Buy Neopets Avatar Items

Buy Neopets Avatar Items

Avatar collecting is a super fun and highly popular aspect of Neopets. A Neopets avatar item is an item that awards an avatar when you do something with it. This could be as simple as refreshing your inventory with the item there, such as the Chokato (TCG) avatar, or something like the ZDAP avatar, where you have to search for a certain keyword with the item in your inventory to obtain the avatar.

mspp malevolent sentient poogle plushie msp

There are two ways to get the items for these avatars; you can beg for somebody to lend you on the Avatar Chat (AC), or you can just buy the item. We have every avatar item that exists on Neopets for sale here at ND, even the incredibly expensive ones such as Bony Grarrl Club (BGC), Malevolent Sentient Poogle Plushie (TCG), better known by its acronym MSPP (TCG), and even the incredibly rare and valuable Super Attack Pea (SuAP).

Once you buy Neopets avatar items from us, you are welcome to lend all of your friends! Just don’t go flaunting it around on the boards right away, as that could possibly lead to some users becoming suspicious and end up with you being reported.

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