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Neocash (NC) is the second virtual currency on Neopets. It is spent in the Neocash Mall and is bought with real life money, and can be used to buy clothes for your pets, and buy helpful items like Faerie Quest Cookies, which give you an advantage in the game. Users often trade these items for other NC items. It costs money to send items to other users, because each user has to have a gift box to send something. Obviously trading ends up being very expensive because of this. Not all neocash items have the same value though; some have a different cap value. This means that you might have to send multiple items just to get one, and you have to buy a gift box for each one. Or, you could buy Neocash Items from us!

They rephrased the Neocash Card, into the Nickelodeon Game Card now. The easiest/fastest/most-convenient way to purchase a Nick Card, would be online through

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It is so much easier, and way cheaper to just pay for NC items that you want! We even have items that have been retired from the NC mall and are no longer available! Or, if you still want to trade for your items, you can buy Neopets gift boxes from us via Gift Box Capsules (GBCs). NeopointsDeals is committed to helping you purchase Neocash Items, and making sure that our customers get the rarest, cheapest, and overall best NC items possible.

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Now, we here at NeopointsDeals do sell neocash items for USD. We don’t take requests for smaller cap-value items, as the process in getting the item and the time put it, isn’t worth the end profit for us. But any 40+ Cap item can requested.