177 pts
1.00 – 1,000 pts
1.05 – 953 pts
1.10 – 910 pts
1.15 – 870 pts
1.20 – 848 pts 1.25 – 800 pts
1.30 – 770 pts
1.35 – 741 pts
1.40 – 715 pts
1.45 – 690 pts
1.50 – 667 pts
1.55 – 646 pts
1.60 – 625 pts
1.65 – 606 pts
1.70 – 596 pts
1.75 – 572 pts
1.80 – 556 pts 1.90 – 527 pts
2.00 – 500 pts
2.15 – 466 pts
2.30 – 435 pts
2.45 – 409 pts
2.60 – 385 pts
2.75 – 364 pts
2.90 – 345 pts
3.00 – 334 pts
3.50 – 286 pts
4.00 – 250 pts
4.50 – 223 pts 5.00 – 200 pts
6.00 – 167 pts
7.00 – 143 pts
8.00 – 125 pts
9.00 – 112 pts
10.00 – 100 pts
11.00 – 91 pts
12.00 – 84 pts
13.00 – 77 pts
14.00 – 72 pts
15.00 – 67 pts